King of Gods Chapter 570 – Great Origin Core Realm

Chapter 570 – Great Origin Core Realm

After devouring the blood essence and souls of the two Sovereigns, the power of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array’s curse became stronger.

“Not good!”

The last Origin Core Realm was a middle-aged man clad in golden armor. He had the highest cultivation amongst the three chasing Sovereigns; he had reached the late-stage Small Origin Core Realm, surpa.s.sing the skeletal Division Leader and on par with the Blue Lightning Pirate leader.

However, at this moment, the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array was eroding him, and he was already injured from the two Earth-Grade weapons.


Zhao Feng waved the black flag, and the dark mist of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array turned into snakes that shot toward the middle-aged man in golden armor.

“Nine Deadly Yin Bone Stab!”

The skeletal Division Leader thrusted out its hand, and a burning bone-spike intertwined with the power of the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array.

The combination of the two attacks surpa.s.sed the blow from before, as the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array had absorbed the remaining souls and blood essence of the dead Sovereigns.

“Golden Chain Dragon Lock!”

The middle-aged man pushed his True Force to create golden chains that bound the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array and the s.h.i.+p.

In just a short instant, the entire area was sealed by the Golden Chain Dragon Lock.


The next moment, the overwhelming power of Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader busted through the seal of the golden chains.


The middle-aged armored man was sent flying, and blood leaked from his mouth.

“Golden Chain Dragon Lock… what a profound secret technique!”

Zhao Feng was slightly shocked. As a late-stage Origin Core Realm cultivator, the man had access to some special techniques.


The armored man no longer had any will to fight, so he ran in the direction of the Eight Desolate Mountain.

“Zhao Feng, every Sovereign we kill will help the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array a lot. If this Ghost Corpse Cursed Array is able to kill and devour a hundred Sovereigns, an overwhelming change might occur….”

The skeletal Division Leader was filled with expectation, and it wasn’t very willing to see the armored man run away.

“Our main task is to leave the Tianlu Islands.”

Zhao Feng’s expression was calm. He wasn’t moved; although the skeletal Division Leader’s suggestion was extremely tempting, Zhao Feng’s ident.i.ty had already been exposed, so the longer they were here, the more dangerous it was.

Even if they managed to kill a couple more Sovereigns, they would still be infinitely small compared to three two-star sects. Furthermore, killing a late-stage Small Origin Core Realm wasn’t exactly easy.


The middle-aged armored man was flying with shock on his face. If he hadn’t reacted as quickly as he did, he would most likely have ended up like the other two Sovereigns.

“They both had Earth-Grade weapons, and even Sovereigns are affected by that array.”

The golden-armored man realized that he lost fair and square.

Earth-Grade weapons were extremely rare; only a small number of Sovereigns had complete Earth-Grade weapons. Furthermore, the ones those two had weren’t just normal Earth-Grade weapons.

Right at this moment:


An indescribable aura appeared in the limitless ocean. It caused the Yuan Qi within a thousand miles to gather, and it seemed like the only aura in the world.


Under this aura, the limitless ocean didn’t seem to be able to withstand the pressure and cracked.


The misty limitless ocean suddenly became clear, and one could see for a couple hundred miles.

“This power…”

The body of the golden-armored middle-aged man shook.

An overwhelming source of energy flowed over.

“Head of the Jin Family.”

A deep, ancient voice sounded from afar.

“Eight Desolate Sovereign Lord.”

The golden-armored man held his breath and bowed in respect.

The Eight Desolate Sovereign Lord was the strongest expert within the Eight Desolate Mountains; he had reached the Great Origin Core Realm.

Across the entire Eight Desolate Mountain, only the leader of the ten great pirates could be compared to him.

At this moment, the golden-armored middle-aged man was overjoyed, and he pointed out the direction of Zhao Feng’s path to the Eight Desolate Sovereign Lord.

“I’ll capture that brat very soon.”

The Eight Desolate Sovereign Lord – an elder wearing a black hat – smiled and disappeared.


A black figure flashed across the limitless ocean, travelling at twice the speed of the Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p.

“Those two won’t be able to escape from the Eight Desolate Sovereign Lord.”

The golden-armored middle-aged man murmured confidently.

At the same time, after the Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p travelled more than two thousand miles:


The skeletal Division Leader’s mental energy felt a weird sensation. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi some distance away was giving off an unusual sensation.

“What’s going on?”

Zhao Feng turned back and looked.

The senses of the skeletal Division Leader surpa.s.sed normal Sovereigns.

Miao miao!

At this moment, the little thieving cat jumped onto Zhao Feng’s shoulder and threw two old bronze coins into the air.


According to the little thieving cat, danger was approaching Zhao Feng.

Seeing that, Zhao Feng circulated his bloodline, and the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye looked toward the direction of the weird energy.

Just using the enhanced vision of the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye didn’t use much energy.

