Heaven’s Devourer Chapter 280

Within the dark world inside Ba She, one could barely get a good grasp of the pa.s.sing of time. 

After what seemed like several days, this journey finally came to an end. 

Over the last few days, Jiu Ying had explained everything about the Supreme Hunting Ground to Wu Yu. Nonetheless, he would naturally try his best to look for those who were willing to help him send Wu Yu out of the Endless Demon Seas. 

Jiu Ying estimated the time and speed of Ba She. He looked aghast as he remarked, “Ba She is probably sending me directly to the Supreme Hunting Ground. The only unknown thing is if he will leave me outside the Supreme Hunting Ground or throw me in directly.” 

Jiu Ying was afraid of being thrown in directly. The Supreme Hunting Ground had its own set of rules. It was clearly stated that no matter if it was martial cultivator or demon, no one could leave before completing the mission. 

Just as he finished his words, the surrounding s.p.a.ce started trembling. The entire faint, green ball of light trembled. After which, it started moving rapidly. This was likely due to Ba She spitting them out. 


At that moment, Wu Yu felt like he had finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel. 

However, he soon noticed that he was in the Endless Demon Seas. This place was completely different from other areas on the heavenly continent. The skies were constantly masked by raging clouds made up of miasma and demonic aura. The clouds in the skies were raging, and it was said that they were over ten thousand zhang thick. Ordinary martial cultivators wouldn’t be able to reach that height. 

Because of this, sunlight couldn’t s.h.i.+ne through, leaving the area dark, damp, and eerie. 

It was said that there were countless ancient historical remains within the Endless Demon Seas. There were even some who claimed that this was once the battleground of immortals and ghosts and that this had left an ominous aura in the area. 

This was Wu Yu’s first time here. The surrounding eerie aura immediately gave him chills.


At this moment, the ball of light that surrounded them finally broke. Wu Yu and Jiu Ying landed in the middle of a dark, ancient forest with huge trees. The forest was shrouded entirely by black fog. Within the air, there was a strong scent of fermentation. Those ancient trees were extremely tall with odd shapes that looked just like demons. 


When they lifted their heads, they that saw Ba She, who had brought them here, had dived into the endless dark clouds that covered the skies. The boundless dark clouds were similar to a dark ocean that covered the skies of the land of the demons. Because of this, it was commonly referred to as the Endless Demon Seas. 

When Ba She disappeared from their sights, the surroundings quietened down. 

Wu Yu stood up and looked to his surroundings. All he saw were mountain ranges and forests around him. Within the forests, there were probably countless abysses, swamps, rivers, and lakes. 

The entire world was shrouded in darkness. Demonic aura was rising and coalesced in the skies. Any martial cultivators would be panicking if they were thrown into this place. 

Jiu Ying looked around for a while before saying bitterly, “Uncle Ba has indeed thrown us into the Supreme Hunting Ground directly. The previous time, I escaped before entering the Supreme Hunting Ground. This time, my father wouldn’t possibly allow me to escape in the same manner.” 

In other words, they were in the middle of the Supreme Hunting Ground. It was no wonder Wu Yu could only sense that he was within an enclosed world. Everything he was seeing had a boundary. This was the Supreme Hunting Ground, a place established by the most elite existence. He naturally wouldn’t be able to break out. 

Jiu Ying immediately added, “However, you don’t have to worry. This seems to be near the entrance of the Supreme Hunting Ground. Let’s head to the entrance and see if anyone will give me face and send you out of the Gloomy Dreams Seas. The Supreme Hunting Ground is in the depths of the Gloomy Dreams Seas. Without a guide and having so many demons along the way that see you as an enemy, you definitely wouldn’t be able to make it out on your own. After all, you are a martial cultivator, and that ident.i.ty is an eyesore here.” 

Wu Yu naturally knew about this reasoning. Similarly, a demon wouldn’t be able to roam around freely within the Shushan Immortal Sect. 

The Supreme Hunting Ground was the first level of hunting ground. 

