Library of Heaven’s Path Chapter 550: Neither Male Nor Female

Chapter 550: Neither Male Nor Female

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“Court Chief Wu, Zhang s.h.i.+ isn’t as reckless as you think he is…”

Not expecting Zhang s.h.i.+ to drive the usually composed Court Chief Wu to the point that she was chasing them away, Pavilion Master Kang’s lips twitched violently, and he was about to go insane.

Only he himself knew how far he had worked for these two slots. Yet, this fellow actually offended the other party as soon as he arrived…

Ignoring Pavilion Master Kang’s explanation, Court Chief Wu bellowed loudly, “Send our guests off!”


The few white-robed ladies who had brought them in walked forward and with menacing gazes, they said, “This way please!”

“Court Chief Wu…”

Pavilion Master Kang was still trying to salvage the situation when Zhang Xuan interrupted him, “Alright, Pavilion Master Kang. Why should you waste your time with this fellow who G.o.d knows what her gender is? Let’s just leave.”


Ruohuan gongzi’s legs suddenly caved in, and he nearly collapsed to the ground.

Pavilion Master Kang also stood petrified on the spot.

He had known this Court Chief Wu for many years. Beautiful and elegant, the latter could leave many ladies embarra.s.sed over their form… To actually say that ‘G.o.d knows what her gender is’ to such a person…

Even if the other party disagreed to giving them another slot, two was actually fine as well… And even if the other party chased them away, at the very least, they could still leave peacefully.

Yet, Zhang s.h.i.+ just had to insult the other party. It would be a miracle if the other party didn’t kill you on the spot…

Pavilion Master Kang quickly drove his zhenqi and stepped in front of Zhang Xuan. If Court Chief Wu were to make a move, even if it meant that he would sustain grievous wounds, he would ensure that the others could leave safely.

“What did you say?”

Not beyond expectations, Court Chief Wu’s face turned livid as though steel, and rage seethed in her eyes. If looks could kill, Zhang Xuan would have been torn apart countless times.

“Stop feigning ignorance, shouldn’t you understand what I am saying the clearest? Do you really need me to point it out?”

Even before this impending crisis, Zhang Xuan didn’t panic at all. “If I’m not mistaken, the hair on certain parts of your body grow at a very rapid pace!”


That comment dealt the final blow to Ruohuan gongzi. He nearly failed to catch his breath and died on the spot.

The heck!

Big brother, are you doing this intentionally?

It was already shameless of you to scold the other party for being neither a man nor a woman. And now, you are even talking about the other party’s hair… No matter how long the other party’s hair is, it is hidden beneath her clothes. How the heck does that concern you?

To speak such words in public, are you a hoodlum?

Besides, even if her hair grows at a rapid pace… How in the world can you tell?

What in the world are you using a master teacher’s discernment ability for…

Pavilion Master Kang was currently undergoing the same shock as his student was going through. Thunder seemed to rumble ceaselessly in his head, and the zhenqi that he had just gathered nearly dissipated due to his shock.

He was the head of a Master Teacher Pavilion, one of the most esteemed experts in the Myriad Kingdom City… Yet now, it seemed as though he had accompanied this hoodlum here to provoke the head of the Glacier Field Court. Ah… his dignity and his honor…

His face warped in conflict, and at this moment, even the thought of suicide flashed across his mind.

But regardless, he was the one who brought Zhang s.h.i.+ here. No matter how absurd the other party’s behavior was, he was still a member of the Master Teacher Pavilion. He couldn’t simply give up on the other party just like that.

Gritting his teeth, Pavilion Master Kang was just preparing himself for the storm-like wrath of a Transcendent Mortal 5-dan expert when the raging Court Chief Wu’s face suddenly paled. “H-how did you know?”


Pavilion Master Kang’s zhenqi really dissipated this time, and his entire body slackened weakly.

Zhang s.h.i.+ was actually spot on?

He said that Court Chief Wu was neither male nor female, and that her hair was growing rapidly on certain places… But not only did the other party didn’t lash out, she even admitted to it?

Are my ears playing tricks on me or has Court Chief Wu gone mad?

