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Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 34

Young dragons dream of a new sky (3)

Eun Han-seol closed her eyes and inspected the condition of her body while operating her internal air.


The inner wound was completely healed, and the blood flow was perfectly passive without any blockage. The blood flow of the whole body was rushed without any roughness, and the one week and one thousand were completed in an instant.

This is the result of a dedicated treatment over the past few months. Rather than that time, the internal air seemed to have improved.

But her expression was never bright. Because she was in perfect shape, it was no different from saying that she had to leave this place.

‘Master will be here soon.’

She must leave this place when the master comes. That was good for her as well for Jin Mu Won. Because where there is a master there is always danger.

The lunar new year ended her luck and she came out. She said that she will soon be staying at the Northern Astronomy. Before that, she wanted to capture the panoramic view of Bukcheonmun Gate. Because she’s still where she owed herself to for months.

She had a hole in her forehead as she came out. It was because she met Hye-ryeong, the preface, as if she had been waiting.

Seo Moon Hye-ryeong smiled broadly.

“Hello, Silver Sozer.”

“… … .”

Even though Eun Seol only nodded her head without answering, Seo Moon Hye-ryeong did not erase her smile.

“Are you going to Confucius Jin?”

“… … .”

Eun Han-seol shook her head this time.


“Are there so many questions in the first place?”

“Looks like I was rude. sorry. If I ever have a question, I can’t stand it… … .”

In response to Eun Han-seol’s answer, Seo Moon-hye-ryeong put on an apologetic expression. Eun Han-seol could no longer be blunt with Seo Moon-hye-ryeong’s appearance.

“what’s the matter?”

“I want to invite you.”


“I want you to come to Hwiyeongjeon in three days.”


“Yes! Please come with Confucius Jin. I was going to tell Confucius Jin directly, but he hasn’t come out of the barrel these days.”

“What’s going on?”

“Come and you will find out.”

Seo Moon Hye-ryeong gave a meaningful smile.

“I guarantee it won’t be bad for the silver sorceress or the jinxian. So please come. Please.”

As she said this, she couldn’t refuse. Eun Han Seol stopped and nodded his head. Seo Moon Hye-ryeong smiled more brightly at him.

☆ ☆ ☆

The servants brought by Shim Won-ui repaired Hwiyeongjeon (輝瑛殿).

Hwiyeongjeon Hall is a huge hall built during the heyday of Bukcheonmun, and was mainly used for banquets when distinguished guests came. It was built in such a big and luxurious way, but now only the pillars and the roof remain, nothing more than ruins.

After the servants cleared up the wreckage inside Hwiyeongjeon, they reclaimed the wood that was still in good condition and erected a temporary outer wall. After Hwiyeongjeon was cleaned up to some extent, the servants put tables and chairs inside and started to prepare food. In an instant, dozens of servings of food were served, and the fragrant smell spread through the northern sky.

Jin Mu-won watched it from inside the Manyeong Pagoda.

‘It means my doctor has nothing to do with it.’

Although it has fallen, the gatekeeper of Bukcheonmun is Jinmuwon. Of course, to use the facilities inside the North Astronomy Gate, you must get permission from the Jinmuwon, but the doctor completely ignored it.

He was treating Jinmuwon as if he didn’t exist. If Damsucheon hadn’t apologized for coming so late, Muwon Jin might have felt the limit of his patience.

‘They are ravaging the northern astronomical surveys and the land that my father has protected without any hesitation.’

Those living in a peaceful era have already lost the horrors of the past, and have forgotten how blessed they are to live.

They distort their memories according to their taste, and even interpret the meaning in their favor.

A world ruled by greedy people who are oppressed, and greedy people. That was the stronghold in which Jin Mu-won lived.

‘The strong man of the virtuous, what are you dreaming of in it, Damsucheon?’

Jin Mu-won read the great ambition in the eyes of Damsucheon. I don’t know where that ambition will end, but at least I can feel it’s not going to end as just a breeze.

Today is the day Seo Moon Hye-ryeong invited Eun Han-seol and him. Eun Han-seol did the same, but neither Jin Mu-won nor Seo Moon-hye-ryeong’s invitation were very welcome. If there is any hope for him, they will leave this place as soon as possible.


Then there was the sound of someone knocking on the door.

“Come in.”

When Jin Mu-won’s permission was granted, one of Shim Won’s servants carefully opened the door and entered. He politely bowed his head and said to Jin Mu-won.