Demons were the hunters, while martial cultivators were the prey. 

Jiu Ying was about to bring Wu Yu to the entrance of the Supreme Hunting Ground when they suddenly felt a sea-like and savage demonic aura swamping towards them from the eastern direction. Looking over, a huge gust of demonic wind fell countless large ancient trees as the stifling aggression charged towards Wu Yu. 


Wu Yu squinted his eyes to look through the layers of trees. He saw approximately a dozen black figures of two zhang long charging towards him. They looked like dogs, or perhaps wolves. Their movements were very agile and rapid. Clearly, they were all powerful demons! 

When they got closer, Wu Yu could roughly see a dull, golden crescent between their eyes, which was s.h.i.+mmering in an eerie glow. 

“Those are Moon Chasing Hounds, the enforcers of the Supreme Hunting Ground,” explained Jiu Ying. 

Within this pack of Moon Chasing Hounds, the strongest was at the level of Baili Feihong, while the weakest would still be stronger than Wu Yu. The martial cultivators, or the prey, in the Supreme Hunting Ground were mainly fifth tier Jindan Dao cultivators. Therefore, the Moon Chasing Hounds were powerful enough to suppress all the prey. 


The pack of hounds screamed together. Looking them in the eyes, Wu Yu immediately felt the aggression of the Moon Chasing Hounds. Those cold and silent gazes packed no emotions at all. When fighting together, their power would probably be even more horrifying. In fact, they might be stronger than the combination sword formations of Shushan when fighting in groups. 

“Jiu Ying.” Just as they approached Wu Yu and Jiu Ying, the pack of Moon Chasing Hounds transformed into their human forms and stood up. The hairs on them started contracting as their bodies shrank. Their front limbs turned into their arms, back limbs into legs, and demon heads into human heads. In a short moment, they completed their transformations and stood on the branches of the huge ancient trees surrounding Wu Yu and Jiu Ying. 

Among them, a good-looking middle-aged man with long, black hair was the leader of the pack of Moon Chasing Hounds. He was in the middle of the pack with the rest standing deferentially beside him. 

“Jiang Zhuyue!” Jiu Ying recognized the figure. Clearly, they had known each other for a long time. 

The pack of Demon Hounds quickly noticed Wu Yu. One of the young Moon Chasing Hounds laughed heartily, “This prey is really interesting. Can it be that he knew in advance that the son of Ying Huang would be here and come over to s.n.a.t.c.h his Demon Injunction Order?” 

When he finished his words, he stood out from the pack. He probably wanted to sent Wu Yu flying away. What they did not know was that Wu Yu had been brought in together with Jiu Ying. 

Jiu Ying said loudly, “This is my friend. When Uncle Ba found me, he happened to be with me and therefore was erroneously brought here. It’s great that you guys are here. I, Jiu Ying, would like to ask you guys for a favor. Please send my friend out of the Supreme Hunting Ground and let him leave the Gloomy Dreams Sea safely.” 

From the att.i.tude shown by the Moon Chasing Hounds to Jiu Ying, Wu Yu could tell that Jiu Ying didn’t command absolute respect and fear within the Endless Demon Seas just because of his status as the son of Ying Huang. 

“A friend?” The pack of Moon Chasing Hounds exchanged gazes in disbelief. 

“Did I mishear you? Jiu Ying, the human race is our arch enemy. They have slain countless demons, destroyed the bases of our demon race, and even occupied our lands and resources. When we see the human race, we should be killing every single one of them. Jiu Ying, you were born a coward. You couldn’t even kill a prey within the Hunting Grounds, now you even want us to send him out of the Gloomy Dreams Seas. Your foolish actions have truly shamed our Ying Huang.” 

The Moon Chasing Hounds chattered and mocked Jiu Ying. 

Wu Yu had always felt that Jiu Ying was decisive and real to his feelings. Who would have thought that in the eyes of the demons, his decision to not kill humans rampantly was seen as cowardice. 

It was no wonder they did not respect Jiu Ying. In fact, Jiu Ying’s actions might have been disdainful in the views of the demons. 

