Master of the End Times Chapter 195 – Bringing Havoc to the Xin Household

Chapter 195: Bringing Havoc to the Xin Household

At the sound of Xin Zhen’s command, the second cage in the dome was opened up.

This cage was twice the size of the previous one and as the red cloth was pulled away it revealed the head of a creature that turned out to be a ma.s.sive bull yak.

It stood at three meters up to the shoulder and had a body that was five meters long. It was about the size of a truck.

Within the cage, the bull yak was held down by a series of chains, its eyes were a glowing red like it was eager to break free from its restraints.

The red cloth moving aroused its currently restricted madness.

It wasn an E3-tier beast general known as a Rumbling Thunderhorn Yak. It was not just a powerful ultra beast, but true to its namesake, it was a beast that could use thunder runes. Anyone that had tried to face it in close combat would be incapacitated by its electric abilities.

Zhao Hong was merely an F-tier ancient warrior and they did not allow anyone to bring weapons into the party nor did they provide him with any. How was he supposed to face this monster?

He might as well be dead.

During the birthday of the Xin family’s head, there would always be blood.

Xin Zhen did not see that as bad luck or anything of that sort, he found himself enjoying the situation. Watching those that had stepped out of line get torn into shreds, seeding the sense of fear into the onlookers’ hearts.

That made him feel like he had no care in the world.

“Master Xin, spare me please!” Zhao Hong’s face was filled with desperation and he could not help but beg for mercy.

“Elder Zhao, how do I put this? Heh. It’s only just a show. Our juniors will help you in combat too so that nothing bad happens. After all, how can there be blood during my Grandfather’s birthday! That would be inauspicious!” Xin Jiayu said, already having placed his good hand on Zhao Hong’s shoulder.

Being an E-tier apt.i.tude user, with a small amount of internal force, he pushed Zhao Hong forward.

The people around held their breaths, some could not bear it and covered their eyes.

At this moment, a figure stepped out from the crowd.

“Let me have a try! Could be embarra.s.sing, but who knows?”

Everyone’s eyes focused on the figure. It was none other than Qin Feng.

He walked up to Xin Jiayu’s side and placed his hand on the other’s good hand that was on Zhao Hong’s shoulder. “You’re not planning on keeping this hand either?”

Xin Jiayu’s hand quivered and he unwittingly retracted it. Qin Feng chuckled at the reaction.

Xin Jiayu’s face flushed red, he could not put his hand back in after that and began to back away.

After seeing this, Xin Zhen’s face flashed with a trace of murderous intent. “Mayor Qin is so full of youthful vigor. Since you’re so eager to perform, then everybody please give him a warm applause!”

Xin Zhen took the lead and started to clap. Everyone else spa.r.s.ely followed.

The atmosphere was solemn.

Zhao Hong undoubtedly needed to die, but who would have expected that someone would step up to try and save him. Or perhaps, they came to die as well!

“Mayor Qin! You don’t… you don’t have to!” The Zhao family head said with a tremble in his voice. Qin Feng let out a laugh, “You’re welcome Mr. Zhao. If you’re still worried, then you can still go in and see for yourself!”

Zhao Hong heard Qin Feng’s words and only felt sadness. After Qin Feng dies, it would still be his turn. He gave a solemn glance at the several others that had crossed the Xin family.

These people still would not be enough to satiate the bull.

“Fine. If we’re going to die, then we’ll die together!” Zhao Hong said, following after Qin Feng and charging toward the energy dome.

Qin Feng was surprised, he was only being courteous in saying those words to be polite. “Huh, interesting.”

Qin Feng walked up to the side of the energy dome and a small gap opened up, allowing Qin Feng and Zhao Hong to enter the dome.

After the dome closed itself, the huge cage door swung open and the chains were broken. The Rumbling Thunderhorn Yak wildly charged forward with a thunderous sound as electricity crackled from its fur, shrouding its s.h.a.ggy ma.s.s in a bright purple light.

The light shone so brightly that the spectators had to s.h.i.+eld their eyes from the glare.


A bolt of lightning shot out from the ma.s.s of light and made people jump with fright.

Outside of the energy dome, Xin Jiasheng walked to Bai Li’s side.

It had been a while since that time at the store that he was so close to such an alluring beauty. Seeing her once again made his eyes glitter with greed and a desire to possess her.

“He’s dead for sure this time. I’ve heard about what happened in Han Town, don’t think that you’ve gotten so much glory that you’re actually amazing. The insectoids that appeared in Han Town were only F-tier. An E-tier ultra beast would definitely crush him!” Xin Jiasheng said with a swagger.

The battle net could easily spread information, except those that were top secret, between cities with ease as if they were within a literal arm’s reach. While Han Town’s news was constantly being updated, what was seen and heard were naturally not the same.

Xin Jiasheng had no idea how astounding Qin Feng’s record was. Even if he did know, he would not admit it. After all, Qin Feng’s opponents were only F-tier ultra beasts, he should not be able to fight an E-tier.

Bai Li gave him a confused look. “That cow would never defeat my hubby!”

Xin Jiasheng immediately burst out laughing and said, “Don’t be so blindly confident in him, this is an E-tier beast general…”

He looked at the field, expecting Qin Feng to be dead on the spot.

He spotted Qin Feng’s figure raising his fist.

On the field.

Still in the energy dome.

Qin Feng’s internal force surged and he summoned fire runes around him while doing so, using the Brahma Sword technique to mobilize the internal power into his punch. In a split second, Qin Feng’s fist ignited with a roaring flame.



The fist collided with the Thunderhorn’s singular horn. As flame and lightning collided, it let out a deafening sound.

The force of the punch managed to uproot the surrounding gra.s.s and sent blades flying, letting out a wave that caused the energy dome to nearly shatter as it rippled violently.

Qin Feng’s physical strength was immense, after increasing his internal power to S-tier it became even more terrifying. In addition, the strength of his fire runes managed to repel the force of lightning and did not weaken in the slightest.

He was like a humanoid ultra beast and being E tier, he might as well be at the level of beast king.

How could this beast general ever be compared to his power?

After the huge shockwave, the excess energy canceled each other out. It was finally time for a comparison of force.

Qin Feng’s fist physically struck the Thunderhorn’s horn this time.


With an immense burst of strength, the horn creaked and was forcibly snapped off. With the horn broken, the electric force quickly died out and the yak had a frantic look in its eyes.

“Muh!” The ultra beast tried to slam its body forward.

“Ghostly Step!”

Qin Feng reeled back, extending his palms before slamming both of them onto the Rumbling Thunderhorn Yak’s forehead.


The sharp and clear sound carried with the snapping sound of breaking bones. There was a large palm print indented into the yak’s head. It blindly charged around for another ten meters before it teetered and collapsed onto the ground.


Blood dribbled out from all seven apertures of the yak’s head.[1]

Rumbling Thunderhorn Yak had been slain!

To make it an understatement, the whole display lasted no more than five minutes.

Even after the ma.s.sive yak’s body had collapsed onto the ground, people watching could not believe their eyes.

That was because this display of strength when compared to Xin Jiayu made the other’s power seem downplayed. Qin Feng was clearly the stronger person.

For a long moment, the sidelines were silent again.

The people from the Xin family all clenched their fists, even Xin Zhen’s face had darkened. This upset had just damaged the deterrent force that the Xin family had spent a long time building up.

This upstart had to be eliminated.

[1] There is a Chinese term for bleeding out from all of the holes on your head.

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