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Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 35

The Winds of Chaos Covered the Northern Sky... (1)

“The smell is coming from here.”

“Jimirelle! The good thing is that they all eat together.”

Nam-wol and Lee Chun-myung, who stood guard on the outskirts of Bukcheonmun Gate, grumbled.

It felt good until morning. Of course, it was because they thought they would be invited to the Hwiyeongjeon as well. It was Oedang Samjo, who had been starving since the day before because he thought he would taste all kinds of seafood. However, their happy dreams did not last long.

Jeonho Daeju Mok Unpyeong made them stand on the outskirts of Bukcheonmun Gate. Zhang Pai Mountain could not squeal at him, and he and his men had to leave the North Heavenly Gate.

It was invisible from where the two of them were, but there were three groups of outside parties scattered around the outskirts of Bukcheonmun, standing on the border. However, most of them put off their guard and started chatting and complaining.

“To stand on the alert in a place where a single ant cub doesn’t flinch, I’d rather have him learn martial arts.”

“That’s it. It would be much better to learn the blood wave method during this time.”

They were obsessed with the blood wave method that was passed on to Jangpae-san.

The hordes of ascension that they encountered for the first time in their lives and the projection of formidable power made them dream that they too could become strong.

“I am really hungry. How long are you going to be vigilant?”

“Are we going to leave our share? Looking at the food, it was no joke.”

“Fuck! I’m salivating just thinking about it. I can’t. You should drink this.”

Lee Chun-myung pulled something out of his waist. As soon as he checked the items he took out, Namwol’s face turned red.

“Isn’t that alcohol? Where am I from?”

“Huh! One of the servants brought it and shredded it.”

“What if I get caught?”

“it’s okay. After all, you won’t even get a ticket if you take one bottle away. Will you drink or not? If you don’t drink, I’ll drink alone.”

“Uh-huh! with people Who doesn’t drink? But it’s difficult here. All sides were open.”

As Nam-wol looked around and said, Lee Chun-myung laughed.

“You can leave your seat for a moment.”

Then he looked at the thorn bushes nearby. Then Nam-wol smiled, revealing his yellow teeth like Lee Chun-myung.

“Then let’s go and have a drink.”

The two flirted and went behind the thorn bushes.

“Hey! That’s awesome.”

After taking the first sip, Lee Chun-myung handed the bottle to Nam-wol with an expression as if he had everything in the world.

“her! Myungjul, Myungju.”

Nam-wol also gave an exclamation and wiped his lips.

The alcohol Lee Chun-myung stole was a well-aged Sohongju that was not easily available. It was mainly produced in Sohong, Zhejiang Province, so it was called Sohongju.

Even when I was in the midfield, I felt like I had the whole world when I drank high-quality alcohol that I had never tried before. A pleasant intoxication appeared on the faces of the two of them.


The two laughed like fools.

It was good without the glasses. If only I could drink like this.

After some time, you will be able to drink even more delicious alcohol to your heart’s content if you follow Sim Won-eun to Jungwon.

“Yeah, just wait a little longer until then.”

“When we go back to Jungwon, let’s spend ten days and ten nights in Kiru.”

“Anyway! Let’s enjoy the smell of the girl’s flesh and drink alcohol while shaking.”

“Heh heh!”

As if just imagining it, they burst into laughter over and over again. It was then.

“Can I have a drink too?”

Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice came from behind them. It was a voice that had a gloomy yet strong reverberation like an echo in a cave.


“Who are you?”

The two of them got up and looked behind them. Then I saw a giant wearing a gray long cloth that looked like it was going to crumble at any moment. The two of them froze at the crazed red eyes that could be seen through the peaks.

Geohan held out his hand and Lee Chun-myung handed the bottle he was holding as if possessed by something.

“Bump bum bum bum!”

Geohan emptied the alcohol he had handed over from Lee Chun-myung. He said as he wiped the liquor from his lips with his sleeve.

“It’s a good drink.”

Their bodies froze at the gigantic smile.


Their bodies trembled like aspen trees, and their pants got wet.

The body of a person facing death opens every hole called a hole and discharges the waste products accumulated inside.

like two people now.


Somu-sang suddenly raised his head.

