King of Gods Chapter 203 – Slave

Chapter 203 – Slave

Zhao Feng didn’t expect the high level of the Zhao family would actually know about Zhao Yufei’s whereabouts.

Back then when Quan Chen and Lord Guanjun fought, Zhao Yufei had disappeared without a trace. But Zhao Feng had scanned around and he found that Zhao Yufei had been taken away by her one-armed grandfather.

The family head Zhao Tiancang spoke: “If you came half a month earlier, you would have met Yufei.”

Half a month earlier?

Zhao Feng was stunned, this meant that Zhao Yufei had returned.

“When Sister Yufei came back, she was like a G.o.ddess. Even Qiu Mengyu, the most beautiful girl of Sun Feather City, was below her in terms of looks.” Zhao Linlong and the other younger generation all sighed.

Thinking to back then, everyone had respectful expressions.

“Oh? What did Yufei do?” Zhao Feng asked curiously.

Zhao Tiancang immediately told the story.

It happened half a month ago.

Zhao Yufei had returned to the Zhao family because it was on her way.

A year later, her looks were G.o.ddess like. She was already on par with Qiu Mengyu a year ago and now, one year later, she had changed again.

“At that time, one of the disciples of the Xin family was taught a lesson by Yufei. After that both Elders from the Qiu and Xin family asked for marriage, but they were easily defeated by Yufei.” Zhao Yusong sighed.

Zhao Yufei’s performance half a month ago was too shocking. Of course, only a limited number of people knew this. After that, both the Qiu and Xin family became more respectful towards the Zhao Feng.

“No wonder.”

Hearing this, Zhao Feng already had his a.s.sumptions.

Only when one reached the Ascended Realm would they change dramatically.

If he wasn’t wrong, Zhao Yufei had probably joined another faction. After all, there were a total of thirteen Clans in the thirteen countries.

For the next day or two, Zhao Feng remained at the Zhao family, staying with his parents and would occasionally give pointers to Zhao Linlong and co. Even the family head and Elders would come over for pointers.

Zhao Feng obviously didn’t reject them – this was the place he had grew up from after all.

On the third day.

The Zhao family received a bad piece of news.

“Yu Tianhua’s mysterious master has arrived at the Sun Feather City.”

The family head Zhao Tiancang panicked and he hurried over.

Zhao Feng spoke: “What’s there to panic about? Let them come.”

The true power that controlled the Cloud Country was the Broken Moon Clan.

For Zhao Feng, this was his own territory. Even if the opponent was higher than him in cultivation, they would have to be wary. Furthermore, from Yu Tianhua’s skills, it didn’t seem that the opponent was that strong.

On the fourth day.

The high level of the Zhao family sent over more news: “The mysterious master of Yu Tianhua has been treated by the Qiu and Xin family.”

This news made the family head and co. even more worried.

Half a month ago, Zhao Yufei had stunned both the Qiu and Xin family, causing the two to lose face.

Now, the two families had sucked up to someone at the Holy martial path.

“Haha, does the Qiu and Xin family want to be removed from Sun Feather City?” Zhao Feng had a bright smile.

From the mortals point of view, the Holy martial path was legendary, so the two families were extremely confident right now.

How would they know that the Holy martial path was only a start?

On the same night.

“Not good! The Elders of the Qiu and Xin family as well as the mysterious person have come to visit the Zhao family!”

Panic spread amongst the high level.

“Let them in.” Zhao Feng casually spat out a few words.

In the great hall of the Zhao family.

The family head and Elders were on edge, but they forcefully controlled themselves.

“Family head.” Zhao Feng suddenly spoke.

“Feng’er, you have something to say?” Zhao Tiancang was very respectful.

“Have you ever thought of making the Zhao family the only great family in the Sun Feather City?” Zhao Feng smiled.

“What!? You mean… ” The Elders and family head were shocked.

Zhao Feng appet.i.te was far too big – to dominate the Sun Feather City?

“The Qiu and Xin family both have solid foundations – this is especially so for the Qiu family. They are apparently related to a big family in the Capital. Furthermore, forces such as the Guanjun Palace don’t wish to see a lone force controlling a certain area.” Zhao Yusong shook his head and sighed.

It didn’t matter whether or not if the Zhao family had the strength or not. Even if they did, they would face strong resistance.

“As long as you’re willing, all of this can’t stop us.”

Zhao Feng laughed and he didn’t speak anymore.

Just at this moment, the sound of footsteps appeared from without the great hall. It could be heard that they were charging in.

“Who dares harm my disciple? Come out and go to your death.” A deep voice echoed around the great hall.

The next instant, an aura belonging to the Ascended Realm appeared.


The family head and Elders found it hard to breath due to the immense pressure. The high authority of the Qiu and Xin family surrounding a white bearded old man stepped into the hall.