“Shut up!” Jiu Ying was slightly enraged. 

“We are not going to stop. What? Do you dare to kill us?” The Moon Chasing Hounds were indeed extremely arrogant. 

In the end, the leader of the Moon Chasing Hounds waved his hand. He took a few more looks at Wu Yu and remarked, “Jiu Ying, we can’t help you fulfil your request. The Supreme Hunting Ground has its own rules. The order we received from Ying Huang was to let you complete the trials of the Supreme Hunting Ground as soon as possible. As the son of Ying Huang, I believe you won’t let us down. Let’s complete what’s important first.” 

It seemed like every demon within the Endless Demon Seas knew about Jiu Ying’s trial. He had not killed any martial cultivators till this point. This fact alone would likely make him well-known within the Endless Demon Seas. 

“Ying Huang has said that if you can’t complete the mission, you shall remain in the Supreme Hunting Ground for life. Jiu Ying, you have exceptional talent and you have inherited the bloodline of Ying Huang. You are someone we can’t match up to. However, you are wasting your talent. Ying Huang has high hopes for you. Don’t let him down,” Jiang Zhuyue added seriously. 

Jiu Ying answered in an angry tone, “I know what I should be doing. I don’t need you to tell me what to do. I need to send my friend out of the Supreme Hunting Ground. Just treat him as a prey who has gathered 50 Demon Injunction Orders. Let him go. What do you think about this?” 

“Boss, Jiu Ying might not know about this. By gathering 50 Demon Injunction Orders, we would only let him out of the Supreme Hunting Ground. The Supreme Hunting Ground lies in the depths of the Gloomy Dreams Seas. Ordinary martial cultivators would likely die on the way out, even if they could leave the Supreme Hunting Ground.” 

The pack of Moon Chasing Hounds gathered and discussed softly. 

Jiang Zhuyue a.n.a.lyzed the situation and explained, “Jiu Ying seems very protective of this martial cultivator. This might prove to be troublesome. Even if we send our guys, we couldn’t possibly send him out. If we encounter other demons who want to kill him, we couldn’t possibly stop them. Although Jiu Ying is a coward, he is still the son of Ying Huang. If he truly flares up, he won’t be easy to deal with.”  

“Do anyone have a better idea?” 

In the end, one of the Demon Hounds said, “Isn’t Ying Huang anxious to make Jiu Ying a little more ruthless? If he really cares about this martial cultivator friend, then we can let him send the martial cultivator out himself after he pa.s.ses the trials of the Supreme Hunting Ground. Through this, Jiu Ying would also have the motivation to hunt down the prey. He couldn’t possibly let his friend remain in the Supreme Hunting Ground forever, right?” 

Jiang Zhuyue was satisfied with the plan. “This is a good idea. You are pretty smart and will definitely be rewarded later.” 

“Thank you, Boss.” 

Jiang Zhuyue quickly informed Wu Yu about the arrangement. He added, “Jiu Ying, he is your friend. We can’t afford to bear the consequences if he encounters any mishaps along the way. In my opinion, the best solution is for you to send him out personally. Seeing that he is your friend, I shall not implant the Enslavement Injunction Order in him. To put it simply, we do not have any other solutions. If you meet other enforcers, they might be willing to help.” 

In order to force Jiu Ying to start killing humans, they had really resorted to all means… 

Jiu Ying was naturally enraged and s.h.i.+vered in anger. As for Wu Yu, he listened to their conversation calmly. Suddenly, he asked, “While Jiu Ying is going through his trials, can I leave if I gather 50 Demon Injunction Orders?” 

Jiang Zhuyue was taken aback. Seeing that Wu Yu was only at the third tier of the Jindan Dao Realm, he broke into laughter. He waved his hand and answered, “If you can gather 50 Demon Injunction Orders, not only will I let you out, I will even escort you out of the Gloomy Dreams Seas personally. 

Wu Yu was just waiting for him to say that. 

Heaven’s Devourer

Heaven’s Devourer

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