“Confucius Jin, all preparations are complete, so please come to Hwiyeongjeon.”

“I’ll be there soon.”

“then… … .”

The servant bowed his head once more and retreated.

I didn’t like it, but I had to go. Jin Mu-won changed into the cleanest clothes among his dogs and headed to Hwi-yeong.

Jin Muwon, who was heading to Hwiyeongjeon, stopped in front of Manyeongbyeok. Manyeong-byeok, which had stood firm for over a hundred years, began to crumble little by little as if its lifespan had expired. It was as if he knew he had finished his role.

Jin Mu-won reached out his hand and caressed the wall of Manyeong.

‘Forgive me as I am helpless as I have no choice but to watch you fall. But don’t promise. The day the Northern Astronomy is restored, I will surely rebuild you.’

It was a promise to himself.

Jin Mu-won passed Manyeong-byeok and arrived in front of Hwiyeong-jeon.

Outside Hwiyeongjeon, the soldiers of the Jeonho corps stood guard without a single gap. There was even a gloomy atmosphere in them.

Jeonho Daeju Mok Un-pyeong approached Jin Mu-won.

“welcome. Your lord is waiting for you.”

Like the nickname of the hemlock sword, Mok Unpyeong exuded his bloody energy. He means that he is tense.

Jin Mu-won looked around him for a moment and then opened his mouth.

“The outsiders are nowhere to be seen.”

“They’ve all been placed outside the North Astronomy Gate.”

It is the northern astronomical gate that is far from Jungwon. There was no such thing as a significant threat. Even so, the fact that they set up the outer boundary with outside party officials is proof that the Supreme Court considers this matter very important.

“Please go inside.”


Jin Mu-won nodded his head and went inside Hwi-young.

As he entered Hwiyeongjeon, the first thing he noticed was the altar he had built recently. On the altar, three chairs were placed around a large incense burner.

In the three chairs, Shim Won-ui, Seo Moon Hye-ryung, and Dam Su-cheon were seated in colorful clothes. Shim Soo-ah sat a little away from them. She, like everyone else, was dressed in fancy clothes.

As Jinmuwon entered, Damsucheon stood up as the representative and took the supremacy.

“Come here, Jin Moonju. Thank you so much for accepting the invitation.”

“what’s going on? Are you going to throw a party?”

“party? That is not wrong either.”

Freshwater Stream smiled. Jin Mu-won’s expression hardened slightly at his confident look. It was because his overflowing self-confidence was somehow uncomfortable.

“When I get to the silver sauce, I will tell you calmly, so please sit down and enjoy the prepared food.”

The freshwater stream pointed to the chair next to the altar. When Jin Mu-won sat down, Seo Moon-hye-ryung slightly bowed her head and pretended to know, and Shim Won-eui looked at Jin Mu-won with a dissatisfied expression.

‘What the hell are you trying to do?’

They would not have even prepared an incense burner simply to hold a feast. Jin Mu-won looked around the inside of Hwiyeongjeon with his cold, subdued eyes.

After a while, Eun Han-seol came in under the guidance of Mok Un-pyeong. This time, Seo Moon Hye-ryeong was greeted with a silver lining. Seo Moon Hye-ryeong smiled and guided Eun Han-seol to the seat next to Jin Mu-won.

As Eun Han-seol sat down next to him, Jin Mu-won smiled. It was because the ornaments he had made were stuck on Eun Han-seol’s head.

“It looks like everyone has gathered. Let’s start now.”

At Shim Won-eui’s words, Dam Soo-cheon and Seo Moon-hye-ryeong nodded their heads and got up from their seats.

Damsucheon looked at Jinmuwon and opened his mouth.

“First of all, I would like to apologize for repairing Hwiyeongjeon without permission and inviting him to my will. But we also have good reasons, so I hope you understand this.”


Muwon Jin looked at him as if he wanted to hear a story, and Seo Moon Hye-ryeong stepped forward.

“Today we have two of them as notaries.”


“We are about to launch Changryonghoe.”

“… … .”

“It is a pure decision-making body of young unmanned people. We are going to collect meaningful young warriors and deliver them to Unjungcheon. It starts with the three of us, but there are already many young Mujins who are with us.”

“Then why do you want to launch from the North Astronomy Gate? If it is a group with such a good will, it would be good to make it a big deal in the midfield.”