“Who is this person?”

Zhao Feng’s voice sounded in Loulan Zhishui’s mind.


An old elder wearing a hat appeared in Loulan Zhishui’s mind.

Due to the fact that Zhao Feng had a deep comprehension of mental energy illusion techniques, he could easily recreate a scene of the real world.

“Eight Desolate Sovereign Lord!”

Loulan Zhishui exclaimed and panicked.

“He’s the strongest person in the Eight Desolate Mountain and has reached the Great Origin Core Realm.”

Loulan Zhishui explained with fear.

Great Origin Core Realm.

The expressions of both Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader changed drastically.

“Dive into the ocean.”

Zhao Feng ordered.


The gray s.h.i.+p started to dive toward the depths of the ocean.


There were some air bubbles, then the gray s.h.i.+p entered the depths of the ocean.

The biggest feature of the Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p, apart from speed and defense, was its stealth and camouflage ability.

“Go deeper.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes were sharp. He put the skeletal Division Leader in the Ten Thousand Ghost Pearl and went into one of the cabins of the s.h.i.+p.

The Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p then concealed its aura and seemed to become one with its surroundings.

In the depths of the ocean, the s.h.i.+p continued to travel forward at a slow speed.

A while later:


A roaring sound came from afar and blew away the mist, causing everything to become clear. Then, an overwhelming aura descended from the sky, and everything within two hundred miles trembled in fear.

“It’s indeed a Great Origin Core Realm.”

In the depths of the ocean, Zhao Feng and company felt the aura, which had definitely surpa.s.sed the Small Origin Core Realm.


An old man wearing a black hat appeared and scanned the ocean with his powerful Spiritual Sense.

At this moment, the gray s.h.i.+p was completely still and didn’t dare to move one bit.

One breath… two breaths… three breaths.

Time pa.s.sed extremely slowly at this moment.

At a certain point in time, Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye felt a faint mental energy sweep across them.

Luckily, the limitless ocean was a unique existence that was extremely resilient toward mental energy and Spiritual Sense.

The Spiritual Sense of the Eight Desolate Sovereign Lord was extremely weak when it reached the depths of the ocean, and the Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p specialized in stealth, so its aura was one with its surroundings.

Three breaths later, the overwhelming aura of the Great Origin Core Realm started to fade.


Everyone in the s.h.i.+p let out a long breath, and cold sweat had appeared on Zhao Feng’s forehead. The pressure from the Eight Desolate Sovereign Lord was greater than any Sovereign he had ever seen.

The Sovereigns he had seen were split into three tiers:

The first was Patriarch Hong, the Mystic Ice Queen, etc. who were all normal Sovereigns.

The second tier was Elder Shui Yun, the Blue Lightning Pirate leader, Sovereign Yu Xingchen, and company.

And the third was this Great Origin Core Realm.

His strength surpa.s.sed the other tiers, and he seemed to exist in harmony with the universe.

“Those with the t.i.tle of ‘Sovereign Lord’ are usually Great Origin Core Realms.”

Zhao Feng carefully used his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye to look outside, then cut off his bloodline power. He still didn’t dare to use his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye to perform powerful attacks.

“He’s gone.”

After a short while, Zhao Feng confirmed that the Eight Desolate Sovereign Lord had left this area.

“Let’s go.”

Zhao Feng slightly altered the route as he made Loulan Zhishui and company steer the Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p.

At the beginning, their speed was extremely slow, but after four hours, Zhao Feng gave the order to speed up.

Half a day later, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p had travelled hundreds of thousands of miles underwater.

At this time, Zhao Feng and company were going at full speed.

The material that comprised the Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p was extremely unique, so the s.h.i.+p’s speed was even faster than normal half-step Origin Core Realms underwater.

Three days later, the Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p had reached the borders of the ocean around the Eight Desolate Mountain. Going a bit further would mean entering the Thousand Flowing Islands.

“The Eight Desolate Sovereign Lord shouldn’t be able to catch up now.”

The hearts of everyone onboard felt safe now.

Even the slightest difference in something as small as the angle meant they would head toward an entirely different destination. The limitless ocean was just too big; if one altered the course slightly, the difference between the intended destination and the actual destination would only become bigger and bigger.

On the morning of the third day, a fierce Great Origin Core Realm aura surged from behind and charged straight toward the s.h.i.+p.

King of Gods

King of Gods

Chủ tể chi vương, KOG, 主宰之王
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2014 Native Language: Chinese
His will is tough and he is unwilling to be normal. However, his pathway was destined to be that way, being born in a small sect’s branch. However, one day, his left eye merges with the eye of an Ancient God in an accident. From that moment on, he turns from a fish into a dragon. He rises up like a star, walking the path of a legendary cultivator. From being a tiny, small ant at the bottom of the world, he rises step by step, into a place full of powerful sects, strong ancient clans and countless geniuses. This is an era of legends.


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