King of Gods Chapter 573 – Three Spiritual Sacred Lands

Chapter 573 – Three Spiritual Sacred Lands

“The Emperor of Death sends for the Four Death Spirit Lords and the thirty-six Death Guards.”

A black Yin Shadow Bird screeched in front of an ancient palace of death. At the same time, the aura of Death dimmed.

“Bridge of Death? Master’s actually used such a long-range secret technique to send his will toward the Cang Ocean.”

A warm male youth sounded.

A tall male and short female were walking toward the palace. The male was a warm youth who stood out in front of the gloomy palace of death. The other figure was an eight- or nine-year-old girl.

The little girl’s face was as white as snow, but what was more incredible was that she had no cultivation. Her eyes were also pale-white.

In front of the ancient palace, the warm youth and the white-eyed little girl standing together made the scene even weirder.

“Master… is very tired….”

The white-eyed girl looked toward the depths of the ancient palace.

The ancient palace had a powerful aura of Death that blocked all types of mental energy and senses.

“Tired? Of course.”

The warm youth smiled and didn’t seem to be impatient, “You haven’t been in the outside world for long, so you don’t know how big the Cang Ocean is. Each of the three Spiritual Sacred Lands control hundreds of island zones, and each of these island zones have dozens of islands like your so-called ‘Nine Destiny Continent.’”

The white-eyed little girl looked at the bright and warm youth, only half-understanding what he was saying.

“Uh… I forgot that you don’t even know what the Consolidated Realm, Ascended Realm, and True Spirit Realm are….”

The warm youth felt slightly awkward. The little girl in front of him was like a blank piece of white paper that knew nothing.

A while later, a surge of powerful dark auras approached the ancient palace.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Each of these auras were twice as strong as Lord Hu Suo or the Eight Desolate Sovereign Lord.

A small number of them were even stronger than the three Void G.o.d Realms outside the Purple Saint Ruins.

“Hmm? That’s weird. Why did Master summon all four Death Spirit Lords and thirty-six Death Guards at once?”

The warm youth murmured.

More and more figures started to gather in front of the ancient palace and, within an hour, all four Death Spirit Lords and thirty-six Death Guards were a.s.sembled.

The four Death Spirit Lords stood at the very front and were like glowing lights. No one could clearly see them. At best, one could only tell they were comprised of three males and one female.

Behind the four Death Spirit Lords were the thirty-six Death Guards. Each of these thirty-six Death Guards had black cloaks and were emotionless.


The white-eyed girl let out a laugh as she saw these powerful beings.


The warm youth grabbed her arm and spoke in a low tone, “Junior Martial Sister, those four Death Spirit Lords are all Void G.o.d Realms, and the thirty-six Death Guards are elites among the Great Origin Core Realm. Normal Great Origin Core Realms are slaughtered like babies at their hands….”

The expressions of countless forces in the Cang Ocean would change when they talked about the four Death Spirit Lords and the thirty-six Death Guards under the Emperor of Death.

“Those four Death Spirit Lords and thirty-six Death Guards have crushed several two-star sects before. A two-star sect… Junior Martial Sister, are you not scared?”

The warm youth murmured for a long time.


The little girl kept on laughing. Maybe in her eyes, she didn’t even know how forces were ranked.


The warm youth sighed. He talked for so long, but everything he said was completely useless.


The white-eyed little girl started to sing and jump around the four Death Spirit Lords.


The warm youth jumped up in fright. Those were four Void G.o.d Realm Kings; how could she be so disrespectful?

“This little girl must be the disciple that the Emperor took in recently.”

A blurry, echoing voice sounded amongst the four Death Spirit Lords.

“It’s very weird. After the Emperor took her in as his disciple, he didn’t teach her anything at all. She’s still at the Consolidated Realm, and that’s after eating a sacred pill.”

The four Death Spirit Lords gazed at the little white-eyed girl and discussed in private.

If it were a normal girl that dared to hop around and annoy these Void G.o.d Realms, they would be courting death. However, this little girl was the disciple of the Emperor.

“Come in….”

A weak voice sounded from within the ancient palace. However, even though it was weak, it caused the hearts of the four Death Spirit Lords to shake.

