I Am Overlord Chapter 377

The current Dong Clan was in a state of emergency. The Tai and Xing Clans could attack at any moment, and any single Emperor they could get to help would be extremely important. Dong Zhuoyue naturally hoped that Dong Ziwan’s friends could help their family survive their crisis.

Unfortunately, Dong Ziwan gave him a disappointing answer, “They did not come.”

Dong Zhuoyue’s face turned unsightly.

To the side, Dong Ziming berated her, “How can you act that way? Our clan is in a crisis. Why won’t you help your clan?”

He showed no respect whatsoever to his elder sister and acted as if she was the ultimate sinner for not inviting Xiang Shaoyun’s group.

Dong Ziwan shot Dong Ziming a cold glance and retorted, “If a war breaks out, I will fight at the front line. Do you dare to do the same?”

“Of course I dare! But I am still too weak. If I was an Emperor, I would definitely slaughter all those people from the Tai and Xing Clans,” claimed Dong Ziming. “Don’t you try to s.h.i.+ft the topic. Quickly go get your friends. They can serve us!”

“They are not members of the Dong Clan!” Dong Ziwan said coldly.

“You…Father, look at her! Does she even care about the clan? She’s not willing to do anything to help!” said Dong Ziming.

“Little Wan, if your friends are really capable, you need to get them to help us. We will definitely reward them handsomely when the war is over,” persuaded Dong Zhuoyue earnestly.

“I can not put my friends in danger. In any case, we have already separated,” said Dong Ziwan firmly.

“I saw how much he cares for you! You are the one not wanting the best for your own clan!” Dong Ziming fanned the flame.

“This is a waste of time,” said Dong Ziwan who was tired of bickering with Dong Ziming.

“Alright, we will stop speaking about that. Little Wan, what do you think of that proposal? That young master from Illusionary Palm Society really likes you a lot…,” Dong Zhuoyue said.

“I would rather fight to the death than marry him!” declared Dong Ziwan firmly.

“See that, Father? This is your beloved daughter!” Dong Ziming continued fanning the flame.

Just as Dong Zhuoyue was about to lose his temper and berate Dong Ziwan, sounds of explosion reverberated through the air. Someone then shouted, “This is bad, clan leader. Emperors from the Tai and Xing Clans are attacking!”

“Audacious! Heed my command. Gather all our Dragon Ascension Realm experts and prepare to face the enemies,” shouted Dong Zhuoyue as he smashed the table in front of him apart in anger.

He then ignored the others in the room and flew away. He looked scholarly and refined, but he was in fact a tier-4 Dragon Ascension Realm expert. Dong Wu wasted no time and flew out as well.

Outside the Dong Clan, a group of Emperors had arrived from the Tai and Xing Clans. Each of them was mounted on a powerful beast, and they started attacking the moment they arrived, barraging the city barrier.

Rumble! Rumble!

Dong City’s barrier was not to be underestimated, as the ancestor and the clan’s various Emperors had erected it a long time ago. The Tai and Xing Clans would need to spend some time if they wanted to break through it.

The people of the Dong City were greatly frightened by the attack, confused as to what was happening. The Dong Clan would not shrink from the fight. After all, they were the leader of the five cities, and it was unlikely for them to stay in hiding with enemies at their gates.

Dong Zhuoyue charged out and shouted, “Tai Changhe, Xing Liefeng, how impudent of you! You dare attack the Dong Clan?” 

Tai Changhe and Xing Liefeng were the leaders of their respective clans, and neither was much weaker than Dong Zhuoyue. 

Dong Zhuoyue was a playboy who had spent much of his time on women. Because of that, he did not really have much advantage over the two in terms of cultivation realm. On the other hand, Tai Changhe and Xing Liefeng were both as talented as Dong Zhuoyue and worked hard on their cultivation. And the hard work showed.

With the leader of the Dong Clan being only slightly stronger than the two clan leaders, people started having the impression that it would be the start of the Dong Clan’s decline, thus the two clans’ invasion.

The two clans had brought a total of 40 Emperors, whereas the Dong Clan only had 32 Emperors. In terms of numbers, the two clans had the advantage. As for the number of Kings, the two clans also had a number comparable to the Dong Clan as well. With the forces they could put together, it was understandable why they dared to revolt against the Dong Clan.

“Over the years, the Dong Clan has been growing more and more useless. It’s time the Five Denseforest Cities got a new leader,” said Tai Changhe coldly.

“If you are smart, surrender. The Dong Clan of today is no longer the Dong Clan of the past,” said Xing Liefeng.

“Bulls.h.i.+t. You two are thankless wretches. If it wasn’t for our ancestor taking care of you back then, would you have such accomplishments?” said Dong Zhuoyue.

“It doesn’t matter what you say. Today, the Dong Clan shall cease to exist. Kill!” Tai Changhe commanded with a ruthless look in his eyes.

At the command, the Emperors of the two clans attacked. Naturally, the Dong Clan fought back, and a ma.s.sive battle erupted in the sky. Countless explosions of numerous colors erupted, causing the people in the city below to all hide in fear.

Unfortunately for them, the city was currently sealed and none of them could escape. They would only regain their freedom after the battle ended. 

The Dong Clan was an old clan with a decent amount of acc.u.mulation. Presently, a previous generation elder was slaughtering numerous people with a broken sovereign weapon.

Sovereign weapons were even rarer than emperor weapons, and even tier-5 organizations would rarely have one. Generally, they only appeared in organizations of tier-6 and higher.

This previous generation elder was Dong Qinggu, a ninth-stage Dragon Ascension Realm expert only a tiny bit away from reaching the peak. He was the current strongest combatant in the Dong Clan.

“Die, traitors!” said Dong Qinggu with a broken Clearmoon Mirror in hand. Numerous beams of light shot out of it, each of the beams comparable to the might of a peak Dragon Ascension Realm expert’s attack.


The two clans lost a large number of people to the mirror. After all, among tier-5 organizations, a peak Dragon Ascension Realm was enough to suppress all resistance.

“Don’t you get too c.o.c.ky! Witness the Tai Clan’s Waterwheel Suppression!” shouted an old Tai clansman as he tossed out a wheel-shaped weapon. It was emanating a dense vicious yin water energy, clas.h.i.+ng with Dong Qinggu’s Clearmoon Mirror.

The wheel-shaped weapon was also a broken sovereign weapon no weaker than the Clearmoon Mirror. On top of that, the Xing Clan took out a peak emperor weapon and joined in on the a.s.sault on Dong Qinggu.

“You asked for it! I shall let you witness the true sovereign weapon of our Dong Clan!” Dong Zhuoyue shouted and took out his clan’s prized treasure, a sovereign weapon, and joined the battle. The Dong Clan had just gained a small advantage in the battle when some new experts joined the battlefield on the other two clans’ side.

I Am Overlord

I Am Overlord

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