“Why are you doing this, brother?”

The original Jeokshim, who stood on the border together, made a puzzled expression. But the prime minister did not answer.

Somehow I didn’t feel good.

I felt like my nerves were on the brink, and strangely, goosebumps rose up on my skin.


After Won Jeok-shim called again, So Mu-sang looked at him.

“It’s kind of weird.”

“What do you mean?”

Instead of answering, Somu frowned.

The sudden pounding in my heart did not calm down easily. This is the first time

The Prime Minister got up from his seat. At the same time, antagonism arose.

“Call the others.”



“Oh really… … .”

The enemy murmured and blew a loud whistle. Then a whistling sound was heard from all over the place, as if answering. It was a promised signal between them.

“Who is in the northwest?”

There was no reply from there.

“In that case, there would be Chunmyeong and Namwol. I saw Chunmyung grab a bottle of wine. Maybe he didn’t reply because he was drinking. So don’t worry too much.”

“It’s probably not going to happen.”

I was strangely anxious. Something ominous was on his nerves. The feeling of being stabbed in the brain with a needle amplified his anxiety.

Somu picked up a rusty iron sword.

So Sang-sang, who lost his sword in the battle with Yeop-wol. After that, he couldn’t find a proper sword, so he got a cheap iron sword and was using it.


The old man’s face contorted.

When Shao Sang-soo came out like this, no one could stop him. Even his captain, Jangpae-san.

As Mu-sang Somu ran, the resentment followed.

‘Damn it! What kind of high school student is this?

Angry grumbled.

The Prime Minister made a fuss.

Each time he hit the floor, his body moved forward by three. Won Jeok-shim couldn’t close her open mouth as she watched Sang Sang So’s back disappearing in an instant.

“what? Has the number of martial arts increased since then?”

So Mu-sang, who was not familiar with the blood wave method, was superior to himself in the light work technique, which was impossible to understand with the common sense of the original enemy.

Wonjeokshim followed in the footsteps of Somu by squeezing out both internal and external energies. Then I saw Somu-sang in the distance. Won Jeok-shim, who had barely arrived at the place where Somu was, burst into anger.

“What if you disappear without a word like that?”

“… … .”


At that moment, Won Jeok-shim, who read the unusual atmosphere, threw his gaze to the place So Moo-sang was looking at.

For a moment, his eyes widened as if torn apart.

“Hey, is this?”

All of a sudden, anger rose from within.


Eventually, Won Wet turned his head and drained everything that was inside him. It was such a shocking scene.

“Lee Chun-myung, male… … month.”

Somu-sang’s body was trembling involuntarily.

The wreckage believed to belong to Lee Chun-myung and Nam-wol is spread out in front of him. The carcasses of cattle and pigs dismantled by the butcher could not be more cruel than this. Only the torn and scattered pieces of flesh were telling us that there was an existence presumed to be human.

“Brother, how did this happen?”

“saliva… … particles.”

He is more ferocious than a bear and crueler than a tiger.

It was impossible for a person with an ordinary mind to create such a tragedy.

Somu looked back at the North Heavenly Gate.

The bastard entered the northern heavenly gate.

“Tell others. I will pursue him.”



So Mu-sang flew to the North Heavenly Gate.

Legend Of The Northern Blade

Legend Of The Northern Blade

북검전기 , Drum Swordmanship
Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Native Language: Korean
When the world was plunged into darkness by the ‘Silent Night’, Martial Artists from all over the place gathered to form the ‘Northern Heavenly Sect’. With overwhelming strength from the Northern Heavenly Sect, the Silent Night was pushed away and the people began to enjoy peace once more. However, as time passed the martial artists from the mainlands began to conspire against the ‘Northern Heavenly Sect’, and eventually caused the death of the Fourth Generation Sect Leader, Jin Kwan-Ho, destroying the sect with it. As everyone left the sect, Jin Kwan-Ho’s only son, Jin Mu-Won was left behind. Mu-Won has never learned anything about martial arts, but he eventually finds the Martial Techniques secretly left behind by his father and begins to acquire the martial arts of the Northern Heavenly Sect. Then one day, a mysterious girl appears before Mu-Won…!!


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