King of Gods Chapter 197 – Challenging Core disciples (1)

Chapter 197 – Challenging Core disciples (1)

The 4th Sky was a great difference from the 3rd. Zhao Feng felt that his senses with the energy around him had become stronger. Although he couldn’t direct absorb the energy, he could still take it in by cultivating.

When one reached this level, it was known as ‘Xiantian’.

“When martial artists reach the Ascended Realm, they strive for bigger changes and the Dao.”

Zhao Feng started to understand.

Martial artists were just one of the t.i.tles for cultivators. There were others such as the Blood Corpse Protector, who had forged himself into a corpse-like being. This was the Corpse Dao.

The hooded figure in the Cloud Forest, who had controlled an army of beasts to attack the Guanjun Province City, was also of mysterious descent. In this world, there were all sorts of cultivation techniques and skills.

Martial artists were the most normal and easiest to become, but at the same time, they were the most populated.

After reaching the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm, Zhao Feng cultivated for another two days to consolidate his realm and organise the skills in the dimension of his left eye. This included Peak tier Mortal skills and even Spiritual tier skills!

Zhao Feng only looked at them to gain more knowledge. His core skill study was still the Lightning Inheritance. Inheritance contained everything – offense, defense, movement and secret techniques. Therefore, Zhao Feng didn’t need to train other skills.

Two days later.


Zhao Feng breathed out and he left his building. Right at this moment, he felt energy fluctuate nearby.

“Lin Fan also broke through?”

Zhao Feng glanced in certain direction. After reaching the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm, his senses were far sharper.

As soon as Lin Fan broke through, many inner disciples came over and congratulated him. This included Princess Yun Mengxiang, Xu Ren, Xiao Sun and co. Once an inner disciple reached the 4th Sky, they had the chance of becoming a Core disciple.

Lin Fan had stayed in the Clan for quite a while and he had quite a number of friends come over to congratulate him. Zhao Feng laughed and walked into Lin Fan’s building.

Within the lounge.

“Congratulations Brother Lin for reaching the 4th Sky. It looks like becoming a Core disciple is not far away now.”

“Brother Lin is indeed a dragon amongst men. When you fly, don’t forget us.”

A total of ten inner disciples said respectfully and flattered.

Amongst the crowd, Yun Mengxiang, Xiao Sun and Xu Ren had complex expressions.

Yun Mengxiang and Xiao Sun didn’t put Lin Fan in their eyes before because the latter’s talent was only average. However, after this trial, he had turned from a carp into a dragon and stepped into the cla.s.s of top disciples.

Lin Fan was helpless as he greeted these flatterers. He had just reached the 4th Sky and he needed time to consolidate his cultivation, but these people had come instantly over and congratulated him.

“When Brother Zhao broke through, how come you guys didn’t go congratulate him?” Lin Fan laughed coldly in his heart.

Zhao Feng had reached the 4th Sky two days earlier than him, but no one dared to interrupt him. Even Head Disciple Yang Gan had come over for a glance then left.


Zhao Feng was a being that brought disaster wherever he went. He was already insane from training the Lightning Wind Palm and he even tricked several Core disciples.

He had humiliated these Core disciples in the Central Division in front of the Regulation Elder. However, no one could do anything to him.

Amongst the core disciples, he had Yang Gan backing him. In the entire Clan, First Elder was Zhao Feng’s Master.

Thinking about Zhao Feng, Lin Fan had complex feelings of grat.i.tude, respect, curiosity.

“Brother Lin.” A familiar voice sounded from across the lounge.

Another person had come to congratulate Lin Fan. At first, many didn’t care who it was but when they saw the figure, their hearts clenched.

It was a one eyed youth with azure air, who brought upon a wave of shock as he entered the room.

Yun Mengxiang and Xiao Sun’s expression changed dramatically.

“Brother Zhao!” Lin Fan immediately went to greet the comer with joy.

“Zhao Feng!”

The atmosphere instantly became tense as everyone’s expression changed. These inner disciples all became cautious and they immediately greeted Zhao Feng with smiles.


Zhao Feng nodded his head and greeted a few familiar people simply.

This stunned all the other disciples present: “Brother Zhao might look terrifying, but his att.i.tude isn’t as bad as the rumours.”

They felt spoilt just by Zhao Feng nodding back at them. In the rumours, he was a brutal savage and he had kicked out several Core disciples because he felt like it.

“Brother Zhao was great in the trial. Whoever got in his eye was removed… ”

“No one can ever compete with Brother Zhao in the Floating Crest Trial.”

These inner disciples started to flatter Zhao Feng and many even signalled that they were willing to be his lackey.

If one was to ask who not to offend the most, it was definitely Zhao Feng. If one followed Zhao Feng, didn’t that mean that they would get to do whatever they wanted?

