King of Gods Chapter 195 – Lightning Inheritance (1)

Chapter 195 – Lightning Inheritance (1)

“These people are either useless or dumb. Thinking for the whole trial, I decided to kick them out. Disciple would be willing to take the punishment for ‘arrogance’”.

I confess… To this sin!

The hall was instantly so silent that even the sound of a needle dropping could be heard.

The expressions of Elders were all very colorful. The ‘victims’ Quan Chen, Sun Yuanhao, Bei Moi and Lu Hu had green faces and they were trembling with rage.

How was this ‘confessing’ to his sin? He was mocking them!

Zhao Feng’s words pierced at the weakest point in their heart. If they weren’t useless, how would they have been controlled by an Illusion Fox? If they weren’t dumb, how would they believe a cat?

This was the shame in their hearts. Zhao Feng didn’t even bother explaining it and he slapped their faces soundly instead. Even if Quan Chen and co. won the argument, the t.i.tles of ‘useless’, ‘dumb’, ‘dragging the group back’ will be stuck onto them.

The first to react was the Regulations Elder.

“Arrogant brat! You have not changed your wrongs, you’re selfish… you don’t put the laws in your eyes… you harm others for your benefit! You… ” The Regulations Elder suddenly stopped talking.

He suddenly realised that something was wrong.

“Disciple here is willing to take the punishment for arrogance, selfishness not putting the laws in my eyes, and harming others for my benefit.”

Zhao Feng’s azure hair waved in the air and a smile full of mockery appeared on his face.

Just as the Regulations Elder was about to say something else, First Elder intercepted: “Ok, the truth has come out and Zhao Feng has confessed to his wrongdoings.”

“But… ”

The Regulation Elder’s face was green.

“You’ve already said it yourself, Zhao Feng was arrogant and selfish, but he didn’t have intentions of harming the other disciples. Furthermore, his words were not without reason.” First Elder said.

Elder Xue and Hai Yun Master were both dazed and speechless. Zhao Feng himself had already confessed, what else could they do?

From head to toe, he only had the t.i.tle of ‘selfish’ and ‘arrogant’. These weren’t even sins, they were one’s att.i.tude.There were many people like this in the Clan. The only one that was problematic was harming others for his own benefit.

“How about we take four hundred thousand contribution points off Zhao Feng and give it to the four disciples for their losses?” First Elder suggested.

“That is a great idea, Four hundred thousand points is the salary of a Vice Head working one hundred years for the Clan – it’s more than enough to compensate these disciples.” The Clan Master nodded her head in agreement.

“Four hundred thousand points is indeed a lot. There’s also been previous examples of deducting contribution points in the past.” The originally neutral Granny Liuyue said.

“This… ” The Regulations Elder looked helplessly at Elder Xue and Elder Hai Yun.

The three of them could do nothing.

From the surface, it seemed that the Clan had already tried its best to punish Zhao Feng. Four hundred thousand points was a large amount of points. If one questioned this punishment, it was the same as questioning the Clan itself.

However, for Zhao Feng, he would still have one hundred thousand points left. When contribution points reached such an amount, it didn’t mean much anymore.

He had also received the privilege of entering the Hollow Building anytime he wanted. He already had the best inheritance of the Floating Crest Palace, the ‘Lightning Inheritance’, which contained much enlightenment inside.

He didn’t need money, skills or treasures.

Four hundred thousand points were nothing to Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, do you have any problems?” The Clan Master asked.

“Disciple has no problems with this, but I think it would be better to give the points back to the Clan, instead of giving them to these dumb and useless disciples.” Zhao Feng suggested.

Hearing this, Quan Chen and co. started cursing as they faces turned red with embarra.s.sment. Even if they managed to receive the contribution points today, they would never forget the shame and they might even develop a fear of today.

This was especially so for Bei Moi. He was a prodigy with great talent and luck and he had come second in the trial, which already gave him two hundred thousand points.

The crus.h.i.+ng of his dignity was his critical weakness.

“Stop.” First Elder stared at Zhao Feng and he signalled for him to stop being so mischievous.

The latter was already the biggest winner. Not only did he not get punished, he had also shamed Bei Moi and co.

Zhao Feng smiled and returned to his Master’s side. The Elders then warned Zhao Feng repet.i.tively and they announced the latter’s punishment to the public.

Finally… It was over.

The enmities in the trial were held down. Bei Moi, Quan Chen and co. had angered and shameful expressions when they walked out of the hall.

After the crowd faded away.

“Come with me.” First Elder said to Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng arrived at the place where First Elder lived. It was a quiet and calm room with no one around. Zhao Feng was slightly surprised – this was the private place of his Master. Not many people were allowed to enter it.

“Speak, what inheritance did you receive in the Floating Crest Palace?” First Elder smiled.

Zhao Feng paused – how did First Elder know?

“Hahaha, I understand the Floating Crest Palace better than anyone else. It’s impossible for you to not receive an inheritance. The most important point is that you’re talented in other aspects apart from mental energy as well. It’s not hard to get a simple inheritance.” First Elder said confidently.

