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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 82 Tuntun’s Show of Power

Qi Hao’s cold mockery-filled voice echoed in the valley, sounding as if victory was already his.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. Qi Hao’s seemingly blind confidence made the former feel a trace of danger. The latter should also understand that the strengths of both parties were currently equal.

Zhou Yuan slowly said, “I’m afraid that your group cannot take down the giant battle puppet python alone.”

Qi Hao laughed, a strange smile on his lips as he replied, “I feel that you are the ones who should worry about this problem.”

Su Youwei, Wei Qingqing and the rest exchanged a look, confusion in their eyes. Was Qi Hao so certain that the giant battle puppet python would not attack his party?

Qi Hao merely smiled when he saw their expressions. With a grasp of his hand, a black flute appeared within it.

The flute gave off a faint glow and one could barely make out runes flowing on its surface. It was an exceptionally mysterious sight.

“This is the spirit controlling flute. It is specially made to control beast spirits…” Qi Hao softly chuckled before he continued, “Although this giant battle puppet python is a puppet, its core is a grade 4 python-type Genesis beast spirit. What do you think will happen when I control its beast spirit?”

The expressions of Zhou Yuan, Wei Qingqing, Lu Tieshan and the rest finally changed. They never imagined that Qi Hao would have such a treasure in his possession.

An item that could temporarily control a grade 4 Genesis Beast spirit was certainly invaluable.

Qi Hao spun the black flute as he grinned. “Truthfully, it is all thanks to your highness’ rising reputation that increased the support provided to us by the Great Wu Empire, thus enabling such a treasure to fall into our hands.”

“So I really have to thank you for this.”

Zhou Yuan frowned deeply as he gazed at Qi Hao’s superficial smile. If Qi Hao was truly able to temporarily control the giant battle puppet python, the balance between their parties would be broken.

A single giant battle puppet python was enough to tie up all of them, while Qi Hao could take the chance to retrieve the Fire Spirit Grain without any obstructions.


While Zhou Yuan was thinking of a way to save the situation, Qi Hao had already began to blow the black flute. A faint but peculiar ‘woowoo’ sound rang out, echoing around the valley.

The red eyes of the giant battle puppet python gradually brightened as if awakening. Soon after, its red eyes turned in the direction of Zhou Yuan’s group.


The giant battle puppet python swung its tail, causing the ground below to crumble as its body transformed into a series of after-images, darting towards Zhou Yuan’s group like lightning. It was a very intimidating sight.

In the sky, Wei Canglan’s expression changed when he saw this and quickly moved to try and save them.

“Heh, your opponent is me. Stop being distracted!” However, a stream of black Genesis Qi shot over at this moment, bringing with it an appalling stench.

Wei Canglan had no choice but to throw a strike with the back of his palm, dispersing the black Genesis Qi. However, his window of opportunity was already gone.

“Protect his highness!”

Lu Tieshan yelled with a grave expression. Eight Heaven Gate experts attacked together, each throwing a punch as eight jets of Genesis Qi shot forth, slamming into the body of the incoming giant battle puppet python.


A loud sound was heard as the giant battle puppet python’s charge was finally stopped. However, its tail suddenly shot forward, blasting apart the air and leaving behind numerous after images as it descended from the sky.


An entire section of the valley ridge was hacked open by the tail, scattering rocks everywhere. Lu Tieshan and the seven Heaven Gate experts could only scatter as they miserably tried to evade.

Although they had the advantage in numbers, it was obviously not that easy to match an Alpha-Origin giant battle puppet python.

Zhou Yuan’s eyebrows furrowed as he watched Lu Tieshan and the rest continuously try to dodge the giant battle puppet python’s attacks. This turn of events had already surpa.s.sed his expectations.

“Your highness, what do we do?” Wei Qingqing looked towards Zhou Yuan, worry flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes.

Zhou Yuan shook his head and soothed her a little. Although his expression was grim, there was not much panic to be seen. Qi Hao may have a trump card, but Zhou Yuan similarly had his own.

His trump card was Yaoyao.

Long before they had entered the ruins, Zhou Yuan had told Yaoyao that he hoped she would be able to act if the situation became unfavorable and she had naturally agreed.

Zhou Yuan had tried his best to control the situation since the beginning such that he would not need to borrow Yaoyao’s power. However, now that the odds were beginning to fall completely in Qi Hao’s favor, Zhou Yuan had no choice but to ask the little lady to act.

