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Dragon Prince Yuan Chapter 85 Battling Qi Hao

Bottom of the valley.

When the golden long spear appeared in Qi Hao’s hands, the Genesis Qi undulations around his body grew increasingly intimidating. His aura rose steadily as a a suffocating pressure spread.

Zhou Yuan did not underestimate the now fully serious Qi Hao and retrieved the Heavenly Yuan Brush at his waist.

“Martial form.”

Light surged on the Heavenly Yuan Brush as it transformed into a man-sized giant black brush. The hairs of the snow-white brush tip tightly bunched together, forming a flower bud shaped spear tip which gleamed coldly.

Zhou Yuan wielded the Heavenly Yuan Brush, its tip pointed towards the ground at an angle as his eyes gradually turned icy.

The swirling translucent Genesis Qi around his body gradually converged towards the Heavenly Yuan Brush, forming an exceptionally sharp blade at the brush tip through the amplification of the brush.

Two gazes met in the air, each surging with killing intent.


In the next instant, the two figures shot forward at practically the same time, colliding on the empty ground several breaths later.


A golden spear and a black brush were filled with power, tearing through the air as blow after blow was exchanged, each clash accompanied by loud ‘clangs’.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Both individuals had pushed their Genesis Qi to the limits, and every attack was filled with savageness. Spear and brush were followed by numerous after images, swift as lightning as they met again and again.

In less than a minute, the two had already fought over a dozen rounds.

However, anyone could tell that Qi Hao clearly had the upper hand in their exchanges. After all, he had the strength of the advance Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage and had cultivated the grade 4 Genesis Qi, Primal Metal Qi.

On the other hand, Zhou Yuan was only at the initial Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage, and had yet to learn a Qi cultivation method, resulting in a less power. The fact that he could fight Qi Hao to such an extent was already pretty unimaginable.

A golden spear swept forth, surging with Genesis Qi, blasting away the air around it.


The spear slammed into a black brush, causing sparks to fly. The powerful force made Zhou Yuan retreat several steps as the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his hand drew a deep scar on the ground.


Zhou Yuan steadied himself and breathed out deeply. The Qi and blood in his body was still violently churning after the previous clash, a feeling that made his expression grow increasingly grave.

He now clearly understood that his opponent was indeed a whole lot stronger himself. Without the advantage his Qi Dwelling provided, it was likely that he would have lost long ago.

Moreover, Qi Hao no longer dared to have any physical contact after having a taste of the Dragon’s Resentment Poison earlier. Instead, he used the power of his Genesis Weapon to attack, giving the Dragon’s Resent Poison no chance to affect him.

“If I had cultivated the Omni Python Qi from the first level of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture, I should be able to beat him even at the initial Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage.” Zhou Yuan felt a little regret. Unfortunately for him, the grade 4 python-type Genesis beast spirit he needed was still inside the battle puppet’s body.

Qi Hao proudly stood with his spear as he said in a cold voice, “To have lasted so long against me as an initial Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage that has yet to practice any Qi cultivation method is truly testament of your abilities.”

While Zhou Yuan was inwardly sighing in regret, Qi Hao was secretly astonished. Logically speaking, their cultivation levels were completely incomparable, and killing Zhou Yuan should not take more than a few rounds.

Yet, Zhou Yuan had not even been heavily injured even after so many rounds. It was simply unbelievable.

However, this also made Qi Hao even more certain that he had to kill Zhou Yuan. The latter was already such a problem at the initial Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage. If Zhou Yuan was allowed to reach the advance stage and practice a Qi cultivation method, Qi Hao would likely not even have the qualifications to fight the former.

“This is the best chance for me to eliminate him. I will make this valley his grave!” Murder surged in Qi Hao’s eyes as the golden long spear in his hand emitted a sharp flash.

His figure shot forward once again, his spear das.h.i.+ng forward like a ray of golden light as it headed straight for Zhou Yuan.

Qi Hao’s attacks had grown fiercer and anyone could clearly see his intent to kill.

“Qi Hao is going to kill him.”

“I’m afraid that prince Zhou Yuan’s life is in danger.”


Whispers broke out when the numerous parties outside the valley saw this change. Zhou Yuan had already been completely suppressed in the earlier exchanges. Now that Qi Hao’s attacks had grown even fiercer, it was likely that Zhou Yuan’s defeat was near.

Zhou Yuan raised his head at this moment, his gaze falling upon the golden spear that was rapidly closing in on him as cold light surged in his eyes. He breathed in deeply as a glow emerged under his clothes.

“Gold Ape Moves the Mountain Rune!”

A low shout echoed in Zhou Yuan’s heart as a complicated rune began to surface on his skin.

Zhou Yuan’s body began to shake. He could feel an astonis.h.i.+ng power explode within his body and spread to his limbs.

As the power surged within him, his body seemed to grow a little bigger.

Five fingers tightened around the Heavenly Yuan Brush as his foot stamped on the ground. Cracks spread as his body shot forward in a perfectly straight line, the Heavenly Yuan Brush thrusting forward, clas.h.i.+ng once again with the golden spear.


Brush and spear tips ferociously collided.

A ripple that could be seen with the naked eyes swept outwards, sweeping away all the loose rocks on the ground, even turning a quite a few to dust.


Zhou Yuan’s and Qi Hao’s bodies jerked slightly at this moment, each feeling an astonis.h.i.+ng force surge towards them. The force destabilized their bodies, causing them to take a dozen shaky steps backwards.


This scene caused an uproar to emerge from the numerous onlookers.

Because neither party had gained the upper hand in this clas.h.!.+

“How is this possible?!” Shock surfaced in Qi Hao’s eyes. He had practically gone all out in his previous attack with the intention of overwhelming Zhou Yuan. Who could have imagined that it would lead to such a result.

Zhou Yuan steadied himself. In contrast to Qi Hao’s shock, the former was much calmer. The Gold Ape Moves the Mountain Rune was a grade 2 Genesis Rune, and granted its user a tremendous amount of power. With this power, he was finally able to match the advance Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage Qi Hao.

“Finally filled the gap…”

Zhou Yuan gripped the Heavenly Yuan Brush as he looked towards Qi Hao and grinned. “Let’s have a good fight.”

The brush tip shook as green light suddenly poured out. The light extended a whole ten inches as its color grew deeper and deeper. It was the Auraflare technique.

Qi Hao expression grew even darker as he gazed upon the flickering green light at the tip of Zhou Yuan’s brush. With a jerk of the golden spear, a sharp without equal green light also surged out.

Qi Hao frostily said, “Using your Auraflare technique before me is truly reckless!”


A chill surged through the air as their gazes met, before they both shot forward a split second later.

Bang! Bang!

At the bottom of the valley, two figures criss-crossed at lightning speed, spear and brush clas.h.i.+ng time after time as the aftershocks of their attacks devastated the area. Deep scars decorated the ground wherever they pa.s.sed.

Both individuals had pushed themselves to their limits.

Numerous gazes were gathered on the fight. The ruthlessness and viciousness of the two made several expressions change.

No one had expected that the one whom they had originally thought would be easily crushed, Zhou Yuan, would be able to go so far in a direct clash against Qi Hao.

“Prince Zhou Yuan is actually rather capable.”

“Who ends up winning or losing is really up in the air now…”

“But Qi Hao still has a greater chance at victory. After all, the Genesis Qi of an advance Qi Nouris.h.i.+ng stage expert is both more abundant and stronger than an initial stage pract.i.tioner like Zhou Yuan. Such a pity, such a pity indeed…”

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Dragon Prince Yuan

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