I Am Overlord Chapter 362

The Skysoar Realm was an important juncture in one’s path of cultivation. There was a saying that all below the King Realm were mere mortals. That saying made it clear in simple words that entering the King Realm was an extremely important step, a dividing line where once crossed would bring a qualitative transformation akin to a carp transforming into a dragon.

With nine different powers converging on him, Xiang Shaoyun’s aura rose endlessly, and a ma.s.sive transformation occurred within his body. The so-called igniting the fate star was a process of fully activating the stars within a cultivator, forming a connection between one’s stars and the stars beyond the skies, granting one an ability to truly borrow the power of the stars. 

One would then be able to constantly temper one’s body and expand one’s astral energy, greatly increasing the strength of one’s stars and obtaining great combat prowess. One also obtained the ability to surpa.s.s the limitations of one’s body by borrowing the power of the stars, and gained the ability of flight.

Devouring Ghost’s face was covered in shock when he saw the nine different powers converging on Xiang Shaoyun’s body. He had never seen someone cultivating nine different powers at the same time. Even those nine-star physique geniuses he had seen in the past generally only cultivated one or two types of powers. None of them would attempt to cultivate in such a complicated manner.

Cultivating so many different powers would only result in one being incapable of reaching the peak of any of the powers.

“This can’t do. After the breakthrough, I have to advise the young master to only cultivate the power of lightning like the previous master. That alone is enough,” Devouring Ghost told himself.

Xiang Shaoyun did not know what Devouring Ghost was thinking. He was focusing fully on circulating his Heaven Conquering Overlord Manual to quickly absorb the great convergence of energy that had arrived after igniting his fate star.

The nine different powers stimulated his stars, flooding them with pure astral power, causing his nine stars to continuously expand and grow. A bright river of stars formed within his body, looking incomparably vast and majestic.

The rich astral energy coursed through his meridians, cleansing his body of impurities, was.h.i.+ng over his internal organs, bones, and blood, and constantly increasing his vitality and pus.h.i.+ng his life span beyond that of an ordinary person’s.

His astral cosmos sea also transformed greatly. Like a sponge, it hungrily devoured the astral energy coming down from the nine stars. It grew unceasingly as strands of astral energy of nine different colors started appearing in it. The entire astral cosmos sea emanated a mysterious aura, nouris.h.i.+ng the treasures stored within.

In the astral cosmos sea, the vicious tiger gold lotus was pulsing constantly, releasing a pleasant fragrance in the air while a golden radiance swirled around it. It was absorbing the power of gold among the nine powers.

As for the blaze flower, it was radiating a resplendent crimson radiance, absorbing the power of flame among the nine powers.

At a different corner of the astral cosmos sea was the ghostbloom. It was emanating strands of mysterious energy as it took in the nine powers, its fragrance intensifying as it transformed into a flower emanating endless temptation.

The nine powers seemed to have transformed into a sort of life force capable of supporting all living beings. It was an indescribable sight—most people wouldn’t be able to form an astral cosmos sea containing unique energy. Others would be greatly shocked if they found out what was happening in Xiang Shaoyun’s astral cosmos sea.

Xiang Shaoyun noticed none of it, as he was still fully immersed in the pleasure of growing stronger. His aura gently climbed over the peak of Transformation Realm into the Skysoar Realm, and his strength kept climbing.

Early first-stage Skysoar Realm, mid first-stage Skysoar Realm, late first-stage Skysoar Realm…

His strength continued growing even when he reached second-stage Skysoar Realm, and after an unknown amount of time, he reached the third stage. His strength still showed no signs of stopping.

“Young master, be careful not to seek instant benefits! Suppress your cultivation base!” Devouring Ghost’s voice suddenly rang out, waking Xiang Shaoyun from his reverie.

Xiang Shaoyun quickly suppressed his cultivation base, pus.h.i.+ng the raging energy in his body into his nine stars. He stopped circulating his cultivation method and started compressing his cultivation base to stabilize his foundations.

As he did so, the astral energy beaming down on him from the sky started dimming before completely withdrawing. The starlight all around Xiang Shaoyun also dimmed as he opened his eyes. At that instant, it was as if dragons and tigers were soaring out of him. An aura of an unrivalled King surged out of him, spreading everywhere, kicking clouds of dust and sending the pebbles around him flying.

Finally, he was at the Skysoar Realm. And he wasn’t even a fresh Skysoar Realm cultivator, as he had reached the third stage in a single step. It was a ma.s.sive leap that very few people could replicate.

One ought to realize that the Skysoar Realm was completely different from the Basic Realm, Astral Realm, and Transformation Realm. One needed a ma.s.sive acc.u.mulation of strength to advance even a single stage in the Skysoar Realm.

Xiang Shaoyun had actually broken through three stages in a row, proving that the volume of astral energy he had received during his breakthrough was insanely immense and comparable to what a regular person would take years or decades to acc.u.mulate.

He stood up, his robust body emanating an explosive force. A layer of silvery white radiance covered his body, making his skin resemble flawless ivory. He looked incomparably enchanting and charming.

Xiang Shaoyun stamped his foot on the ground and shot up to the sky. He only started falling when he reached a height of several dozen meters. At that moment, he circulated the energy within his body, releasing a revolving energy from all of his 365 acupoints to keep him hovering in the air. He started soaring freely through the air, no longer needing his wings to fly.

“Haha, I am finally at the Skysoar Realm!” Xiang Shaoyun howled with laughter.

After two and a half years of bitter cultivation, he had finally reached the Skysoar Realm, a realm when one would start being truly worthy of the t.i.tle of a cultivator. The stage where he built his foundations had ended on a perfect note, and the time had come for him to borrow the natural astral energy of the world and keep growing stronger.

As of this moment, he could sense he was filled to the brim with power, giving him the confidence that he could destroy anything with a wave of his hand. He threw out a random punch, instantly sending forth a lightning fist. Strands of innate purple lightning swirled around it as it flew forward about 100 meters before exploding midair.

“The Skysoar Realm is indeed something else. I have grown by more than tenfold in strength,” Xiang Shaoyun exclaimed in excitement.

He continued flying around in the air for a bit before landing back to the ground. The smile vanished from his face as he calmed his intense excitement from recently breaking through.

“Congratulations, young master (your highness) for breaking through into the King Realm,” said Devouring Ghost and Jin Wo.

I Am Overlord

I Am Overlord

Woshi Bawang, 我是霸王
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Xiang Shaoyun is the young master of an influential and powerful sect and is blessed with an extreme latent talent in martial cultivation. From talent comes confidence, and from confidence comes a declaration to give all the so-called geniuses a head start of ten years before catching up to them. Ten years later, Xiang Shaoyun appears at a tiny sect of a tiny town. Betrayed and disgraced by his own sect, he is penniless and powerless, his cultivation level lower than his peers’ due to the ten-year vow. Now to reclaim the glory he once had, he must climb to the top from the very bottom. Witness and join Xiang Shaoyun’s adventure in his rise to glory.


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