Master of the End Times Chapter 196 – The Supremacy of Fire Dragon

Chapter 196: The Supremacy of Fire Dragon

“Mayor Qin is as strong as I have heard. It seems that this beast is nothing more than an appetizer for you. How about two more?”

Xin Zhen waved his hand to gesture for the red cloths to be lifted by his subordinates. Another two beasts were promptly released. Both were E3-tier beast generals—Savage Crocodile and Moonlit Wolf.

The two remaining beasts emitted a different aura as compared to the previous two. They looked more dangerous and were unmistakably more intelligent.

The emerald scale on the Savage Crocodile shone like polished jade, while the fur on the Moonlit Wolf was silky smooth. They were obviously well taken care of.

Qin Feng reckoned they must have been tamed and contracted by the Xin family.

Members from the other four families had long been discontented with the Xins conduct of setting an example this way. However, all they did was frown and suppress their dissatisfaction.

‘These two beasts look tame.’

‘They must have been contracted!’

‘The Xin family has two E-tier ability users now but both of them are only subpar fighters. One is a water type, while the other is a wood type. Nonetheless, their consciousness should be above average. These two newly contracted beasts would definitely boost their family’s influence!’

‘The Xin family has been waiting until now to unveil this! It’s like a warning to all of us!’

Everyone’s mind revolved around the two newly-revealed beasts and was busy calculating how this might affect their own family’s fate. Despite that, most of them were still curious about how the fight inside the energy dome would turn out.

The two beast generals were mentally connected to their master and naturally knew who their target was. Almost instantaneously, both beasts jumped directly at Qin Feng.

A single beast general could hardly hurt Qin Feng now. However, it was a different story if two beast generals were to attack concomitantly.

The Savage Crocodile’s gigantic body charged explosively at Qin Feng first.

Phantom Motion Steps!

Qin Feng left behind an afterimage and agilely evaded the crocodile’s vicious bite.

“Awoo!!” The Moonlit Wolf opened its mouth and a dense energy ball began to converge in it. The beast then projected it and a white beam shot straight toward Qin Feng.

Qin Feng was unable to dodge both attacks that arrived in quick succession but he did not panic. He calmly raised his hand and released Fire Laser to counter the incoming beam.

Despite the perilous situation, Qin Feng was able to defuse one immediate danger after another effortlessly.

Zhao Hong had already been pinned to the edge of the dome due to the colliding shockwaves. He dared not take another step forward and could only watch helplessly as Qin Feng took on the two beasts confidently.

Qin Feng had no fear because he knew he could win this.

Zhao Hong was enthused. The oppression by the Xin family that shrouded him earlier had disappeared completely. He was infected by Qin Feng’s fearlessness and had become spirited.

In contrast, the faces of the two Xin elders were getting paler and paler outside the energy dome. The manipulation of beast generals through conscious energy was not as easy as they had a.s.sumed. However, they feared that letting the two beasts battle freely might result in the same fate as the Rumbling Thunderhorn Yak. Thus, they could only keep going and ordered the beast to maintain the high pressure on Qin Feng with successive attacks, hoping to tire Qin Feng out this way.

Qin Feng slightly furrowed his brows.

‘It’s certainly troublesome without my Verdant Emperor Saber.’

The saber was stored in his spatial rune. Upon entering the Xin’s territory, all weapons were prohibited to prevent a potential attempt, including runic equipment. Although the guests could carry their spatial runic equipment along with them, special stabilizers set up within the mansion would disable its activation.

Though Bai Li was not restricted by such a setup, Qin Feng was not going to expose her ability here.

He had only one choice left. E-tier beasts were indeed on another level.

Nevertheless, that was not going to stump Qin Feng.

Wildfire emerged abruptly around Qin Feng. The fire was made up entirely by runes. The heatwave from the flame transmitted even beyond the energy dome.

Gradually, the fire shrank and elongated into the form of a dragon. The dragon twined around Qin Feng and hovered fiercely in midair.

Those who witnessed the formation of the dragon were bewildered.

Among them, even Cheng Zhou could not hold back his shock as he exclaimed, “That’s… Fire Dragon Style!”

The fire rune dragon soared and suddenly dived toward the enemy. Its power was formidable.

Such a powerful ability was recognized by every ability user. Those who were able to master such a tremendous force were usually undefeatable.

‘But how old is Qin Feng? Where did he get all these resources and time to improve so dramatically? When did he learn this? Is this the trump card he has been hidden up his sleeves all this while?’ Numerous questions ran through Cheng Zhou’s mind.

Chengyang City was huge, but at the same time, it was a rather timid colony as compared to the vast world. Many people born here would not get the chance to visit the wild in their entire life. Commoners might not have even heard of the Fire Dragon Style, let alone witness it in a battle as galactic as this.

The enormous aura slowly debilitated those without power.

“Argh!!” A lady exclaimed as she realized that her dress had caught fire due to the extreme heat.

“We can’t stay here any longer!” One bystander looked at Qin Feng, absolutely mortified, and stood up hastily. The sudden action knocked his stool backward and it fell onto the gra.s.s.

After one person left, many soon followed. Wealthy men who were only ordinary citizens could not withhold the pressure and excused themselves sheepishly.

Qin Feng, who was using the skill for the first time, was also deeply moved. He had seen countless ability users with devastating power in his past life. From this point forth, he would become even stronger as E-tier was merely a starting point for advanced ability users.

Ability users were the chosen ones—he finally understood the true meaning of this notion today.

Qin Feng pointed his hand toward the Moonlit Wolf.

In the next moment, the fire dragon lashed out and a ma.s.sive flame soon ran past the giant wolf.


The Moonlit Wolf shrieked painfully and was put to the ground after the impact. The fire dragon then swiftly turned back and bit its neck brutally.

The raging blaze rapidly engulfed the beast.

“No!! Help! My contracted beast is dying!” One of the Xin elders bellowed.

The other elder did not hesitate and instructed the Savage Crocodile to jump on Qin Feng immediately.

Qin Feng s.h.i.+fted his body to dodge the croc, and the dragon’s tail that was still attached to him swept out reflexively.


The Savage Crocodile flew out like a cannonball after being hit by the tail. The beast crashed on the energy dome and rebounded to the floor like a ping pong ball.

It rolled over and exposed its charred belly. A burnt mark whipped by the fire dragon’s tail was clearly seen on it.

Master of the End Times

Master of the End Times

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The age of darkness has arrived. When the rift to an unknown plane suddenly appeared on Earth, monsters invaded, beasts mutated while humans, the once-dominant species fell to the bottom of the food chain. A hundred years later, three of the greatest classes evolve amongst humans: ability users, ancient warriors, and gunslingers. Qin Feng, an orphan of this dark age was tormented just as he awakened his pinnacle level of special ability, barely surviving for ten years in the post-apocalyptic world. Hence, he was reborn…


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