King of Gods Chapter 198 – Challenging Core disciples (2)

Chapter 198 – Challenging Core disciples (2)

Broken Moon Clan.

Inside a beautiful garden.

He! Boom! …

An expressionless youth was sparring with two youths. At this point in time, lights flashed through the air and any remaining blasts of energy were able to shatter metal.

The expressionless youth was able to fight two at the same time without losing. A dark blue layer of water surrounded him, which contained immense pressure inside. Just by standing next to it could cause normal cultivators at the Ascended Realm to cough out blood.

“… The Dark Water Inheritance is no wonder one of the most powerful inheritances of the Floating Crest Palace.”

Hai Yun Master sat on a nearby stone and said with praise. The expressionless youth was Bei Moi and the other two were Quan Chen and Yuan Zhi, both disciples of Hai Yun Master.

Quan Chen was at the peak 4th Sky and the 5th Core disciples. Yuan Zhi was at the 5th Sky and ranked 3rd of the Core disciples.

At this moment, the two couldn’t beat the youngest Bei Moi, even if they teamed up. The latter had reached the peak 4th Sky and he was able to force his two senior brothers back.

Quan Chen and Yuan Zhi were shocked – ever since Bei Moi had exited the Floating Crest Trial, he had increased by leaps and bounds. The power of the two teaming up could easily mince a normal cultivator at the 4th Sky into pieces, but it couldn’t even break Bei Moi’s defense.

It was like there was a bottomless whirlpool surrounding Bei Moi, which made every attack feel like it was sinking into an ocean.

“Heavenly Water Mountain Opener!”

Bei Moi waved his hands and a dark blue ripple of water suddenly expanded and with a ‘jiang’ sent the other two back.

Yuan Zhi was forced back tens of steps before he regained his composure. Quan Chen was pushed back further and he almost spat out blood.


The 3rd Core disciples and 5th Core disciples together couldn’t beat Bei Moi!

“Good! Good! Moi’er, you have improved a lot. In two years, no one of the younger generation will be able to compete against you.” Hai Yun Master praised.

Yuan Zhi and Quan Chen stood on the side with expressions of stun.

The latter was full of hatred and helplessness. Bei Moi was only this strong because he had received an inheritance. Every time he thought about this, he would hate Zhao Feng. If it wasn’t because of the latter, maybe he could’ve also received an inheritance.

“Moi’er, don’t set your sight just on the Broken Moon Clan. At the Three Clan Party in half a months time, you can show off your skills. At that time, you’ll be giving me face.” Hai Yun Master smiled and said.

Three Clan Party.

Quan Chen and Yuan Zhi glanced at each other with twitching hearts. With Bei Moi’s strength, he was easily able to partic.i.p.ate the Three Clan Party. However, for them it would be hard.

Right at this moment.

“Elder! Something’s causing trouble outside!” A servant ran in.

Quan Chen exclaimed: “Who dares to cause trouble here?”

“It’s First Elders’ disciples Zhao Feng. He’s leading a bunch of people and searching for Brother Quan and chased up to here.” The servant said in panic.

Yuan Zhi laughed: “Brother Quan, it looks like Zhao Feng’s finding trouble for you.”

No matter how arrogant Zhao Feng was, he was still a disciples. How would he dare to cause trouble to an Elder?

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d definitely wants to challenge my Core disciple position.”

Quan Chen’s expression was dim, but his heart was in reality he was extremely wary. He knew how terrifying Zhao Feng’s strength was.

“What happened?” Hai Yun Master spoke.

“I heard that Zhao Feng wanted to challenge a Core disciple. He first went to find Brother Quan, but Brother Quan wasn’t home. He then went to find Brother Yuan and he saw no one as well. After that, he went to search for Brother Bei-”

“Ok! I understand! He then arrived at my place.” Hai Yun Master said deeply.

“In… indeed, Elder!” The servant trembled.

At this point in time the atmosphere in the garden was tense. The expressions of the three disciples of Hai Yun Master were ugly.

Zhao Feng was definitely picking on Hai Yun Masters’ disciples. Did he think they were weak?


Quan Chen’s face was filled with fury, but in reality he was overjoyed. If it was just him alone, he probably couldn’t beat that b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

But with the three of them…

Hmph! Zhao Feng! You sure are unlucky today!

“The three of you can go, but don’t lose my face.”

Hai Yun Master waved his hand. Although he felt disgusted at the fact that Zhao Feng purposely picked his disciples, he was at the True Spirit Realm and he obviously wouldn’t interfere with the younger generation.

Furthermore, behind Zhao Feng stood First Elder. Both he and First Elder wouldn’t easily interfere with the compet.i.tion between disciples.

Go! Let’s go!

The three charged out of their Master’s place.

Yuan Zhi felt weird in his heart. The two seemed like they hated Zhao Feng.

Outside of the building was indeed a group of people and the leader was Zhao Feng.

“So you guys were hiding here.” Zhao Feng said in realisation.

After he exited secluded cultivation, he would obviously challenge the disciples of Hai Yun Master first. But the weird thing was that Quan Chen, Yuan Zhi and Bei Moi were all not home.

After going around and asking, he found out that the three were hiding the Hai Yun Masters’ place.

“What do you mean by hiding!?”

Quan Chen and the other two felt disgusted and angered. The three had been called by their Master to spar with each other.