“Simple. Despite the overwhelming yin nature of your body, many of your acupoints are exuding yang energy. Your gestures are that of a demure maiden, but your words are full of might.”

As though knowing the other party would admit to it, there wasn’t the slightest surprise in Zhang Xuan’s expression. “If I’m not mistaken, you must be suffering from a conflict of yin and yang in your body, and you are unable to balance the both of them! That is precisely the reason why you grew a moustache and beard, and your pores are getting thicker!”


Court Chief Wu’s body jolted.

The other party’s words were spot-on! She was indeed suffering from a clash of yin and yang in her body. Over the past two years, she’d even begun growing a beard!

If not for her shaving it diligently every day to retain your honor, she would have long died from embarra.s.sment from the mocking of others.

She thought that as long as she mediated the yin and yang energy within her carefully, she would be able to solve the problem. But who could’ve known that… as time pa.s.sed, her condition only continued to worsen. In fact, her pores were even starting to become thicker.

This matter involved a lady’s pride. Embarra.s.sed, she didn’t dare to find anyone to take a look at it. Never in the world did she expect this fellow to see through her affliction in a single glance.

How… in the world did he manage to see through it.

“By hair growing rapidly on certain parts of the body… you mean the beard?”

Seeing the trembling shocked Court Chief Wu, Pavilion Master Kang and Ruohuan gongzi widened their mouths in astonishment. At the same time, they wiped the sweat off their reddened faces.

When they heard about hair growing in certain parts of the body, their minds immediately thought of indecent stuff. After all, how could they have possibly imagined that a female would grow a beard?

“After being injured by searing sword qi, you thought that you are unable to bring out the fullest extent of the might of the ‘Great Ancient Incursion Art’. Thus, you decided to switch to a yin nature cultivation technique instead. In the end, you failed to control the energies in your body properly and ended up in such a state. Even though you are still able to suppress it with brute force at the moment, that will be unfeasible in the long run. Within three years, the situation will spiral beyond your control,” Zhang Xuan said.

If the other party didn’t execute a battle technique, he would be unable to utilize the Library of Heaven’s Path and determine the exact specifics of the other party’s condition. Even so, through the sharp discernment ability of the Eye of Insight, he was able to see that this Court Chief Wu shaved her beard on a daily basis.

As such, he was able to deduce that the other party was suffering from a conflict of yin and yang. Factoring in the previous problem that Pavilion Master Kang spoke of, it wasn’t too difficult for him to deduce the cause of the affliction.

The Great Ancient Incursion Art centered around the concept of sharpness and burst power. It only allowed its user to launch three extremely powerful strikes before drying out. This was the reason why Zhang Xuan thought the patient was a male back then when he looked at the case study.

Therefore, he was rather surprised upon hearing Pavilion Master Kang calling the patient a ‘she’ then. Upon seeing Court Chief Wu at this moment, it wasn’t too hard for him to tie things together.

She must have switched from the Great Ancient Incursion Art to a yin attribute technique, thus resulting in a clash of energy that she was unable to mediate between.

The best way to solve such a matter was to destroy one’s foundation and start afresh… But as the strongest expert and the chief of the Glacier Plain Court, how could she bear to do so?

Thus, she tried to suppress the energy in hopes that the problem would die down soon. However, as time pa.s.sed, the situation only worsened, and she found herself slowly losing control.

As for why Court Chief Wu, despite being a female, would choose to cultivate a yang attribute technique that was more suited for males, Zhang Xuan wasn’t too sure either. However, he felt that it might be related to the Yin-Yang Lake.

After all, the red-robed ladies that he had seen previously were all cultivating yang attribute cultivation techniques as well.

After hearing those words, while Pavilion Master Kang and Ruohuan gongzi felt that it was a little far-fetched, Court Chief Wu’s face turned ghastly white.

The other party’s a.n.a.lysis was spot-on.

Back then, even though she was treated by Pavilion Master Kang, there were some side effects to the treatment. For one, she found herself unable to fully unleash the might of the Great Ancient Incursion Art anymore. Thus, she changed to a yin nature cultivation technique instead in hopes of using it to achieve a breakthrough, as well as to neutralize the lingering searing sword qi in her body.