“Existing Noh Gang-hos don’t think it’s very good for young uninhabited people to form a group. They want people who listen, not people who have their own voice. Do they like to organize Changryonghoe in the midfield?”

“So you mean you came all the way to avoid their eyes?”

“That is one of the reasons, but not the most important.”

A freshwater stream, which had been silent until now, intervened in the conversation.

“I have always admired the Northern Astronomy. It is my opinion that the history of Northern Astronomy, which has been fighting Milya for a hundred years, deserves respect. So I really wanted to start here.”

“Does that mean that you want to continue the maintenance of the Northern Astronomy Gate?”

Damsucheon smiled without answering Jinmuwon’s question.

It was a smile that left room for interpretation depending on the viewer, as if answering yes or pretending to be.

“Today, we are going to declare that the Changryongs are of the same mind in heaven. Please, this mother-in-law, please respectfully request that Jin Moon-ju watch us gather our will in front of the Goddess of Heaven and Earth and stand notarized.”

When the opponent came out like this, even Jin Mu-won could not refuse.

“all right. We will clearly capture the historical process of the establishment of the Changryonghoe in these two eyes.”

“Thank you, Jin Moonju.”

Damsucheon smiled and returned to her seat, and Seomun Hyeryung followed. However, Jin Mu-won’s expression was not bright at all.


For some reason, it was gritty like the sand in his mouth. Next to whether you read Jin Mu-won’s mind

Seo Eun Han-seol gently grabbed his hand.

Mu-won Jin and Han Seol Eun met their eyes. In her eyes as if she understood everything, Jin Mu-won regained his reason.

“The North Astronomy is just an excuse, and they just needed a space to avoid the eyes of Unjungcheon and gather their thoughts.”

The vague parts were now clearly visible as if they were covered by fog.

‘As long as Hanseol and I have notarized, we can’t talk about it unless there is a problem. After all, it means you want to keep it that secret.’

Jin Mu-won looked at Sim Won-eun.

It was too detailed to be considered as a freshwater stream. She also did not fit in with Seo-moon Hye-ryeong, a woman. Then, only one heart remains.

‘Shim Won-eun, are you going to put the freshwater stream in front of you instead of doing it yourself?’

Given the circumstances, there was a strong possibility that Damsucheon would take over as chairman of the Changryonghoe. The reputation and skills in the river, and the size of the ambition he had in his heart were telling him.

The eyes of Muwon Jin and Wonui Shim met in the air. As if to ridicule Jin Mu-won, the corners of Shim Won-eui’s lips curled up. He looked at Jinmuwon for a moment, then went up to the altar and began to read the congratulatory text he had prepared in advance.

“Today, we are gathered together to defend justice and fight injustice in obedience to the will of heaven. We have designated our gathering as Changryonghoe and pledge to unite our will. God of Heaven and Earth, grant great blessings to the spear dragons and light the way forward.”

A reverent atmosphere dominated Hwiyeongjeon as Sim Won-ui read the congratulatory text.

Shim Won-ui pointed to the Damsucheon stream as the main drink of the Changryonghoe, and made them pay tribute to the sky.

After lighting the freshwater thousand silver incense, he bowed down to heaven and declared that he had become the lord of Changryonghoe. After that, Seo Moon Hye-ryeong bowed.

It was a historic moment when Changryonghoe was officially launched.

Suddenly, Jin Mu-won felt someone’s gaze and turned his head. Shim Soo-ah, who was sitting opposite her, was staring at Jin Mu-won. Her expression, looking at Jin Mu-won and Eun Han-seol alternately, did not look very bright.

Legend Of The Northern Blade

Legend Of The Northern Blade

북검전기 , Drum Swordmanship
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Native Language: Korean
When the world was plunged into darkness by the ‘Silent Night’, Martial Artists from all over the place gathered to form the ‘Northern Heavenly Sect’. With overwhelming strength from the Northern Heavenly Sect, the Silent Night was pushed away and the people began to enjoy peace once more. However, as time passed the martial artists from the mainlands began to conspire against the ‘Northern Heavenly Sect’, and eventually caused the death of the Fourth Generation Sect Leader, Jin Kwan-Ho, destroying the sect with it. As everyone left the sect, Jin Kwan-Ho’s only son, Jin Mu-Won was left behind. Mu-Won has never learned anything about martial arts, but he eventually finds the Martial Techniques secretly left behind by his father and begins to acquire the martial arts of the Northern Heavenly Sect. Then one day, a mysterious girl appears before Mu-Won…!!


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