A while later:

“Greetings, Master.”

“Greetings, Emperor of Death.”

Everyone entered the palace, including the youth and the little girl.

A black throne floated in the air within the depths of the ancient palace, and a tall, blurry figure sat on the throne. Only a dark golden crown could be seen.

No one present, including the four Death Spirit Lords, could see the face of the Emperor of Death with their naked eye.

“Keke…. Master, can Senior Martial Brother and I go out and play?”

The white-eyed little eye laughed as she looked at the Emperor of Death.

The warm youth couldn’t help but sweat for her.

Their Master was the Emperor of Death – the nightmare of so many people.

Even as his disciple, he was afraid. Even the four Death Spirit Lords were respectful.

“Bai Lin, your wish will be granted very soon, but apart from playing, you need to help your Third Martial Brother with a mission.”

The voice from the throne was unusually warm and seemed to be playing with her.

The expressions of the four Death Spirit Lords became weird. In their eyes, the Emperor of Death had never been like this before.

“Emperor… you mean that we need her help on this mission?”

One of the Death Spirit Lords didn’t understand.


The Emperor of Death’s weak voice didn’t seem to be sure either. The white-eyed little girl was a unique existence, and even he didn’t know some of her powers.

“Master, why did you use the Bridge of Death to summon all of us? What kind of mission is it?”

The warm youth asked.

Hearing that, all the powerful auras awaited the answer.

“Zhe zhe, are we going to destroy another two-star sect? Or attack some kind of ancient inheritance?”

Many people guessed.

“This mission is quite unique. I need you to capture a person alive, but if you can’t, at least make sure the corpse is whole.”

The Emperor of Death replied.

Capture someone alive?

The four Death Spirit Lords looked at each other. What kind of person needed all four Death Spirit Lords?

“Due to the fact that I used the Bridge of Death, I will sleep for a couple years to recover. That’s why I need you all to do this. This person is unique and has infinite potential. Don’t underestimate him….”

The Emperor of Death warned.

“May I ask where that person is?”

The warm youth asked.

“That is the biggest problem. That person will definitely be hiding, but luckily, he revealed some traces not long ago, thus resulting in me using the Bridge of Death to confirm his general location.”

When the Emperor of Death spoke up to there, a map of the Cang Ocean appeared.

The Cang Ocean had three main Spiritual Sacred Lands.

“True Martial Sacred Land, Floating Dreams Sacred Land, Ten Thousand Woods Sacred Land….”

The warm youth’s eyes gazed over the three places with admiration and expectation. The three Spiritual Sacred Lands were apparently the only places in the Cang Ocean where there were three-star sects.

Even the Emperor of Death was respectful toward the three Spiritual Sacred Lands.

“The area you’re searching for is in the southeast direction of the True Martial Sacred Land, within these dozens of island zones.”

The Emperor of Death pointed toward a very small area.

These dozens of island zones weren’t even one one-hundredth of the Cang Ocean, but the eyebrows of all four Death Spirit Lords and the warm youth still furrowed. Each island zone was extremely big and had cities similar to the Eight Desolate Mountain around it.

Furthermore, the actual land was only a speck compared to the ocean.

The distance between each zone was extremely large. From that, one could see that calculating Zhao Feng’s position would be extremely hard.

“The area is quite big.”

The Emperor of Death agreed before speaking again, “However, each of you have a unique Token of Death. Although that person has suppressed the aura to its minimum, you will still be able to sense it as long as you are nearby.”

So that’s how it is.

Everyone understood. With their Token of Death, they could sense the person within a certain range, thus reducing the difficulty by a hundred times. At least it wouldn’t be trying to find a needle in the ocean.

“Leave today.”

The Emperor of Death talked about some other matters before deciding.


The gate of the ancient palace closed.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The four Death Spirit Lords led the Death Guards and flew away.

Amongst them were the warm youth and white-eyed little girl.

The four Death Spirit Lords didn’t understand why the Emperor of Death would send this little girl, who had no battle-power at all, to help them.

“Only those with G.o.d Eyes can fight G.o.d Eyes.”

A black whirlpool appeared in the Emperor of Death’s eyes as the gate of the ancient palace slammed shut.

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