Master of the End Times Chapter 199 – Undeniable Brilliance

Chapter 199: Undeniable Brilliance

The Xin family had offended Qin Feng first and refused to relent. They were reaping what they sowed.

Currently, the only option left for the Xin family was to abide by Qin Feng’s proposal. They were hoping that Qin Feng would spare them once they paid up.

The family members looked at each other and nodded consensually.

“Honestly, our total a.s.sets only value around 30 billion. We only have 4 billion liquidities at our disposal. Would it be enough to buy our lives?”

Qin Feng scanned the garden and counted. There were seven E-tier apt.i.tude users and several F-tiers. Four billion sounds about right.

They were no doubt an affluent family in Chengyang City. Qin Feng’s demand had just ripped a big chunk off their family’s wealth.

“Alright,” Qin Feng answered coldly.

Xin Jiayu transferred the money to Qin Feng with a shaky hand. He wondered how long the Xin family would need to recover from such a calamitous loss.

He still had no idea that other than himself, Qin Feng had debilitated every single E-tier user in the Xin family.

The Xin family’s fortune had come to an end.

Qin Feng received the notification and nodded in satisfaction. He said, “Thanks for the treat today!”

The members of the Xin family looked grim. They wished they had not invited him in the first place.

One of them resented the outcome and said enigmatically, “Goodbye, Mr. Qin. We did not think of inviting you but the deputy mayor of Chengbei colony is apparently not on good terms with you. Thanks to his provocation, here we are begging for our lives. Better be very careful, Mr. Qin. We wish for nothing but your well-being.”

Qin Feng stopped momentarily but he then walked on without saying anything. He lifted Bai Li’s hand and placed it on his arm.

They left the scene and heard a sudden laugh of relief, maddening even, coming from inside the garden.

“Die, you old b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” It was a familiar voice, coming from none other than Zhao Hong.

After Qin Feng left, Zhao Hong, who had been around all this while, suddenly lunged forward.

A handgun promptly appeared in his hand and he pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Qin Feng’s attack had destroyed the backyard along with the hidden stabilizer. Zhao Hong recalled his son’s terrible fate when he saw Xin Zhen and other elders lying helplessly on the ground. His urge to kill burned brightly.

Zhao Hong’s first shot was aimed at Xin Zhen but the attack encompa.s.sed the other three E-tier ancient warriors as well.

Zhao Hong would never understand how he had accomplished such a feat. Unquestionably, he had just finished off four E-tier apt.i.tude users in one fell swoop.

“Today is the day that marks the downfall of the Xin family!”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Xin Jiayu was infuriated and dashed toward Zhao Hong to avenge his family.

But he was stopped by another attack that came out of nowhere.

“The Xin family must fall!”

“What are you guys waiting for? This might be our opportunity to topple their tyranny! We can’t allow them to oppress us again!”

“Kill every last one of them!”


Tacitly, those who had been intimidated by the Xin family all this while had decided to a.s.sault Xin Jiayu together.

Xin Jiayu’s hand was hurt by Qin Feng, and he further aggravated the injury when fighting the beast earlier. Moreover, he still had not fully recovered his internal energy and was thus unable to break through the siege.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! How dare you oppose the Xin family?”

“Xin family? You guys are already doomed!”

“Even at this point, you are still so full of yourself!”

“Finish him!”

Though their attacks were unable to kill Xin Jiayu, they did manage to trap him and keep him away from Zhao Hong.

Zhao Hong was emotional. Revenge was sweet. He changed his weapon into a submachine gun and finished off the wood type Xin elder, who had only fainted.

Amidst the chaos, the Xin family lost a lot of lives.

When Qin Feng walked out of the Xin family’s gate, the entire mansion was filled with endless bombardments.

Along with him were those who did not wish to get involved or those who plotted to pound the Xin family through other aspects.

These people include An Zhengwei, Cheng Zhou, and members from the other two influential families.

They now thought of Qin Feng differently.

“Mayor Qin!” An Zhengwei looked at Qin Feng with complicated feelings. It was a mix of fear and wors.h.i.+p.

“Is Mr. An leaving as well?” Qin Feng asked as if nothing had happened.

An Zhengwei sighed. If he did not witness the entire process, he would not have believed that this man in front of him had just single-handedly altered the power structure of Chengyang City.

“Mr. Qin, if you are satisfied with the quotation I proposed, I will pay you at once. Let’s skip those lengthy processes from holding you up.”

It was risky to pay the seller before the goods were sold. What if the value of the goods had been overestimated? This was not how they usually did business. Qin Feng knew An Zhengwei was trying to please him.

That was the benefit of power.

“Thank you, Mr. An!”

“You are most welcomed!” An Zhengwei replied politely and immediately transferred the payment.

In the blink of an eye, the money in Qin Feng’s account had bloated into 7 billion.

Cheng Zhou walked over to him as well but did not know what to say. Not long ago, they were still peers learning from each other in the arena.

But from today onwards, Qin Feng was no longer his equivalent. He had escalated himself into a position that was comparable to the leaders of the Chengs, Hes, and Pus.

All because he had toppled the Xins.

“See you around, Mr. Qin,” Cheng Zhou excused himself politely.

“Sure. Goodbye.”

Members of the other families followed suit. They acknowledged him either through nods or words of goodbye before he left.

They were still standing around and watching reverently as Qin Feng and Bai Li drove away in the hovercar.

They could not help but lament.

The Xin family was done for. The following scramble for the Xin’s enormous fortune would be a story for another day.

Everyone attending today’s banquet would never forget this name—Qin Feng. n.o.body would ever look down on this teenager again.

Whether it was the battle against the Steel-limb Broodmother; or the twenty-one-win streak in the Chengyang City arena; or obtaining the E-tier badge by reclaiming Han Town. Time and time again, people refused to admit his achievements and looked for all sorts of reasons to not acknowledge this teenager.

Qin Feng became much too powerful far too quickly.

Now, he had finally revealed his fangs. Now, he no longer needed to conceal his brilliance.

He represented the future and without a doubt, he would soon become a new powerhouse in Chengyang City.

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