King of Gods Chapter 202 – The whereabouts of Zhao Yufei

Chapter 202 – The whereabouts of Zhao Yufei

Within the grounds of the summit, Yu Tianhua laughed arrogantly.

Of the three families, many had already started cursing and swearing.

The Elders watching had the intent to make their moves, but they were hard-pressed. They were of the older generation after all. Even if they beat Yu Tianhua and co., it would lose face for the three families.

“Everyone attack!”

A few youths who had reached the boiling point exploded and charged at Yu Tianhua and co.

Peng! Peng! Pah…

However, before they even came close, they were sent flying by Yu Tianhua’s inner strength. When one reached the 7th rank of the Martial path, they could attack through the air.

“Hahaha! The geniuses of Sun Feather City are useless! Want to fight with more people? Come! I, Yu Tianhua, will take on all of you!”

Yu Tianhua’s became more arrogant the more he fought. Most of the youths were at the 4th and 5th rank of the Martial Path and they weren’t able reach him. In just a short time, ten geniuses of the younger generation had been knocked out.

Zhao Linlong and co. grinded their teeth, ready to attack.

“You’re not his match, let me do it.” Zhao Feng sighed.

Under this circ.u.mstance, even the Elders of the Zhao family weren’t able to attack. Furthermore, with Yu Tianhua’s strength, normal Elders at the 7th rank were probably not his match.

Seeing Zhao Feng take the initiative, the eyes of Zhao Linlong and co. lit up. Zhao Feng was the top Great genius of the last Genius summit and he had apparently become a disciple of Lord Guanjun.

He was a legend within Sun Feather City.

“Who is this person?”

“It’s Zhao Feng! The top Great genius from last year. He should have the capabilities to fight Yu Tianhua.”

Many recognised Zhao Feng.

“Brother Zhao, this guy’s very strong!” Xin Fei wiped the blood leaking from his mouth and warned.


Yu Tianhua and the other two noticed Zhao Feng.

It was an azure haired one eyed youth, who gave off an immeasurable aura.

Yu Tianhua’s smile faded and he took back his over confidence as he stared at Zhao Feng. He felt that every action from the youth in front of him brought him pressure.

He only had this feeling from his mysterious master. Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s eyes were so sharp that they seemed to pierce his heart. Just his eyes alone could bring him pressure.

“Hahaha! One eyed? Kid! Your appearance might be able to scare children, why don’t you become a one-eyed bandit?” The two next to Yu Tianhua laughed.

Zhao Feng might have worn an eyepatch, but his looks weren’t bad nor savage. With his height and azure hair, he seemed more wicked.

“Three r.e.t.a.r.ds! I’ll give you one chance to f.u.c.k off out of the Zhao family become I count from ten to zero.” Zhao Feng’s eyes contained coldness and killing intent.

His azure hair suddenly blew in the wind.

The hearts of the spectators shook as they couldn’t help but be attracted to Zhao Feng.

“It’s that aura… ”

Zhao Chi on the stand caught something.

Zhao Feng’s casual actions had contained the intent of wind and this had appeared one year ago with both Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng.


This person was definitely a pro!

Yu Tianhua and the other two were stunned.

“Ten… nine…. Eight… ” Zhao Feng started to count.

The youths of the three families held their breaths and revealed expressions of excitement. At this moment, Zhao Feng’s dominance had suppressed the opponent.

“He’s so cool!”

“How can he have such beautiful hair? I want to dye my hair too.”

The hearts of many girls sped up. Zhao Feng’s hair was pure azure and it had a refres.h.i.+ng feeling to it.

Even Qiu Mengyu, the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City was envious and curious: “How can a male have such pretty hair? I remember that his hair used to be black… ”

“Eight…. Seven…. Six… ”

Zhao Feng’s eyes were as sharp as a knife as he stared at the three.

“Brat, don’t be arrogant!” Yu Tianhua cursed.

Truthfully, he had been stunned by Zhao Feng’s aura, but he wasn’t willing to leave with this. He had destroyed the geniuses of every city nearby, how could he leave like this in front of this brat?

However. Just as Yu Tianhua spoke, the situation changed.

Zhao Feng’s voice came to a sudden stop.


In a flash, Zhao Feng had appeared right next to the three. Without saying another word, Zhao Feng kicked out.


He didn’t even finish counting yet!

Everyone was surprised and the three weren’t able to react in time.


Zhao Feng kicked one of the youths at the 6th rank.


The youth screamed as he fell into the pond.

Zhao Feng then immediately kicked at another person.

“Don’t even think about it!”

The youth circulated his inner strength and tried to resist.


All his efforts did nothing as he was also kicked into the pond.

In the blink of an eye, two youths at the 6th rank fell into the pond.

This kid’s weird!