The intense battle continued.

The combined efforts of Lu Tieshan and the seven Heaven Gate experts were still not enough against the giant battle puppet python. All they could do was bitterly endure.

As Qi Hao watched from far away, the smile on his face grew wider and wider.


Yet another ferocious attack sent eight figures flying backwards, leaving behind several sets of deep imprints on the ground. Their clothes were in tatters, making them appear extremely ragged.

Lu Tieshan said with an ashamed tone, “Your highness, we cannot stop the battle puppet.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. He looked towards the slithering giant body that was beginning to approach, before turning his head to Yaoyao. “Big sis Yaoyao, is there any way to deal with this giant battle puppet python?”

Yaoyao c.o.c.ked her head slightly and thought for a bit. Soon after, she let out a soft laugh. “There is naturally a way.”

“Eh? Big sis Yaoyao is going?”

Yaoyao shot a glance at the ugly head of the giant battle puppet python, her nose scrunching up in dislike as she shook her head. She then threw Tuntun at Zhou Yuan.

“This fellow has eaten so much of your Genesis Beast meat, it is time for it to do some work.”

Zhou Yuan was somewhat stunned at he caught Tuntun. The latter innocently stared at him with its intelligent beast eyes, causing the corners of his mouth to twitch. Allow it to go deal with that giant battle puppet python?

Although he was utterly confused, due to his trust in Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan rubbed Tuntun’s head and gently said, “Good Tuntun, I’ll prepare ten plates of dried Genesis Beast meat for you if you finish off that big guy!”

Having lived with Tuntun for so long, Zhou Yuan understood how to motivate this lazy little fellow.

Sure enough, the moment Zhou Yuan spoke, Tuntun’s laziness filled eyes immediately brightened.

Hss hss!

The giant battle puppet python hissed as it charged towards them. Everything in its path was crushed to pieces.

Under the stupefied looks of Su Youwei, Wei Qingqing and the rest, Zhou Yuan threw Tuntun forward. The little creature somersaulted in the air and landed on the ground.

“Your highness, are you really going to let Tuntun fight that big guy?” Su Youwei’s lips were pursed as she shot a look at Zhou Yuan, eyes filled with doubt. Tuntun might be very adorable, but could it really use that adorableness to defeat the giant battle puppet python?

Wei Qingqing’s look was practically screaming ‘how cruel’.

Zhou Yuan laughed awkwardly. The only thing he knew about Tuntun was its insatiable appet.i.te. He too was unaware of how powerful it was.

“Throwing out a little beast? Are they completely out of moves?” Qi Hao and his group were first stunned by Zhou Yuan’s actions, before involuntarily bursting out into laughter.

Tuntun was just too adorable and not the least bit intimidating.


However, the giant battle puppet python did not show any mercy. It ferociously rushed forward as its giant python tail slammed downwards. The astonis.h.i.+ng power contained within blowing away the air as it viciously swatted towards at Tuntun.

This swat was enough to level a mountain.

Su Youwei and Wei Qingqing were unable to continue watching.


The python tail smashed into the ground, causing the surrounding area to collapse. Giant rocks flew outwards as cracks continuously extended.

However, a sky-shaking howl suddenly rang out at this moment, shaking the surrounding trees.


Everyone watched as the python’s t.i.tanic body was suddenly sent flying as if it had been struck by a heavy blow.


The giant python smashed into a wall of the valley and was buried in the rubble.

This abrupt scene caused everyone’s faces to be filled with shock, Su Youwei’s and Wei Qingqing’s mouths hanging slightly open.


Every gaze in the place converged towards the spot where Tuntun was at this moment, only to see dust filling the air.

Scarlet light seemed to emerge from within the dust and everyone watched in astonishment as an approximately ten feet tall beast slowly walked out from within, its heavy footsteps pounding on the ground.

The giant beast’s entire body was scarlet-red and covered in fiery-red scales. Its eyes looked like burning flames, and there seemed to be black light in its mouth, light that could devour all things.

An alarming aura gradually spread from its body, causing the entire mountain forest to fall silent.

It was as if a mysterious ferocious beast had walked out from an ancient primal era.

Mysterious and ferocious.

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Dragon Prince Yuan

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