King of Gods Chapter 201 – Genius Summit

Chapter 201 – Genius Summit

Sun Feather City.

The sun had just started to set and many people had lit their lanterns and closed their shops.

At this time, an azure haired youth walked into the city, wearing a dark grey cape.

If this happened during daytime, the youth’s appearance would cause wariness. However, night had come and the youth’s figure didn’t seem to be that outstanding.

“Sun Feather City hasn’t changed much in one year.” Zhao Feng murmured.

Almost no one could recognise him now. Compared to one year ago, Zhao Feng was taller and he had changed dramatically in both appearance and aura.

When he came closer to the Zhao family’s territory, it was obvious that it was more crowded.

“When was there so many random people here?” Zhao Feng had a weird expression.

Being one of the three great families of Sun Feather City, the doorway to their territory should be quite.

Of these people gathered here, it was mainly youths.

“This year’s ‘Genius Summit’ doesn’t seem to be as great as last years. Both Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng have left Sun Feather City.”

“Those two are legendary figures. This years Summit was started by ‘Zhao Linlong’ of the Zhao family. There’s no one who can match him now.”

“That’s hard to say for sure. ‘Xin Fei’ of the Xin family is a rising star who might not be worse than Zhao Linlong.”

There was a crowd gathered here because of this year’s Genius Summit.

However, not everyone could go inside and spectate. Only a small number were allowed inside and many weren’t allowed entrance.

However, there was also those who had concealing skills and successfully sneaked inside. The Zhao family wasn’t as heavily guarded as a palace afterall.

“Genius Summit?”

Zhao Feng calculated the time and he realised that it was indeed the time. The Genius Summit was hosted by the three families.

In the previous summit, the Zhao family performed exceptionally with three geniuses: Zhao Linlong, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei.

The back mountains of the Zhao family. In front of a man-made pond, there were several stands there with spectators watching.

Two youths clashed together near the of the pond and the wind was blowing about. From the stands came the occasionally cheer.

Those that could attend the summit were at least at the 4th Rank of the Martial Path and the sounds created from battle weren’t that small.

There were also several Elders present from the three families, whose cultivation had all reached the 7th Rank.

In the very front most stand sat several geniuses from the Zhao family, which included Zhao Han, Zhao Qin and Zhao Linlong.

“Brother Linlong, no one will be able to compete with you now.” Zhao Qin smiled and said.

“Qiu Mengyu of the Qiu family and Xin Fei of the Xin family are far stronger than last year. Especially Xin Fei, although he hasn’t reached the 6th Rank, his battle strength is outstanding.”

Zhao Linlong sat at the centre and he was far more mature than before. Through last years experience, his att.i.tude was far more calmer.

Being the host at this summit, he didn’t dare to be overconfident.

After every spar he would comment on which areas could be improved and would be right every time, making others admire him.

As time pa.s.sed, the battles became more and more intense.

At last, two of the Great geniuses, Zhao Linlong and Qiu Mengyu appeared.

When they went up, no one was able to fight back apart from one person.

This was the scar-faced youth of the Xin family – Xin Fei.

The latter’s sword skills were deadly and he had even trained a high tier skill to the peak level. Before him, no one could exchange more than three moves.

“Why do I feel this year’s Summit is somewhat boring?” Zhao Han and Zhao Qin exchanged glances.

“Of the 5 Great geniuses, three have left. This years Summit is destined to be uncomparable to last years.” Zhao Qin sighed.

Everyone that had attended last years Summit would have a similar feeling.

Not only was there not many true prodigies here, there weren’t any expectations or dark horses.

Thinking back to last years summit where there was surprise and shock at every corner, there were only three people who were ok this year – Zhao Linlong, Qiu Mengyu and Xin Fei.

Of the 5 Great geniuses, these three were low ranked.

Finally, the summit had reached a climax. The placings between Zhao Linlong, Qiu Mengyu and Xin Fei started to become certain.

Only the three of them had the right to enter the ‘Great geniuses’. Everyone else was a full level lower. Qiu Mengyu and Xin Fei first fought.

The former was the beauty of Sun Feather City and she had recently reached the 6th Rank of the Martial Path. Xin Fei’s cultivation had reached the peak 5th rank and he had immense battle power. Every sword strike had its own feeling.

“This Xin Fei seems to be affected by ‘Xin Wuheng’ and he could be something.”

Zhao Chi’s eyebrows rose and he went into deep thought, but he couldn’t understand. At his level, he couldn’t even touch the ‘insights’. One needed to have these ‘insights’ to train Holy Martial arts.

Back then both Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng had this.

Slicing Cloud Pierce!

Xin Fei exclaimed and his sword became a red glow that seemed to be able to slice through the clouds.


Qiu Mengyu’s inner strength protection was broken through. It was obvious that Xin Fei had restrained his strength.

No one had thought that Xin Fei would be able to win so quickly. Next was the final battle between Xin Fei and Zhao Linlong.

