Master of the End Times Chapter 1035 – Crumbling Broodmother

Chapter 1035: Crumbling Broodmother

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“Okay!” Blooming Lord agreed to join forces.

A large petal was unleashed along with her ferocious internal force. The petal landed precisely on the broodmother’s body.

Their attacks were nothing more than tickles to the Armored Star Broodmother. It barely stopped the monster’s charge. But their hara.s.sment did make its course to being an Immortal slightly more difficult.

Nonetheless, this slight delay was enough as the last straw they needed.

Inside the broodmother’s body, Qin Feng could feel the energy in its blood pulsing stronger and stronger.

One of the cells beside Qin Feng finally yielded to the disproportionate power and exploded.


The implosion marked the beginning of the broodmother’s internal disintegration. The loud bang resonated loudly within the monster’s vast body. A small blast to one cell of the broodmother was equivalent to a deafening explosion to Qin Feng.

Following the explosion, vital energy began to seep out from the deteriorated cell. Qin Feng’s Absorption instantly reacted and pulled the energy into his body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The first explosion triggered a chain reaction. The energy inside the broodmother’s body had completely lost control. The beast had absorbed too much energy, which was way beyond its maximum endurance. The explosive force was reduced as the burst happened right at the tip of inflation.

This outflow of energy was a great stimulant to Qin Feng.

His physique strengthened considerably amid the explosion of the cells, which drastically raised his body temperature.


Qin Feng’s physique evolved to S7-tier.

However, he did not feel great about it. The power was too vast to his liking. Though it continued pus.h.i.+ng his physique to a higher level, Qin Feng could not shake off the immense pain throbbing through his muscles.


The crisp popping sound came from Qin Feng’s body.

Some of his cells were beginning to burst too.

‘Oh no!’

Qin Feng was shocked. He quickly sheathed his Verdant Emperor Saber. However, the highly concentrated energy did not stop diffusing into his body.

It was overbearing.

Qin Feng promptly stopped his absorption. He soon realized it was not a very good idea.


Qin Feng’s skin began to crack and bleed as soon as he stopped absorbing the energy. He was still exposed directly to the gus.h.i.+ng force although he was not a part of the broodmother’s body. Without the Absorption Ability, his body might have long been crushed by the wild turbulence.

Qin Feng immediately reactivated the Absorption Ability. A black giant sphere emerged above him. He tried to mitigate the energy around him with the force of death.

He was in a tight spot. Unfortunately, his consciousness probe could not work properly in such a chaotic state. The tunnel he came in through earlier had disappeared from sight. He could no longer return to that spot since the non-stop explosions had pushed him further and further away along with the bloodstream.

Being trapped helplessly within an irresistible force, Qin Feng was overwhelmed and finally recognized how insignificant human beings really were.

The Armored Star Broodmother was crumbling from the inside. But at the same, it had not stopped evolving. The fate of the monster depended on which process—destruction or evolution—would complete faster.

Qin Feng was not more than a blood cell inside the monster’s body at the moment.


A deafening blast erupted right next to Qin Feng’s ears.

Following the blast, Qin Feng surged forward along with the blood flow. He was thrust into a larger chamber at the end of the tunnel.

Five minutes later, he realized he had once again returned to the same spot.


Another blast, another cycle.

‘I am inside the broodmother’s heart!’ Qin Feng finally understood.

Insectoids only had a single loop blood vessel. That was where Qin Feng was trapped. The extreme speed made him feel dizzy. If he did not do something, he would lose control of himself and be shattered by the rapid current.

The third time he was in the chamber, Qin Feng had the Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand. Right at the moment when the heart was contracting, Qin Feng brandished the saber without hesitation.

“Thousand Spirit Chain Rend!”

The spirits countered the blood current and the resulting momentum slowed Qin Feng down. He moved sideways and finally found a wall of flesh after more than a thousand meters.

He buried the saber into the inner wall of the broodmother’s heart. Though the force was still pretty impactful, it was much more bearable than before. Qin Feng hung tight onto the saber and steadied himself.

A moment earlier, Zhao Ge, on the outside, swung the claymore in his hand. Numerous internal force silhouettes came right out from the sword and lingered in the s.p.a.ce.

In one swift motion, he slashed the claymore downward. All the qi around him obeyed the motion and struck straight down at the broodmother.


The Armored Star Broodmother barely moved.

Its sh.e.l.l was at least a thousand meters thick. It was beyond any human’s capacity.

Coincidentally, Qin Feng happened to unleash the Thousand Spirit Chain Rend inside the monster’s heart when Zhao Ge struck.

Triggered by the internal shock, the Armored Star Broodmother coughed up blood. The energy-rich blood was a precious gem to humans.

Zhao Ge was encouraged.

“Quick, it is at its limit!” He shouted confidently.

Blooming Lord released more and more abilities.

Inside the broodmother’s heart, a large globe was washed in by the rus.h.i.+ng current.

This was the planet the broodmother had just swallowed. It was disintegrating into the blood rapidly. Every time it shrank, huge energy pulsated out of it and rocked the surroundings.

Once the globe reached its heart, the broodmother only needed to endure a little longer to fully digest the energy core and evolve into an Immortal.

But Qin Feng’s attack, though minimal, had still caused a tiny blight in its heart.

The sudden, irregular palpitation developed into a bigger problem with the arrival of the globe.

In the next moment, what was a tiny slit cracked unstoppably into a large fissure.

Energy pulses from the planet escaped through the cut and ravaged the monster’s organs. The internals of the broodmother were instantly smashed into a twisted mess.

Lifeforce immediately abandoned the broodmother. Without any conscious power left, its st.u.r.dy defense was rendered useless.

The seeds planted by Blooming Lord had fully covered the Armored Star Broodmother.

“Galactic Blossom!”

Blooming Lord unleashed her ultimate SSS-tier ability.

The nuclear explosion blasted across the galaxy. The powerful sh.e.l.l of the gigantic broodmother was shattered into pieces as if a dimension was crumbling.

Suddenly, time seemed to have stopped ticking.

Master of the End Times Chapter 1035 – Crumbling Broodmother

Master of the End Times Chapter 1035 – Crumbling Broodmother