King of Gods Chapter 194 – Zhao Feng confessing his sins

Chapter 194 – Zhao Feng confessing his sins


From the Clan Master to the disciples, all of them had suspicious and surprised expressions.

The person that came first in the trial, the one that had broken the ten-thousand year record hadn’t received an Inheritance?

Even Bei Moi, who had come second and didn’t even get a thousand points, had received an Inheritance, so why not him?

“It depends on one’s luck to receive an Inheritance.”

Faint disappointment was shown on the Clan Master’s face.

Zhao Feng was a prodigy for breaking the ten-thousand year record and he must have his own means of doing so. If he had received an Inheritance, it could let him catch up to others due to the difference in talent and help him become a genius of the Broken Moon Clan.

Unfortunately, Zhao Feng might’ve broken the ten-thousand year record, but he didn’t get the thing most important for him.

At the same time.

Zhao Feng’s answer made many people secretly let out a breath.

“WIthout an Inheritance, so what if you came first in the trial? You’re destined to be crushed by me.”

A confident smile appeared on Bei Moi’s lips.

Zhao Feng talent was only average. If the latter had received an Inheritance, he might be able to threaten him. But unfortunately, Zhao Feng didn’t.

“Luckily… ” Hai Yun Master let out a breath.

Zhao Feng’s talent wasn’t high, but the potential and means he had shown so far were terrifying. If he received an Inheritance, the threat he brought on was too great.

Luckily, this brat didn’t receive an Inheritance – Bei Moi alone could beat him.

Even Sun Yuanhao had disdain in his eyes: “If there’s no Inheritance, with your Low tier Spiritual body, you will eventually be overtaken by me. One day, I will defeat you straight on and repay the shame!”

At this point in time, everyone looked lightly on towards Zhao Feng. At least in Hai Yun Master and co.’s eyes, Zhao Feng could only be arrogant for a while, but his future was limited.

Zhao Feng, who saw the entire scene, laughed coldly in his heart.

This was the result he wanted.

When one should be high-key, then go high-key. When one should lie low, then do so.

He was catching too much attention for breaking the ten-thousand year record. This had caused many of his enemies to feel threatened.

For Zhao Feng who was still growing, this wasn’t a good thing.

In this continent, there were many, many geniuses, but how many were left now The potential they possessed was far too high and many died to

Even a prodigy with a ‘Sky tier Spiritual body’ could be killed by any random person.

If Hai Yun Master and co. found out that he had received the best inheritance, the ‘Lightning Inheritance’, they would definitely try and kill Zhao Feng before the latter fully matured.


Zhao Feng concealed the truth.

A disciple with average talent and no inheritance had no threat. The disciples who were the same age as Zhao Feng, also felt superior to him.

However, although the latter’s words could trick the disciples, the Elder’s weren’t easily fooled.

Both Elder Xue and Hai Yun Master’s eyes twinkled.

How could someone, who broke the ten-thousand year record, not receive an inheritance? This was just too suspicious or was there something else going on?

“Zhao Feng, I remember that once one reaches a certain score, the trial will give a simple, free inheritance.” Elder Xue asked with uncertainty.

After all, there weren’t many who reached that mark and this was all heard from others. Hai Yun Master felt something was off but he didn’t know what.

“My score easily surpa.s.sed the requirements.” Zhao Feng laughed.

Hearing this, Bei Moi, Quan Chen and co.’s expression all changed. Was Zhao Feng just fooling with them just then?

“Unfortunately, the Floating Crest Palace didn’t have any suitable inheritances for me. My talent is mental energy.” Zhao Feng said with regret.

“Mental energy?” The Elder’s all glanced at each other.

At their level, they could easily see that Zhao Feng had a large amount of mental energy, which allowed him to resist auras at the True Spirit Realm. This point was first found out by First Elder.

“Mental energy is indeed a different path or it belongs to the Wicked. Being of Righteous descent, the Floating Crest Palace wouldn’t have inheritances regarding to this.” The Clan Master sighed and believed Zhao Feng’s words.

All the Elders had heard that Zhao Feng had talent in regards to mental energy and the disciples had all experienced it.

In the second stage, Zhao Feng had defeated an overwhelming number of bats by using his mental energy sound attack, causing 0 casualties and injuries to the disciples.

“Zhao Feng, because of your superb performance in the trial as well as the contributions for the Clan, I’ve decided to award you five-hundred thousand points and let you read any skill in the Hollow Building. Furthermore, the Clan will also reward you for the items you gave.”

The Clan Master announced.

Five-hundred thousand points!

The others were all shocked.

Even the high-level of the Clan didn’t seem to have this many points.

With that many points, what couldn’t he do?

“Ok, the reward has been given, now comes the punishment. Reward and punishments can’t be mixed together.”

The Regulation Elder slowly stood up.

“That’s right, Zhao Feng has indeed contributed a lot to the Clan, but his actions in the trial needs to be punished.” Elder Xue agreed.

“Although Zhao Feng took first, he had also destroyed the future of others.” Hai Yun Master said coldly.

