King of Gods Chapter 204 – Ancient temple

Chapter 204 – Ancient temple

“That’s right, just me.”

Zhao Feng glanced at the white bearded old man and he could guess what the latter was thinking. One would normally have to be at the 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm to take a 5 star mission.

Zhao Feng obviously hadn’t reached it and he was alone.

“There’s been sightings of those who were at the 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm. Although we won’t fight them, the risk is still extremely high and it has the possibility of being promoted to a 6th star even higher.” The white bearded old man added, as if wanting Zhao Feng to go back.

He first thought was that the Clan would place greater importance on this mission since this involved factions from other countries and at least send two cultivators at the 5th Sky or even someone at the 6th Sky.

However, this mission was accepted by someone of the younger generation.

“The Clan has its own reasons for sending me.”

Zhao Feng’s words contained a self confidence, which surprised the white bearded old man. Thinking about it, the Clan usually didn’t allow people to take higher star missions than their respective cultivation, especially when the mission was as sensitive and dangerous as this one.

But the Clan had agreed! This was something to be suspicious of.

The white bearded old man couldn’t help but glance at Zhao Feng a few more times. The latter was young, but he had a calmness and decisiveness that couldn’t be seen anywhere else.

“I must complete the mission in ten days.” Zhao Feng continued.

“Ten days? That’ll be hard. The traces of the factions are deep in the Sky Cloud Forest. Finding their trail is like trying to find a needle in the ocean.” The white bearded old man said.

“The Three Clan Party will start then, so… ”

Zhao Feng’s decision was made. At the same time, he believed his scouting ability was definitely his forte.

With a G.o.d’s left eye, he was the best in terms of scouting.

“Three Clan Party?”

The white bearded old man looked at Zhao Feng differently. He obviously knew what it meant by partic.i.p.ating in the Three Clan Party.

This meant that Zhao Feng’s strength amongst Core disciples was around the top. After that, the two started to discuss about the mission.

The white bearded old man took out a map with markings, these markings were where there were traces of ‘factions from other countries’.


Zhao Feng felt that the landscape on the map was familiar.


Another map appeared in his mind.

Back when he was in the Guanjun Palace, there was a mission to slay some bandits and this area had appeared but because of the mysterious hooded figures appearance, the mission came to a sudden end. However, not long after, the mysterious hooded figure controlled a Lord tier deadly beast and led a beast horde to attack the Guanjun Province City.

And this time.

The trails also started from this place.

“Could the two be related?” Zhao Feng started to think.

He didn’t know how strong that hooded figure was because at that time, his cultivation was limited. However, based on pure instinct, Zhao Feng felt that the mysterious hooded figure was stronger than Lord Guanjun.

The pair of crystal blue eyes left a deep impression on him.

“What’s your name?” Zhao Feng asked out of nowhere.

“Old man is called Bai Yunpeng, but you can call me old man white beard.” The white bearded old man smiled awkwardly.

Zhao Feng had only asked for his name now, meaning that his existence had been technically ignored before.

“Old man white beard, I’ll take care of the mission myself this time.” Zhao Feng ordered.

“But… ”

The old man was surprised. Zhao Feng didn’t need his help on such a hard mission?

“You can leave now, I’ve been to that place before.”

Zhao Feng waved his hand impatiently.

“Yes, yes.”

The white bearded old man didn’t dare to say anything anymore and he disappeared out of sight.

Sending the old man away with his eyes, a smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s lips.

On the same night.

Both the figures of the old man and Zhao Feng disappeared.


The white bearded old man’s figure flew through the air as he left Sun Feather City.

“Hmph! This brat’s either arrogant or smart to not ask for my help.” The white bearded old man murmured to himself as he headed towards the direction of the Sky Cloud Forest.

After entering the Sky Cloud Forest, the white bearded old man’s speed didn’t decrease – it was obvious that he was familiar with these areas.

He didn’t know that there was a shadow-like being following him


A cloak shook, revealing a half transparent figure.

“As expected.” Zhao Feng laughed coldly.

His left eye could see up to hundreds of yards away and he could see how and where the white bearded old man’s True Force was circulated.

If he focused closely enough, Zhao Feng could even see the organs. After reaching the Ascended Realm, Zhao Feng’s left eye’s power also rose.

The azure light inside the dimension of his left eye was now four inches long and it spun continuously. If one looked closely, they would realise that the True Force in the depths of the white bearded old man’s dantian was black, different from normal cultivators.

“He’s training an evil skill and he has been poisoned.” Zhao Feng clearly saw the situation.

