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I Am Overlord Chapter 1014– Poison Physician Du Wusheng

Ugly Gambler’s attack was, in fact, a feint. When he saw the turtle and the toad moving, he instantly shot backward and charged into the wall, trying to escape the casino. From the moment Xiang Shaoyun had appeared, Ugly Gambler already knew that he had come bearing ill intentions. If he was going to flee, it was now or never.

“Seize him,” commanded Xiang Shaoyun.

The turtle shouted, “This ugly b.a.s.t.a.r.d won’t be able to escape.”

“If I allow this ugly b.a.s.t.a.r.d to escape, I might as well kill myself,” said the toad as he gave chase.

The two Demon Sovereigns were terrifyingly strong. With both of them focused on the Ugly Gambler, they wouldn’t allow him to escape. As one of the Seven Villains, Ugly Gambler could do as he wished in Bloodsin City. He was naturally not a pushover. The Heaven Breaking Shears appeared in his hands as he attacked the two Demon Sovereigns.

The Heaven Breaking Shears were akin to a pseudo saint weapon. They were incredibly powerful and could threaten the two Demon Sovereigns.

“Turtle, block it,” shouted the toad.

“Why me, b.a.s.t.a.r.d?” shouted the turtle resentfully. Even so, he still manifested a tough sh.e.l.l and blocked the Heaven Breaking Shears.

The toad took the chance to leap into the air before sending an overbearing attack crus.h.i.+ng down toward Ugly Gambler. The gap between Ugly Gambler and the toad was still quite large, so Ugly Gambler was completely incapable of stopping the attack. He was instantly stomped onto the ground.


A loud sound rang out, and a crater appeared on the ground. Ugly Gambler would not allow himself to be captured without any struggle. A terrifying burst of power erupted from him as he tried to push the toad away. At the same time, he also released a clump of poisonous mist, trying to poison the toad to death.

Unfortunately for him, the toad was a poison expert. Ugly Gambler’s poison was instantly swallowed, and his burst of energy was shattered. He couldn’t give the toad any trouble.

One ought to know that both the toad and the turtle were extremely rare mutated demonic beasts. They were also peak Demon Sovereigns that were only a step away from becoming Demon Saints. Ugly Gambler might be strong, but he was not strong enough for them. He coughed up a large amount of blood and was completely helpless.

“Young master, we got him,” reported the toad.

At that moment, the turtle charged over and knocked the toad aside before sitting down on Ugly Gambler, causing him to cough up more blood. He was practically on the verge of death.

“Young master, I’m the one who caught him,” said the turtle shamelessly.

Xiang Shaoyun walked over with Tuoba Wan’er and said, “Well done.”

The other people in the casino were completely dumbstruck. They were about to flee in fear of getting hit by a random stray attack from the battle that was about to start. But before they could even start fleeing, the battle had ended. One should not forget that Ugly Gambler was one of the Seven Villains.

He had very few opponents in Bloodsin City. The Seven Villains would usually operate independently, but they would always work together against external enemies. From how Ugly Gambler was captured before he could even flee, it was obvious how strong his opponents this time were.

The people present did not dare to linger around and hurriedly scattered. Things would get troublesome if they somehow got tangled in this. 

As for Liu Yezi, there was nothing she could do. After all, the entire incident had happened in her casino. There was no way the Gold Congregation Hall could completely dissociate itself from the incident. She could only hope that Xiang Shaoyun and the Seven Villains wouldn’t involve the casino in the conflict.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d turtle,” cursed the toad furiously.

Xiang Shaoyun waved his hand at the toad and looked at Ugly Gambler before saying, “Lord Gambler, if you agree to a bet, you must accept losing as well. What you did just there dropped all your trustworthiness.”

Ugly Gambler met Xiang Shaoyun’s eyes and replied calmly, “Winner takes all. Do whatever you want.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t be killing you. I only want your allegiance,” said Xiang Shaoyun. He looked at the turtle and said, “Take him back.”

He said nothing more to Ugly Gambler and left with Tuoba Wan’er. He had thought that Ugly Gambler would be a man of his word when it involved gambling, but it turned out that Ugly Gambler would still break his word. He would most probably have to use the Nether Dragon Soul Curse to put Ugly Gambler under proper control.

Liu Yezi could only stare blankly as Ugly Gambler was captured. She was speechless. 

Soon, the incident spread throughout the Bloodsin City. The Seven Villains were extremely well-known in the city, and there was naturally a reason for them to be able to do so well. The capture of Ugly Gambler had caused a big commotion, and soon, the other villains found out about it.

At a certain part of the city was an inconspicuous house that emanated a horrible stench. Because of the revolting stench, n.o.body was willing to approach the house. There were quite a lot of such smelly buildings in the Bloodsin City, so n.o.body paid it much attention. This house, in particular, was one of the Seven Villains’ gathering spots. It was also where Du Wusheng the Poison Physician resided.

Of the Seven Villains, Suicide Sword Li Juetian was the strongest, but he was not the scariest. The scariest was the last ranked of the seven, Poison Physician Du Wusheng. That was because his poison was capable of attacking from anywhere. His poison was also extremely ferocious and overbearing, and n.o.body wanted an enemy like him. His revenge was one of the scariest things one could possibly face.

Once, a member of a certain organization had offended Du Wusheng. Ultimately, he poisoned the entire organization to death, and they each died horribly. There was a saying in the Bloodsin City that provoking the king of h.e.l.l is better than provoking the Poison Physician.

Du Wusheng was also antisocial. He was tall and slim, and his face looked like a cold corpse. Poisonous gas constantly swirled around his body, and numerous poisonous bugs were always crawling all over him. All in all, he looked incredibly disgusting.

At this time, Du Wusheng was in the house. Standing before him were two of the villains. One of them was Myriad Face Consort Yao Jiaojiao, and the other was Heaven Rupturing Foot Can Lehen. Li Juetian, s.h.i.+ Lie, and the Smiling Monk weren’t present.

“Old Poison, you’re not gathering us here to help Ugly Gambler, right?” asked Can Lehen in a straightforward manner.

“Shouldn’t we help him?” asked Du Wusheng with a hoa.r.s.e voice.

“I don’t think so. That fellow had gambled with his life and lost. There is no need for us to get involved,” said Can Lehen.

“Jiaojiao, what do you think?” asked Du Wusheng.

“Hehe, I personally think we still need to do something. But without Boss Li, I doubt we will be able to. Since they can capture Ugly Gambler so easily, they are probably stronger than us,” said Yao Jiaojiao.

I Am Overlord

I Am Overlord

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Xiang Shaoyun is the young master of an influential and powerful sect and is blessed with an extreme latent talent in martial cultivation. From talent comes confidence, and from confidence comes a declaration to give all the so-called geniuses a head start of ten years before catching up to them. Ten years later, Xiang Shaoyun appears at a tiny sect of a tiny town. Betrayed and disgraced by his own sect, he is penniless and powerless, his cultivation level lower than his peers’ due to the ten-year vow. Now to reclaim the glory he once had, he must climb to the top from the very bottom. Witness and join Xiang Shaoyun’s adventure in his rise to glory.


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