Two Elders were supporting the Regulations Elder.

The sudden turn caught the Clan Master off guard. Granny Liuyue was neutral and she helped no one. First Elder’s eyes became sharp and the atmosphere became tense.

It was obvious that the three had plotted this together. The Regulations Elder would call for punishment and the two Elders would support him, which meant that even First Elder couldn’t rebuke him.

After all, no one person had the power to control everything.

“What does the Regulation Elder think?”

First Elder’s expression became calm once more.

“The Clan is fair. We wouldn’t accuse a good person, and not forgive a bad person. We’ll do this in public, where everyone is watching. I believe no one is against this?” The Regulations Elder said.

“That’s right! I agree.”

“Zhao Feng is a wicked and cunning youth and he should be expelled from the Clan.”

“The reason he came first was built on the fact that he was selfish and harmed others at the same time. People like him should be punished.”

With Quan Chen and Lu Hu leading, they spouted a lot of c.r.a.p. Under this situation, even the Clan Master and First Elder could do nothing.

“If this can be solved fairly, then I’ll have nothing to say.” First Elder said.

“Ok, then we’ll question Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng, do you see any problems?”

The Regulations Elder nodded his head.


Zhao Feng still had a casual att.i.tude.

“I ask you, why did you kick Sun Yuanhao and Lu Hu into the abyss in the first stage?” The Regulations Elder asked strictly.

The second he finished his words, Sun Yuanhao and Lu Hu started to explain how they were tricked by Zhao Feng.

“This brat has no respect for his Elders and he kicked me, a Core disciple, into the abyss, destroying my future… ” Lu Hu cried.

“He wanted to keep all the treasures for himself and he was scared that I would fight for it, so he kicked me into the abyss.” Sun Yuanhao wept.

The two had twisted the truth and acted so well that everyone sympathised witg them.

“Zhao Feng! How do you explain this?” The Regulations Elder questioned.

“The will of these two are weak! They were controlled by the illusion fox. Disciple here thinks that people like them would only drag everyone back. Therefore, I decided to send them out.” Zhao Feng said expressionlessly.

“Zhao Feng! Don’t you dare humiliate us!”

Lu Hu and Sun Yuanhao were full of anger.

Zhao Feng laughed coldly in his heart – Do you think I’ll argue with you over the ‘truth’?

These people must have already plotted together against Zhao Feng. After hearing, Zhao Feng’s ‘explanation’, everyone was stunned. It was because that they were useless, they were kicked out.

“Dammit! This guy’s too arrogant.”

Many people were angry.

Lu Hu and Sun Yuanhao both had sad looks on their face. In this situation, they were still looked down upon.

The Regulations Elder paused slightly – the plans they made could not counter this.

“How dare you be so arrogant! Then I ask you, why did you attack Quan Chen in the second stage?” The Regulations Elder coldly said.

“To the Clan Master and Elders, disciple here was finally able to enter the central areas of a castle and Zhao Feng, who entered midway, wanted to steal my spoils of war… ”

Quan Chen said through gritted teeth.

“Zhao Feng, how will you explain this?”

Zhao Feng laughed: “Brother Quan worked with me to attack the castle, but he was useless. He dragged me down – he was more of a help by not being there.”

Useless? Dragged him down?

Everyone’s eyes almost popped out from their eye sockets. This excuse was far too lame.

“Zhao Feng! Stop making stuff up!”

Quan Chen was extremely angry – when did he ever drag Zhao Feng down?

The latter wasn’t even explaining anything, he was humiliating them.

“Good, good. Zhao Feng, I’ve been the Regulations Elder for many years and it’s the first time I’ve seen someone so arrogant. I ask you, why did you trick Bei Moi in the last stage and make him exit early?” The Regulations Elder asked coldly.

“That cat teamed up with Zhao Feng and tricked me. Does Brother Zhao think I’m useless as well?”

Bei Moi stared at the little thieving cat and laughed coldly.

Bei Moi’s strength couldn’t be doubted. At the same time, his talent and luck were very high too.

Everyone thought “You can’t use the words ‘useless’ and ‘dragging me down’ now”.

“Brother Bei is obviously powerful, but his intelligence… How could you believe what a cat says? So what if people like him who have strength, but no brains exited?” Zhao Feng said.

“You’re saying my intelligence is low?” Bei Moi was obviously annoyed.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat on Zhao Feng’s shoulder nodded its head and it waved its paws in agreement.

“You… you… ”

Bei Moi was so angry that he almost coughed up blood.

Zhao Feng wasn’t even explaining at all, he was just humiliating them!

“What an arrogant brat!”

The Regulations Elder almost exploded from anger. Zhao Feng didn’t play the cards that he wanted him to, which made all his traps and plans miss.

Zhao Feng then immediately bowed to the Clan Master and First Elder: “These people are either useless or dumb. Thinking for the whole trial, I decided to kick them out. Disciple would be willing to take the punishment for ‘arrogance’!”

I confess… To this sin!

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