No one could hide in front of Zhao Feng as long as they were below the True Spirit Realm.Of course, this was under the fact that Zhao Feng used his left eye, but under normal situations, he wouldn’t do so.

However, this mission was not normal. Yu Tianhua’s wicked skill was already suspicious and out of cautiousness, he had scouted out white beard and the result had stunned him. It was clear that the white bearded old man had betrayed the Broken Moon Clan.

Therefore, Zhao Feng decided to let the old man go and follow him. With his cultivation and Yin Shadow Cloak, it was simple to follow him.

Zhao Feng realised something else – the Yin Shadow Cloak’s invisibility effect was doubled at night!

Even if he didn’t circulate his True Force, the cloak would still have a certain amount of invisibility power, allowing him to merge into the darkness better. After entering the depths of the Sky Cloud Forest, the white bearded old man’s speed suddenly increased.

A black coloured True Force surged from within his body and the aura he released rose to another level.

Peak 3rd Sky!

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed, but he didn’t mind. This would save him time.

Two to three hours later.

White beard pa.s.sed through a stream.


Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up – he had been here before. It was the time where he had met the mysterious hooded figure

“It looks like the trail’s here. Why would the mysterious hooded figure stop us here that time and then control a beast horde and attack the Guanjun Province City?”

Zhao Feng seemed to realise that there was a problem here.

After pa.s.sing the stream, white beard’s speed decreased and his expression became cautious. The journey had started to get dangerous.

There were high tier deadly beasts nearby and even Lord tier deadly beasts also called Yao beasts.

Yao beasts were existences that had surpa.s.sed Peak tier deadly beasts. For example, the Illusion Fox that Zhao Feng had met in the trial, which could influence the minds of Core disciples, was one. Other examples were the Yao Beast King, the Vine King, existences that were at the True Spirit Realm.

However, because Zhao Feng had his left eye and Yin Shadow Cloak, his journey was far easier than white beard in front.


White beard came to a halt!

Shua! Shua!

From the trees in front appeared two black figures, releasing auras at the 4th and 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm respectively.

“White beard, you’re back already?” One of the black figures said with wary and caution.

“I’ve come to report news that the Broken Moon Clan has sent a Core disciple.” White beard answered.

“Why didn’t you lure him here?” The other black figure said.

“That brat is extremely arrogant and wanted to work alone.” White beard snickered.

“Ok! You go back now, it’s not bad to control a Core disciple.”

The two figures soon merged back into the darkness.

White beard didn’t dare stay and he immediately returned the way he came from.

The two figures seemed to be very proficient at hiding and they merged into the night. However, Zhao Feng’s left eye was still able to catch one of the figures heading towards the depths of the Sky Cloud Forest.

“Haha, it succeeded.”

Zhao Feng immediately chased the figure with the help of the Yin Shadow Cloak. The remaining black figure didn’t detect Zhao Feng at all and he didn’t know that Zhao Feng had just sneaked past him.

The pursuit continued.

Ever since then the black figure pa.s.sed several other figures and the further they went, the more terrifying the aura was.

At a certain point in time.

A dim ancient temple appeared within an illusion array.

If it wasn’t because of Zhao Feng’s left eye, he wouldn’t be able to see the array nor the ancient temple.


On top of a tree in front of the ancient temple was a hooded figure with a pair of crystal blue eyes.

“It’s him!”

Zhao Feng’s heart skipped a beat!

The person on the tree was the mysterious hooded figure. After the black figure reported the news to the hooded figure, the former left.

The hooded figure stood on top of the tree and surveyed the surroundings with a pair of crystal blue eyes.

Zhao Feng only felt a wave of mental energy sweep over. He instinctively circulated his bloodline power and circulated the invisibility power of the Yin Shadow Cloak to the max.

At this point in time, his figure was as transparent as the air.

Seeing that there was nothing suspicious, the mysterious hooded figure nodded his head and became silent.

“He’s not entering the ancient temple? A Core disciple isn’t important enough for him to report?”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed, but the mysterious hooded figure didn’t move and Zhao Feng didn’t dare be rash because the latter gave him an indescribable wariness.

He circulated his left eye and he tried to inspect the hooded figure.


The mysterious hooded figure seemed to sense something and immediately stood up before glancing in Zhao Feng’s direction. The latter was shocked and immediately glanced away. Zhao Feng then felt another surge of mental energy gather around him.

“This hooded figure seems to be very proficient in mental energy. Furthermore, his eyes are different as well.” Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

He was certain that he had met someone with similar powers to him and the opponent seemed to be very skilled in the way of mental energy and he could use it to control beasts.

At this moment, an invisible clash had begun!

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