And due to that, she improved swiftly. It didn’t take her long to neutralize the sword qi and recover fully rom her wounds.

But… that also left behind a trauma in her, thus resulting in the current situation.

“May I know if there is any… treatment method for it?”

Since the other party could see through it, perhaps he would be able to solve it. Thus, Court Chief Wu couldn’t help but look at the other party expectantly.

“There’s indeed some ways to treat your affliction. The most direct method is to dissipate your cultivation and start anew!” Zhang Xuan said.

“Dissipate my cultivation… That won’t work. My lifespan is already beyond a hundred now. If I were to dissipate my cultivation, I’d surely die from old age instantly,” Court Chief Wu hurriedly said.

It was not that she had never thought of this method before.

But given her current age, without her cultivation sustaining her bodily functions, she would immediately age swiftly and die in less than three days.

What was the use of treating her affliction if she were to die because of it?

If so, she might as well just persevere on with the current situation.

Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

The other party’s words were indeed true.

The extended lifespan of a Transcendent Mortal came from the augmentation of their cultivation. If their cultivation were to disappear, they would immediately revert back to ordinary lifespan of a human.

“Is there any other solution?” Court Chief Wu asked.

“That… How about this, you execute a punching routine for me so that I can a.n.a.lyze your condition… However, I can’t guarantee you that I’ll be able to find a solution.”

Zhang Xuan shook his hands.

While he had a rough idea of what the other party’s affliction was, without the Library of Heaven’s Path accurately pointing out the specific causes resulting in the other party’s current condition, he wasn’t too sure how the problem could be treated.

Naturally, he wouldn’t be able to guarantee whether he could treat the other party’s affliction either.

After hesitating for a moment, Court Chief Wu nodded her head.

“Alright. Regardless of whether Zhang s.h.i.+ is able to treat my affliction or not, I promise to grant you a third slot for the trial!”

She was about to go insane being tortured by her current condition as she saw more and more characteristics of a male appearing on her every day.

If the person before her could really treat her affliction, she would be willing to pay anything without hesitation, let alone, a single slot for the trial.


Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

In the end, the reason why he went through so much trouble was to obtain that additional slot. Since the other party had given him her word, naturally, he had to give his all in his treatment as well.

“Just like that… he succeeded?”

It was just a moment ago that Court Chief Wu seemed as though she would tear all of them apart. Yet, at this very instant, not only did her rage fade completely, she even promised to give them the slot. Pavilion Master Kang was dumbfounded.

Wasn’t he way too formidable!

Even though he was seeing this for himself, he still found the situation hard to believe.

On the other hand, Ruohuan gongzi was about to be driven insane from shock.

All along, he felt that luck had been a huge factor in why he lost to the other party in the selection round. He thought that as long as he cultivated hard, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to turn the situation around two months later, thus reclaiming the t.i.tle of the number one genius of Myriad Kingdom Alliance.

It was only after this incident that he realized that… the other party’s eye of discernment and meticulousness toward details weren’t things that he could compete with!

In fact… even his own teacher seemed to be unable to match up to Zhang s.h.i.+!

This fellow… Was he really a person who had just qualified as a 4-star master teacher?

Unaware of the doubts in Ruohuan gongzi’s mind, Zhang Xuan turned to Court Chief Wu and waved his hands.

“Let’s begin then!”


Nodding her head, Court Chief Wu whipped out her arm and executed a powerful punch.

Zhang Xuan’s eyes were fixated on the other party’s movements, but in truth, his consciousness was in the Library of Heaven’s Path. He was busy flipping through the book to look through the details of the other party’s affliction.


Soon, Court Chief Wu finished her display and turned her gaze to Zhang Xuan. “Are there other ways… to treat my affliction?”

As she spoke those words, her breathing couldn’t help but hasten.

If even the young man before her was unable to treat her affliction, she really couldn’t imagine what kind of terrors awaited her in the future and how she could endure them.

“This… There’s indeed a solution to your problem!”

Exhaling deeply, Zhang Xuan looked at Court Chief Wu with a bizarre expression and asked, “What do you think of our Pavilion Master Kang?”


Court Chief Wu was stunned.

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