Those that didn’t know this probably thought that they were scared of Zhao Feng.

“Fight.” Zhao Feng said and turned towards the fighting stage.

He didn’t worry that they wouldn’t follow. They were already in front of an Elder’s building – it was impossible for them to not fight.

Soon. Central Division, challenging stage.

This was made just for inner disciples to spar with each other. Zhao Feng lept into the air and he landed on the stage.

At this moment in time, there were already two inner disciples fighting.


When the two saw the one-eyed azure haired youth who gave off the 4th Sky aura, they were scared off stage.


Another few auras at the 4th Sky or higher landed.

Quan Chen and the other two looked at each other and they seemed to be deciding who was going to fight first.

Quan Chen was slightly scared and he didn’t nominate himself.

“How bout all three of you come at once!?” Zhao Feng mocked.

“Shut up!”


Bei Moi and Quan Chen exclaimed at the same time.

Of course, Zhao Feng actually didn’t want to fight all three at once. He wasn’t that arrogant and even if he was willing, the three wouldn’t be.

“Brother Quan, you go up first and test his strength.” Yuan Zhi ordered.


Although Quan Chen was unwilling, he still agreed.

On the stage.

Zhao Feng faced Quan Chen.

There were already many inner disciples who had arrived after hearing what was going on.

The two pairs of eyes both had complex emotions.

This was especially so for Quan Chen. Back when he had went to the Guanjun Palace, how dominant was he?

At that time, he didn’t even look at Zhao Feng straight. He didn’t even remember Zhao Feng. Now, Quan Chen’s head tingled and he had wariness and fear within him.

It wasn’t that Zhao Feng and Quan Chen hadn’t fought before. They had done so in the trial, but in the end, Quan Chen had been fooled.

“Zhe zhe, Brother Quan Chen, do you want me to go easy on you?”

How sharp were Zhao Feng’s eyes? He had caught the sign on retreat in Quan Chen’s eyes already. The latter didn’t even have true fighting intent.

“Shut up! This is not a fight with our tongues!” Quan Chen exclaimed.

He drew his sword and sliced at Zhao Feng. Marks were made on the black stone on the stage floor. This stone was even harder than low grade Mortal weapons.

“What a powerful attack!”

The disciples below clucked their tongues.

The weapon that Quan Chen was holding right now was of Middle grade and he himself had trained in high ranked skills. Back when he was battling Bei Moi, he didn’t use a weapon.

“Hehehe, do you believe I can win by just ‘using my tongue’?” Zhao Feng laughed lightly.


His figure instantly vanished and he evaded the attack.

“Don’t be arrogant. If you have the skills, don’t use your hands.” Quan Chen exclaimed.

“Sure, I’ll show you.”

Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back and he took a deep breath.


He opened his mouth and an invisible mental energy sound attack shot at Quan Chen. Where the mental energy sound attack went, there was the sound of thunder.


It was like Quan Chen had been struck by lightning. His figure shook and his blood boiled. The move just then almost made him vomit blood.

Zhao Feng’s mental energy sound attack pierced directly into the soul and would use high vibrations to shock the body.

After receiving the Lightning Inheritance, Zhao Feng would use this as a basis for everything. Even this mental energy sound attack contained the humming of thunder.

Furthermore, Quan Chen wasn’t strong willed – he was far weaker than Bei Moi and Lin Fan. Therefore, just the first round of mental energy sound attack caused Quan Chen to stumble and almost spit out blood.

Boi! Boi!

Quan Chen immediately spat out a mouthful of blood as his face turned pale. Mental energy was originally his weakness and now, Zhao Feng’s sound attack was much stronger than in the trial, especially after merging with a bit of the Lightning Inheritance.

“How is this possible!?”

“Brother Zhao didn’t even move his hands. Just his mouth alone made Quan Chen cough out blood!”

The spectators were stunned.

“Brother Quan, use your true force to protect your ears and other weak parts.” Yuan Zhi asked.

He knew that Zhao Feng’s mental energy sound attack used sound to attack.

“Due to his weak will, even if he used his true force as protection, it would only block ten to twenty percent of the damage.” Zhao Feng said.

Of the mental energy sound attack, it was the mental energy that was hard to defend against. It made one panic and under that situation, how could they fully defend?

If it was someone with rock hard will and high cultivation, the effect of Zhao Feng’s mental energy sound attack would decrease in power by at least half.

Unfortunately, Quan Chen wasn’t. On the contrary, he became even more scared of Zhao Feng.

Boi… Boi… Boi…

Zhao Feng spat out a few more attacks.


Blood flowed out of Quan Chen’s ears and nose as he fainted.

“Too weak.”

Zhao Feng shook his head and he thought that he was indeed talented in the path of mental energy. But even the Floating Crest Trial didn’t have the suitable Inheritance for him.

The Lightning Inheritance was only second best option available for him.

King of Gods

King of Gods

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His will is tough and he is unwilling to be normal. However, his pathway was destined to be that way, being born in a small sect’s branch. However, one day, his left eye merges with the eye of an Ancient God in an accident. From that moment on, he turns from a fish into a dragon. He rises up like a star, walking the path of a legendary cultivator. From being a tiny, small ant at the bottom of the world, he rises step by step, into a place full of powerful sects, strong ancient clans and countless geniuses. This is an era of legends.


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