The battle between the two was intense and the two figures crossed and interweaved. At the end, the two were stepping onto the pond and fighting.

The spectator’s couldn’t help but cluck their tongues and cheer.

Miao miao!

Inside the Zhao families stand suddenly came a weird sound.


Zhao Chi and co., who were all focused on the battle, heard this and their expressions suddenly changed: Who was it?

An azure haired, one eyed youth appeared on the Zhao families stand and he had a small grey cat the size of a palm sitting on his shoulder.

This person had appeared behind them without sound or scent. If it wasn’t because of the cat, they wouldn’t have even realised.

“Zhao Chi and Zhao Qin, it’s only been one year and you’ve forgotten me?” The youth let out a light laugh.

“You… you’re Zhao Feng!” Zhao Chi and co. exclaimed as they recognised the latter.

“Zhao Feng! He’s that Zhao Feng?”

The Zhao families’ stand broke out into commotion and they even caught the attention of other spectators.

Soon, more and more people recognised the azure haired one eyed youth.

“When did Zhao Feng become one eyed and when did his hair turn azure?” Everyone was surprised.

Right at this moment.

The battle on the pond came to an end as both Zhao Linlong and Xin Fei took one hit from each other. A gash that went straight to the bone appeared on Zhao Linlong’s shoulder as the latter fell into the pond.

“Thanks!” Xin Fei landed onto the sh.o.r.e and scanned the crowd with victory.

Zhao Linlong returned back to the stand with dim eyes.

“You…. ”

Suddenly, Zhao Linlong’s eyes landed on a youth.

“Zhao Feng! You’ve appeared at last!”

Xin Fei’s eyes flashed as battle intent surged from him. More and more eyes started to gather on the azure haired youth.

“He’s back.”

The high level of the Zhao family couldn’t help but exclaim.

Within the stand.

Zhao Linlong had complex emotions and his voice was hoa.r.s.e: “Zhao Feng, you’ve come back just at the right time. You can get the first for our Zhao family.”

“Zhao Feng, I need a real, true opponent.” Xin Fei challenged Zhao Feng.

“No need, I was just on the way.” Zhao Feng faintly smiled and rejected.

At his level, it would be bullying those that attended the summit, even though he was younger than most here.


Everyone was surprised, but only Zhao Linlong realised that Zhao Feng’s aura was immeasurable and with the latter’s strength, it would be disdainful to fight.

Teng sou sou —–

Just as Xin Fei was about to speak several figures appeared.

“Hahaha…. The Genius summit of Sun Feather City is disappointing!”

A total of three youths landed on the grounds and the one in the middle wore a black robe and he gave off an aura at the peak 6th rank. The two youths next to him had also reached the 6th Rank.


The crowd exclaimed.

“Not good! There’s geniuses from the ‘Maple City’. The youth in the front is ‘Yu Tianhua’ and he has apparently beaten all the younger generation in the nearby cities and he is considered undefeatable in the younger generation.” Zhao Linlong roared.

He had fought with this Yu Tianhua half a month ago and was defeated by the latter within ten moves.

Yu Tianhua!

A few of the geniuses present had heard of this name.

“Sun Feather City, send out your strongest genius and fight me!” Yu Tianhua coldly scanned the crowd.

Xin Fei laughed coldly and charged forward. Yu Tianhua laughed in disdain and he waved his two hands forward. A black light appeared which gave off a chaotic aura.


Zhao Feng realised that Yu Tianhua’s skills seemed to have the attributes of the ‘Wicked’ path. He guessed that this Yu Tianhua should have trained an incomplete wicked half-Holy martial art.


The two exchanged several blows and Xin Fei was sent flying with one palm.

“How is this possible!? You’re not at the 6th Rank!” Xin Fei said in shock.

“Hahaha… that’s right! At least you have good eyesight.”

Yu Tianhua laughed and a black inner strength appeared.

7th Rank of the Martial path!

The hearts of everyone clenched as they felt a pressure bear down upon them. Even the Elders overseeing the summit were shocked. From Yu Tianhua’s current display of strength, it seemed that even they might not be his match.

“Who else wants to fight? How bout this? Send your strongest three at once!” Yu Tianhua stood at the centre of the grounds and laughed.

At this point in time, the geniuses of Sun Feather City all had ugly expressions. These people came here on purpose to crush all the geniuses of Sun Feather City under their feet!

King of Gods

King of Gods

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His will is tough and he is unwilling to be normal. However, his pathway was destined to be that way, being born in a small sect’s branch. However, one day, his left eye merges with the eye of an Ancient God in an accident. From that moment on, he turns from a fish into a dragon. He rises up like a star, walking the path of a legendary cultivator. From being a tiny, small ant at the bottom of the world, he rises step by step, into a place full of powerful sects, strong ancient clans and countless geniuses. This is an era of legends.


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