Yu Tianhua cursed within his heart. Zhao Feng’s actions contained an indescribable feeling. Even if he could see the action, he couldn’t dodge it.

Yu Tianhua only felt this from his master, could this brat have reached the Holy martial path as well?

Shocked, he furiously circulated his inner strength.

However, it couldn’t stop Zhao Feng a tiny bit. An azure glow appeared on the latter’s body, which suppressed his inner strength.

Not good!

This is True Force!

Only those at the Holy martial path could have True Force!

“Stop!” Yu Tianhua exclaimed.


Zhao Feng’s leg stopped right before his chest with a smile.

“You haven’t counted to zero yet… you don’t stick to your promises!” Yu Tianhua argued.


Zhao Feng sent him into the pond with one kick and laughed coldly: “Me counting from ten to zero is based on the fact that you would cooperate. If you have any thoughts of resistance, I will make you regret it for eternity.”

In just a short instance, Yu Tianhua and co. had been kicked into the pond. The geniuses of the three families had hanging mouths.

Someone at the 7th rank had just been defeated by one simple kick?

The Elders watching clucked their tongues.

“Someone go pull them up.” Zhao Feng ordered.

Soon, there were several youths that pulled the three back onto land.

Yu Tianhua and co. had all received one kick each from Zhao Feng and their limbs had no power – they couldn’t even walk.

“I’m giving you one last chance to kneel down and beg for forgiveness.” Zhao Feng surveyed the three.


Yu Tianhua laughed coldly: “My Master is at the Holy martial path. If you dare to harm a single hair of mine, the Zhao family will have nowhere to go in the Cloud Country.”

He admitted that he wasn’t Zhao Feng’s opponent, but it was impossible for him to kneel down and beg for forgiveness,

Holy martial path!

The expressions of the older generation changed dramatically.

“Hehe! What big words? It looks like you still don’t know who are the true sovereigns of the Cloud Country.” Zhao Feng laughed lightly.

Hearing this, Yu Tianhua’s heart shook – could Zhao Feng touch that level?

“Since you’re not being obedient, don’t blame me for crippling your cultivation.” Zhao Feng thrust his palm towards Yu Tianhua.


Yu Tianhua’s meridian’s broke inch by inch.

“Stop! I… ” Yu Tianhua screamed and tried to ask for forgiveness, but it was too late.

Zhao Feng had only used a sizzle of True Force to destroy his meridians and dantian.

In the blink of an eye, Yu Tianhua had become useless. The spectators felt a bone chilling coldness.

The most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City, Qiu Mengyu, suddenly remembered how she had tried to bait Zhao Feng. Thinking about it now, she let out a breath.

“I’m sorry! We’re willing to beg for forgiveness!”

The other two started to smash their heads against the ground.

“Now f.u.c.k off! I already gave you two chances, if you dare resist… ”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

The two youths at the 6th rank dragged Yu Tianhua and sprinted out of the Zhao family.

Only till Yu Tianhua left the Zhao family’s territory did the former say through gritted teeth: “Zhao Feng! You wait! My Master won’t forgive you… ”

Before, the three didn’t dare to say anything. Yu Tianhua was scared that if he did, this would be an excuse for Zhao Feng to kill him.

The back mountains of the Zhao family. The last accident had been taken care of by Zhao Feng.

The geniuses all over Sun Feather City glanced at this legend with admiration, fear and respect.

The summit came to an end.

Although Zhao Feng didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the summit, his appearance outshone everyone else.

On the same night.

The family head and Elders created a banquet for Zhao Feng.

In the banquet.

Zhao Linlong and co. were lucky enough to attend and they looked at how Zhao Feng was treated by the family head and Elders with complex emotions.

The family head Zhao Tiancang had the jiggles. Thinking about how he had mistreated Zhao Feng back then, his heart wasn’t able to keep still.

With Zhao Feng’s current strength, it would be easy to get rid of him.

Luckily, Zhao Yusong seemed to be on good terms with Zhao Feng. It was the former who had realised Zhao Feng’s potential and he had helped the latter many times.

Zhao Feng obviously wouldn’t forget the help he had received back then and he gave Zhao Yusong a few Marrow Cleansing Pills, as well as some half Mortal Mortal skills. Although these weren’t worth much to Zhao Feng, it was a treasure in the outside world.

Zhao Yusong was happy, happy that he such good eyes.

“Yu Tianhua seems to have a master at the Holy martial path behind him. By crippling his cultivation… ”

The family head and Elders felt worried.

“Holy Martial path? We’ll see.” Zhao Feng laughed coldly.

The family head and co. weren’t at a high enough level to know who had the highest authority within the Cloud Country.

At the end of the banquet, Zhao Feng suddenly remembered something.

“You mean Zhao Yufei?”

The family head and Elders exchanged glances as smiles appeared on their faces.

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