Heaven’s Devourer Chapter 1796: Bye Bye Buddha

Chapter 1796: Bye Bye Buddha

The Jade Emperor showing up killed any options that Wu Yu might have.

Guanyin Pusa had bid him stay, and Wu Yu would rather trust Guanyin Pusa. But the Jade Emperor……

Cut from the same cloth as Xuanzang.

Guanyin Pusa was still weaker than them, and with so many elite immortal emperors and ghostly immortal emperors around, she alone could not possibly protect Wu Yu.

He had only one choice left to him.

Xuanzang took him away from Nanhai World, and Wu Yu opened the Immortal Domain Bridge, the golden vortex appearing to take them back to Heavenly Buddha’s Domain.


Wu Yu was sort of relieved to be back at Expanse of Nirvana.

And then again, he felt uneasy as well. Truth was, he didn’t want to ally with Xuanzang any longer.

No one liked being deceived, and Wu Yu had been lured into helping destroy the innocent Samantabhadra and Manjusri, and had almost caused Guanyin Pusa’s death as well. Wu Yu was responsible for all of it.

Wu Yu could not agree with Xuanzang’s methods!

Back at Expanse of Nirvana, Xuanzang turned to explain: “Wu Yu, you cannot blame your grandmaster. There was no choice in the matter. The Heavenly Buddha’s Domain must have a master of the immortal domain, and it must have a World Core. Otherwise, the entire immortal domain will cease to be.

Wu Yu was even suspecting now if the story about the Heavenly Buddha’s Domain and Heavenly Domain was the truth. Had the Jade Emperor really been the invader?

He had taken all of Xuanzang’s words for granted up till now – they had sounded plausible.

But plausible was no longer enough for Wu Yu.

The World Core information had sounded quite plausible as well, but it had all been lies.

How long would Wu Yu continue to be played and used if he remained by Xuanzang’s side?

In any case, Wu Yu had lost all respect and trust for Xuanzang. He would not stay and help him like before.

“I want to go back to Demon Immortal Realm. Think things over.” Wu Yu said directly to Xuanzang.

Here at Heavenly Buddha’s Domain, he was reminded of the two bodhisattvas that he had helped to kill.

Although he had never even met them before, nor seen their buddha worlds after he died, but from Guanyin Pusa’s reaction, he thought they must have been good people.

Such good buddhas had died by Xuanzang’s hand, all because Wu Yu had opened the Sumeru Pa.s.sage for him. He struggled with his own conscience.

However, Xuanzang shook his head, dismissing his declaration: “The Jade Emperor might already have found a way there. It would be safer for you to stay at Heavenly Buddha’s Domain.”

Wu Yu’s jaw tightened.

It seemed like Xuanzang was going to informally restrict him.

Still, Xuanzang had not treated him badly so far. At least, he had never forced Wu Yu to do anything outright.

Which Xuanzang definitely could, given the disparity between him and Wu Yu.

Why would he choose to lie instead?

This question lingered on Wu Yu’s mind, and he could not help but gnaw at it.

He now realized that he knew too little about Xuanzang. No matter how much he thought, it was ultimately all based off incomplete information.

Wu Yu knew that he could not possibly go against the informal restriction. Now was not the time to clash.

Helplessly, he nodded. “Alright. Then I will stay here for a while. I was caught off guard just now, but now I feel that there might be something to what Grandmaster says.”

Although a seed of his detestation had already taken root, but he hid it.

He made it seem like he might empathize a little with Xuanzang’s view.

This was calculated to make him drop his guard. Otherwise, Wu Yu might not even have a chance to leave Heavenly Buddha’s Domain.

He turned his gaze to the rest of Expanse of Nirvana, and sighed deeply.

“Grandmaster, the Heavenly Buddha’s Domain is in shambles. Whether immortal buddhas or mortals, they live in peril, and could lose their lives at any moment! What are Grandmaster’s plans?”

Wu Yu asked.

This was truth.

Heavenly Buddha’s Domain was in a volatile state, as fights could break out at any moment.

The immortal buddhas might die at any moment, in a meaningless fight with each other. It was a tragedy, and worse so for the mortals on the buddha worlds, who had even less control over their fate.

When immortal buddhas fought, the only fate for mortals was death!

Through the last million years, countless mortals had died when their immortal buddhas fought, absorbed into the buddha worlds as sacrifices.

Xuanzang too sighed at this question.

He gazed out at Heavenly Buddha’s Domain with a melancholy look, seemingly discouraged by the state of Heavenly Buddha’s Domain.

He said: “For now, I can only try to use the three buddha worlds to rebuild the World Core. If it succeeds, the situation in Heavenly Buddha’s Domain will improve greatly.”

Wu Yu nodded in seeming approval. He urged: “Then I hope that Grandmaster’s efforts succeed. Poor immortal buddhas and mortals….”

Xuanzang sighed and left.

He was probably going to try with the three bodhissatva buddha worlds.

He had just turned away when Wu Yu seized his chance. He opened the Immortal Domain Bridge from Heavenly Buddha’s Domain, and went to Demon Immortal Realm!

He had been faking the entire reconciliation with Xuanzang.

Wu Yu no longer wanted to work with him.

No matter how n.o.ble his goals, he could not stand those methods.

He had to leave!

And when Wu Yu left, Xuanzang finally realized that he had been deceived!

Heaven’s Devourer Chapter 1796: Bye Bye Buddha

Heaven’s Devourer Chapter 1796: Bye Bye Buddha