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I Am Overlord Chapter 942– I’m Taking These

The saint soul tree was not cla.s.sified as a devilish or demonic plant. It was known as a saint tree that was sentient. It was capable of determining that the humans around it were trying to take advantage of it, and it naturally wouldn’t sit around doing nothing.

The saint soul tree emanated some sort of power that strongly suppressed one’s soul. Even a Soul Foundation Realm expert would have a hard time withstanding this pressure and would return empty-handed.

When the disciples realized this, they stopped fighting each other. They took out their respective soul defense items and approached the tree. Some overconfident people thought they could withstand the pressure, so they strode forward with their helmets on, but they were only able to take a few steps before their helmets burst apart, and they died, their blood flowing out of their seven orifices.

The sight of their deaths stopped the others in their tracks. The pressure emanated by the saint soul tree was definitely at a level similar to a Saint. Without a defensive item at the saint-grade or higher, one would not be able to approach the tree.

A certain disciple from the True Martial Academy was confident in his abilities. Instead of being scared off, he put on an ancient helmet and stepped forward. The power of the saint soul tree churned and turned as a powerful soul power wrapped around the True Martial Academy disciple. Everyone thought he would suffer, but he actually continued stepping forward one step at a time.

A lot of them became anxious, but there was nothing they could do. There were only nine fruits, and with that disciple advancing toward the tree, at least one of the fruits would be his. If they didn’t get to work, the fruits would all fall into the hands of others.

A different disciple from the True Martial Academy took out a saint s.h.i.+eld. He raised the s.h.i.+eld above his head, not giving the saint soul tree any chance to attack him. Like the person before him, he slowly advanced toward the tree.

A Nine Palace Academy disciple took out a circular slab and raised it above his head before he advanced toward the tree as well. The other disciples in the area also took out their respective treasures and started approaching the tree.

From the Dragon Phoenix Academy’s side, Gui Mochou took out two puppets and sent them toward the tree. They weren’t life puppets, so they did not fear the tree’s soul pressure. And even if the tree could somehow destroy them, Gui Mochou would still be safe.

When the others saw his actions, more people took out their puppets and sent them toward the tree. And just like that, claims were laid on all nine of the saint soul fruits. But, of course, it was still unclear who would be the one to ultimately get them.

As for the disciples without any means to approach the tree, they were unwilling to leave. They stayed around and waited for someone to leave with the saint soul fruit since that would be their last chance at getting the fruit for themselves.

Disciples were heading toward the tree from nine different directions. When they neared the tree, the pressure became stronger. In turn, their march became increasingly difficult. Any carelessness would cause one to die from the destruction of one’s soul. On the contrary, the puppets were completely unaffected, and the fruits were soon within their reach.

Feng Xiaosha smiled at Gui Mochou and said, “Senior brother is impressive as always. But we need to be careful and not allow others to steal from us.”

“Anyone daring to provoke me will regret it,” said Gui Mochou with a snort. Eight emperor-grade puppets appeared around him. They were enough to frighten the disciples near him.

“Haha, I’ll congratulate you in advance for reaching the Heaven Battling Realm, senior brother,” said Feng Xiaosha.

“It’s only a matter of time before I reach that realm,” said Gui Mochou with a calm smile. “Don’t you worry, junior brother. One of these fruits will be yours.”

“Thank you very much, senior brother!” said Feng Xiaosha, overjoyed.

The saint soul fruit was practically a ticket to the Soul Foundation Realm. How could Feng Xiaosha not be happy? At this moment, a figure suddenly rushed toward the tree in the direction of Gui Mochou’s puppet.

“Audacious!” Gui Mochou roared.

“Who is that? Are you trying to die?” Feng Xiaosha snapped as well.

But when they saw who the newcomer was, their eyes widened in shock and indignation.

“I’ll be taking these fruits,” said the newcomer. He was walking beneath the saint soul fruit like he was taking a stroll in a park. He was completely unaffected by the soul pressure. Standing there with his head turned to face them, he had a provocative look on his face as he spoke to Gui Mochou and Feng Xiaosha.

The disciples in the area were astonished. One ought to know that even those with saint-grade items couldn’t walk toward the tree as casually as this person. For him to completely disregard the pressure, was he using some kind of ultimate treasure, or was he simply insanely talented?

The newcomer was none other than Xiang Shaoyun, who had just come from the altar. Xiang Shaoyun had the Nether Soul Dragon Headband, one of the most valuable treasures of the Imperial Nether Clan. Its grade was above the saint grade, and naturally, it could easily withstand the saint soul tree’s pressure.

Xiang Shaoyun was quite surprised to see a saint soul tree here. The saint soul tree was a top-tier tree that would only bloom once every 5,000 years and bear fruit after 50,000 years. Even a Saint would benefit greatly from consuming a saint soul fruit. Xiang Shaoyun would naturally not miss the chance to pocket some of its fruits.

As he happened to have a grudge against Gui Mochou and Feng Xiaosha, he could both profit and infuriate them by stealing the fruits from them. It was an excellent way for him to get a little revenge on them.

“Xiang Shaoyun, if you dare to lay your hands on my saint soul fruit, I will tear you apart,” said Gui Mochou as he gnashed his teeth.

Feng Xiaosha also threatened, “Xiang Shaoyun, you should be aware that the two elders coming with us on this expedition are my uncle and martial uncle. With them, you won’t be able to escape. You better make the right choice, and we might consider sparing you. Else, you will die, and your Overlord Legion members will all be expelled from the academy. Or they might even die alongside you.”

Feng Xiaosha was sinister, threatening even the others for being related to Xiang Shaoyun. It was clear he wasn’t about to let Xiang Shaoyun get away with the saint soul fruit. But Xiang Shaoyun did not say anything. His reply came in the form of his action. He pulled both his arms back before throwing his fists out to blast the two puppets apart. He then easily plucked two saint soul fruits for himself.

He smelled the fruits, and a bewitching expression covered his face. He said, “Worthy of being saint fruits. Their sweet scent went straight to the bottom of my heart, and I feel like my very soul is floating.”

Gui Mochou and Feng Xiaosha were enraged.

“Xiang Shaoyun, I will not let this go!” Gui Mochou roared.

Feng Xiaosha also shouted murderously, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if you don’t hand the fruits over, you will regret being born. All 18 generations of your family will suffer alongside you.”

“Hehe, you sure are loud. Since it has come to this, all of you might as well go on to the afterlife,” said Xiang Shaoyun with his eyes narrowed. Then, he charged at them.

I Am Overlord

I Am Overlord

Woshi Bawang, 我是霸王
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Xiang Shaoyun is the young master of an influential and powerful sect and is blessed with an extreme latent talent in martial cultivation. From talent comes confidence, and from confidence comes a declaration to give all the so-called geniuses a head start of ten years before catching up to them. Ten years later, Xiang Shaoyun appears at a tiny sect of a tiny town. Betrayed and disgraced by his own sect, he is penniless and powerless, his cultivation level lower than his peers’ due to the ten-year vow. Now to reclaim the glory he once had, he must climb to the top from the very bottom. Witness and join Xiang Shaoyun’s adventure in his rise to glory.


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