“Who is Zhao Feng?” The white bearded old man surveyed the hall.

His eyes landed on Zhao Feng, who had a confident smile.

“You are… ”

His expression changed as he saw Zhao Feng. He could tell that Zhao Feng’s aura was even stronger than his.

“Haha, even a measly cultivator at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm dares to cause trouble for me?” Zhao Feng laughed and shook his head.

The white bearded old man’s expression changed dramatically as his True Force surged: “Brat! This is the Broken Moon Clan’s territory. How dare you come here and do what you please?”

Broken Moon Clan?

Hearing this, Zhao Feng paused.

“Brat, scared now? I won’t trouble you. As long as you apologise, I can let this go.” The white bearded old man said with absolute confidence.

Even if Zhao Feng was from another Clan, they would have to be obedient because this was the territory of the Broken Moon Clan.

Hearing this, both the Qiu and Xin family looked at each other. Let him go?

The white bearded old man scanned them coldly. The brat in front of him probably had higher cultivation level than him – he needed a stage to step down.

That Yu Tianhua was only a disciple casually taken by him and he was used mainly to work for him. But to offend someone at the Holy martial path for him? Not worth it.

“Haha, Broken Moon Clan? Seeing how old you are and still running around, you’re just probably a slave of the Outer Mission Division.” Zhao Feng smiled brightly.

“What!? You~ ”

The white bearded old man’s expression changed dramatically – he didn’t think that his status and ident.i.ty would be found out by Zhao Feng.

That’s right. e was like Lord Guanjun, sent out by the Outer Mission Division into the mortal world to work. These members were sent out usually because of low potential.

Lord Guanjun and Lord Cangtie were these type people.

“Could it be you’re also… ?”

Cold sweat appeared from the white bearded old man’s forehead.


Zhao Feng took out a jade slip and threw it onto the ground. Then he coldly looked at the white bearded old man.

On the jade slip was the word ‘Core’.

Core disciple!

The white bearded old man’s face instantly went pale as he hurriedly spoke in fear: “This little one didn’t recognise Mount Tai.”

After saying this, he picked the jade slip off the ground and handed it back to Zhao Feng.

Being a member of the Outer Mission Division, the white bearded old man wasn’t able to reach the Ascended Realm by the age of thirty and a Core disciple of the inner disciples was an existence that he couldn’t hope to touch.

Although the white bearded old man wasn’t in the Clan often, he still knew of things that went on. Core disciples most likely had Elders backing them up and these people weren’t someone that he could afford to offend.

Seeing such a situation, the three families of Sun Feather City were stunned.

“What… what the heck is going on?”

The Qiu and Xin family panicked, whereas the Zhao family looked towards Zhao Feng with joy. No one would have thought that this would be the end result.

The so called master at the Holy martial path had begged for forgiveness from Zhao Feng.

“Cripple the cultivation of these people. From today onwards, Sun Feather City shall only have the Zhao family.” Zhao Feng ordered.

Zhao Yufei had already showed them her power half a month ago and these people still had thoughts to fight back.

“Yes, yes.”

The white bearded old man was not sad. On the contrary, he was happy. This was the perfect chance to redeem himself.

A shocking scene then appeared. With lightning speed, the white bearded old man beat up all the high level of the Qiu and Xin family and crippled their cultivation.

This caused the high level of the Zhao family to take in a cold breath. They had finally seen how terrifying someone at the Ascended Realm was.

And someone with this power was willing to take orders from Zhao Feng.

On that night.

The Qiu and Xin family were removed from Sun Feather City.

Over half of the high authority from each family had their cultivations crippled. Even if they stayed in Sun Feather City, they wouldn’t have the strength to resist the Zhao family.

The Qiu family left Sun Feather City and apparently went to the main family in the Capital, whereas the Xin family decided to pledge their loyalty towards the Zhao family.

In one night.

The entire situation of the Sun Feather City changed.

Zhao Feng and the white bearded old man coldly looked at this. In their eyes, the rise and fall of the mortal world was like ants moving around.

“Why would your disciple have a skill of the wicked path, even though it was coa.r.s.e and only a half-Mortal skill?” Zhao Feng asked casually.

The white bearded old man spoke out in fear: “That skill was found by me in the Sky Cloud Forest. It’s also there that there were signs of other factions.”

“Other factions? This means that you’re the reporter for the mission then?” Zhao Feng asked.

“That’s right, it was I that found traces of other factions here. Lord Guanjun is also helping, but the people he sent out never returned.” The white bearded old man explained.

This coincident?

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised – he didn’t think that Lord Guanjun had also partic.i.p.ated in this.

“According to what I know, this mission is 5 stars. You… could you be the one that took the mission?” The white bearded old man asked carefully.

King of Gods

King of Gods

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