“Master’s eyes are indeed bright. Yes, I have received an inheritance.”

Zhao Feng slowly opened his hand. A small sparkle of lightning appeared on his palm and it was perfectly in line with the lines on his hand.

“This… is the inheritance of Lightning!” First Elder took in a cold breath as shock appeared on his face.

He was the most knowledgeable and strongest Elder in the Clan. By just looking at it, he could tell the history of Zhao Feng’s inheritance.

“With this inheritance, my Lightning Wind Palm will be perfected. Master, do you still go against me training the Lightning Wind Palm?” Zhao Feng smiled faintly.

First Elder paused and he looked at Zhao Feng with complex emotions.

Zhao Feng, who had received the ‘Lightning Inheritance’, definitely had the right to train the Lightning Wind Palm.

“If it wasn’t because I had already learnt the Lightning Wind Palm, disciple might’ve not received this Inheritance. This is known as ‘karma’. Furthermore, Bei Moi’s inheritance also probably has something to do with his Northern Dark Heavenly Water.” Zhao Feng continued.

“Karma is indeed the hardest thing to understand in the world.” First Elder smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Who would have thought that the Lightning Wind Palm Zhao Feng trained was the key to allowing him to receive the best ‘Lightning Inheritance’?

Zhao Feng had told Lin Fan to go to the canyon as well, but the latter had only received a normal Floating Crest Seal and not a Floating Crest Lightning Seal.

This was karma.

“Feng’er, there’s nothing I can teach you since you’ve already received the Lightning Inheritance. I’ll recommend you to the ‘Three Clan Party’ in a month’s time. But before that, you must reach the position of one of the top five Core disciples.”

First Elder’s expression was full of praise and admiration. He might be knowledgeable, but it was nothing in front of the Lightning Inheritance.

What made him more relaxed was the fact that Zhao Feng might seem arrogant and careless, but in reality, he was calm and cunning. He had no sympathy and he made decision without hesitation.

His att.i.tude was suitable for this world. From First Elders’ point of view, the other disciples such as Yang Gan, Bei Moi, Sun Yuanhao and co. hadn’t matured yet and they weren’t as cunning as Zhao Feng.

“What is this ‘Three Clan Party’?” Zhao Feng asked curiously.

First Elder was slightly surprised. Zhao Feng didn’t even put ‘getting into the top 5 Core disciples’ into his heart – from this, his confidence could be seen.

“The Three Clan Party consists of the Lin Moon Clan, Silver Moon Clan and the Broken Moon Clan. It’s held once every five years and the Broken Moon Clan would always come last because the Lin Moon Clan and Silver Moon Clan were ranked higher than us in the Thirteen Clans.”

After Zhao Feng heard this, he couldn’t help but sigh: “I can’t believe that the Broken Moon Clan is so weak in the Thirteen Clans.”

“f.u.c.k off! The Thirteen Clans are all small powers. All of us similar strengths. The Broken Moon Clan won’t be scared of anyone when it comes to a fight.” First Elder swore.

“This… How does one measure how powerful a Clan is?”

Zhao Feng suddenly became interested in how the strengths of each Clan was measured. It was obvious that the Broken Moon Clan was just a cornerstone.

“According to ancient records, the Clans are split into five tiers from one star to five stars. One star being the weakest and five the strongest. The difference in between each star may amount to ten or hundreds of times in strength.”

“How many stars does the Broken Moon Clan have?” Zhao Feng asked urgently.

How many stars?

First Elder’s face went red and laughed: “Let’s change another subject.”

Zhao Feng had a weird face, but he didn’t continue asking. The Three Clan Party was an opportunity to see the geniuses of other factions.

“Although the Three Clan Party is only between three clans, the number of geniuses are still high. For example, the Lin Moon Clan. I heard that they have a person with a Changeable Body whose talent is comparable to the Earth Spirit Body. This meant that his/her talent is even higher than Bei Moi’s.” First Elder said.

Earth Spiritual Body!

Zhao Feng was moved – this was a legendary talent. Even Bei Moi was close to a Earth Spiritual Body. This prodigy of the Lin Moon Clan had a Changeable Body like Sun Yuanhao, but the former’s talent was far higher.

“Oh yeah, if you have any questions, you can ask the Clan since you’ve contributed greatly.” First Elder smiled.

Zhao Feng thought for a while and said lowly: “After I finish a few things, disciple wants to go home first before partic.i.p.ating in the Three Clan Party.”

He had already left the Zhao family for quite a while now.

King of Gods

King of Gods

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His will is tough and he is unwilling to be normal. However, his pathway was destined to be that way, being born in a small sect’s branch. However, one day, his left eye merges with the eye of an Ancient God in an accident. From that moment on, he turns from a fish into a dragon. He rises up like a star, walking the path of a legendary cultivator. From being a tiny, small ant at the bottom of the world, he rises step by step, into a place full of powerful sects, strong ancient clans and countless geniuses. This is an era of legends.


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