Zhao Feng had a queer expression as he shook his head. He had no intentions of taking any underlings.

“Brother Zhao, you’ve already reached the 4th Sky and have consolidated your foundation. Are you going to challenge Core disciples?” Lin Fan suddenly asked in curiosity.

Challenging Core disciples!?

The expressions of some of the inner disciples present tensed.

Core disciples were a whole tier higher than inner disciples, just like how inner disciples were higher than outer disciples.

“Without you asking, I almost forgot about that.”

Zhao Feng rubbed his head. He suddenly remembered that he had promised First Elder to reach the top five of Core disciples and enter the Three Clan Party.

Only by reaching the top five would First Elder be allowed to nominate Zhao Feng to enter the Three Clan party. This was the lowest requirement!

They would represented the entire Broken Moon Clan at the Three Clan Party. Hearing that Zhao Feng would actually challenge Core disciples, the present inner disciples were all excited.

The rankings of the Core disciples had changed severely over the past time.

All in all, this was because of the Floating Crest Trial. Those that had partic.i.p.ated had greatly increased in cultivation.

Yang Gan, Bei Moi, Quan Chen and Ran Xiaoyuan had flipped the entire Core disciples ranking.

Yang Gan was first, the Head disciple. Bei Moi reached the place of second Core disciple. Quan Chen and Ran Xiaoyuan had reached the fifth and sixth place respectively.

All the inner disciples were stunned by this.

Hearing this news, Zhao Feng couldn’t help but cluck his tongue. He didn’t realise that he was the b.u.t.terfly creating the wind.

If it wasn’t because of him, not everyone would’ve pa.s.s the second stage. If it wasn’t because of him, the Sky Boundary Island wouldn’t have turned into an island of ice…

“That’s right, the compet.i.tion has never been so fierce before amongst the inner disciples.” Lin Fan sighed.

Up to now, the disciples that had partic.i.p.ated in the trial should have obtained their rankings and the Core disciples should have been decided. However, many realised that the ranking of Core disciples was far from over.

This was because an ‘insane being’ still hadn’t made his move. That person was Zhao Feng!

The first place in the trial, the person who broke the ten-thousand year record. He still hadn’t made his move. But now, the latter stood in front of them and he was going to challenge the Core disciples.

How could they not be excited? Would the rankings change again?

But there were a few who didn’t believe so. They believed that Zhao Feng had come first in the trial all due to luck. Furthermore, Zhao Feng didn’t receive an inheritance and therefore, he didn’t have the power nor experience compared with the older Core disciples.

“Brother Zhao!”

From outside came a voice full of dominance. With the sound came a surge of powerful aura.

The inner disciples inside all had the feeling that they couldn’t breathe.

After they saw who came, they were stunned: “Yang Gan!”

Being the Head disciple Yang Gan was, without a doubt, the leader of the younger generation.

Everyone felt spoilt by the appearance of Yang Gan, the Head disciple and disciple of First Elder.

However, no one thought that Yang Gan would come here to meet them or congratulate Lin Fan. This was because they didn’t have the capabilities and right for him to do so.

“Brother Yang.” Zhao Feng walked out of the lounge.

“Brother Zhao, Master told me to tell you to enter the top 5 Core disciples as soon as possible.” Yang Gan immediately told Zhao Feng the reason why he came over.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Yang Gan barely came to find Zhao Feng. Although the two were disciples of First Elder, their relations.h.i.+p was neither good nor bad.

Yang Gan aimed for perfection and even if he disliked Zhao Feng, he would still protect the latter because the two had the same Master. However, this junior brother of his had exceeded his expectations once again.

This was especially so in the Floating Crest Trial. Zhao Feng had come first, which made him feel uncomfortable and even slightly jealous.

“I hope Brother Yang can tell Master that I’ve already reached the top five Core disciples and that he doesn’t need to worry.” Zhao Feng smiled and said.

He understood that Master was preparing to nominate him for the Three Clan Party, but he had forgotten all about it.

Hearing this, Yang Gan’s eyebrows furrowed: Where did Zhao Feng’s confidence come from? He hadn’t even made his move yet and he wanted him to tell Master that he had already succeeded.

Didn’t this mean he was lying to Master?

No way! I’ll tell Master that Brother Zhao’s arrogance needs to be fixed.

“Relax, I’ll tell Master ‘exactly’ what you said.” Yang Gan laughed, and then he turned around and left.

This was what he wanted to do and indeed did so.

“Dammit, this Yang Gan isn’t even giving me face. No, I need to get into the top five before he meets Master.” Zhao Feng’s expression tightened.


A hum of lightning sounded as an afterimage of Zhao Feng was left behind.

What kind of movement skill was this?

Everyone present took in a cold breath.

King of Gods

King of Gods

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