Master of the End Times Chapter 200 – Lin Zeng Being Complacent

Chapter 200: Lin Zeng Being Complacent

The curtain of night fell upon Chengbei colony, while part of the area was still brightly lit as it was at the peak of all the excitement.

The area included Chengbei colony’s red-light district, slump district, and also the gambling den!

Eagle Clubhouse!

The death of Jiang Shaoyang had never stopped any of the hustle and bustle around the area as there would always be a second or third replacement available.

However, as soon as Xue Xingfu got his hands on the Eagle Clubhouse, it was reclaimed by Lin Zheng using all sorts of excuses.

Now, Lin Zheng was sitting on the highest level of the clubhouse with a view that oversees Chengbei colony, accompanied by beautiful women, while enjoying his life along with the breeze during the night.

It was a rare occurrence for Lin Zheng to be there.

Despite having only one child of his own, with his unidentifiable number of mistresses and his healthy physical state, he would most probably have more to come in the future.

Most importantly, he had gotten his revenge today.

Therefore, it would be a must to visit the clubhouse for celebration and enjoyment.

“The wheel of fortune is forever in motion, Qin Feng, it is now your turn to lose!” Lin Zheng burst out in laughter.

Lin Zheng had constantly been in a good mood ever since he found out that Qin Feng had gone to Chengyang City.

“Mayor, let’s cheer! Cheers!” Lin Zheng was surrounded by beautiful women and laughter.

“That’s right, Mayor, leave your problems aside, let’s drink, let’s drink!”

Lin Zheng was not drinking alone, he was surrounded by his a.s.sistants, and with the exception of some of those that were on duty, there were still four to five F-tier apt.i.tude users there.

Of course, most of them were F2 and F3-tier apt.i.tude users that might be too old for talent and potential advancement, and also, they might not even have the resources to support themselves.

While Lin Zheng might have already lost He Li and Jiang Shaoyang, there were still others that he could use.

However, those around him might have been some sort of a hindrance to the Qin Feng of the past, now, they were nothing but the dirt beneath his feet.

Not only would they not be able to stop Qin Feng, he might even eliminate them to step even higher.

Now, they did not realize that Qin Fen had already taken down the Xin family an hour ago, and within two hours of battle, the family had sunk into a dire state, and it was the end for the family.

n.o.body had informed Lin Zheng about it.

The others around him did not have the connection needed to receive such news.

Everyone would only care for themselves during such turmoil and chaos, whereas for the Xin family, their hatred toward Lin Zheng had definitely grown deeper.

While everyone was indulging in their enjoyment, a luxurious hover car drove into the slums while portraying its dominance as it hovered above the heads of the poor and arrived in front of the Eagle Clubhouse undisguised.

At first sight, the appearance of the car would be directly linked to an unimaginable price, detailed and special handling.

The special handling would also include the pa.s.sengers that were within the car.

The G-tier apt.i.tude user henchman that was guarding the entrance was alerted by the incoming car, immediately, a humble and welcoming smile was put on as he approached the car.

While he was still hesitant about opening the door as a gesture of welcome, the door was already opening up from the inside.

The pa.s.senger that came down from the car was shockingly young.

The first impression from the appearance of the pa.s.senger was the outfit that was made from high-end materials, tall and well-built physique, well-defined facial features, and the highlight was the pair of eyes that had a keen gaze.

His smile was also another eye-catching feature.

As soon as the pa.s.senger came down, the G-tier apt.i.tude user was shocked as he trembled and stepped backward.

“Mad, Mad Fox! Ah…” A shocking scream was heard as he noticed the difference in terms of the other party’s current status.

Qin Feng stared at the person and noticed that he was one of Jiang Shaoyang’s henchmen that used to hunt him down.

That person s.h.i.+vered unwittingly, and in the next moment, he gave himself a hard slap on the face.

“Mayor Qin, as you know, I was disrespectful with my words, I should be punished!”

Qin Feng remained calm as his gaze s.h.i.+fted away, and he questioned, “Where is Lin Zheng?”

“What would be the reason for paying a visit to Mayor Lin?”

“Does that concern you?”

“No… no!” That person reacted and kept his questions to himself, and immediately answered, “Mayor Lin is now on the 8th floor, Room 808! This way please!”

Only then, Qin Feng nodded with satisfaction.

Bai Li exited from the pa.s.senger seat and stood beside Qin Feng, putting her hands around his arm.

Qin Feng uttered, “Let’s go!”

That person seemed to have just snapped out of a daze as he immediately moved forward and led the way.

Everyone in the surroundings looked at Qin Feng and Bai Li, they were puzzled, excited, and fearful all at once.

Bai Li frowned as she noticed the fingers pointing at them and the hushed voices in the surroundings, in the next moment, she took out her apt.i.tude user badge.

“Hubby, I have a feeling that we might get into trouble with these people, let’s put this on!”

“Trouble? Who’s the one looking for trouble, they should be grateful if we are not looking for trouble with them!”

Indeed, the sole purpose of Qin Feng’s visit was to look for trouble!

However, Bai Li was right.

It would be a good move to set a standard before causing a chaotic scene, or else, there might even be involvement of others who were irrelevant.

Qin Feng raised his finger and put on his E-tier apt.i.tude user badge on his chest.

The crowd that had questions about Qin Feng was immediately silenced, and everyone bowed their heads to show respect, everyone was afraid to take another glance at him.


The true top-tier of Chengbei colony.

There were not many of them.

Qin Feng led Bai Li across the lobby with large steps and got onto the elevator.

The lobby was then crowded with people, as if a bomb had been planted there.

Despite not many people knowing that Qin Feng had achieved E-tier, everyone had the feeling that he was up to no good.

What was going to happen?

Everyone was curious.

However, none of them would dare to follow Qing Feng.

At that moment, Qin Feng was already at the entrance of Room 808, the glamorous looking entrance door was soundproof, people outside would not be able to hear what was going on inside.

He did not have the intention to show his respect and knock on the door.

The double-door was then kicked open.

The highly-soundproof door that was made of dense solid wood could not handle the ma.s.sive force of an ancient warrior, and it fell with a loud bang on the ground.


The deafening sound from the impact shocked everyone that was enjoying themselves inside the room.

It was a huge contrast from the brightly lit and luxurious looking lobby, the room was only surrounded by dim lights as everyone was dancing around frivolously. Intense light from the outside projected into the room, the glare was hurting everyone’s eyes, and they could only see the silhouette of Qin Feng who was standing in front of the source of light.

However, as he walked into the room, everyone in the room quivered as they began to capture a clearer image of him.

“Qin Feng!”

One of them shouted and trembled visibly. The person who shouted fell silent immediately and hung his head, yearning to hide himself to avoid being noticed by Qin Feng.

Qin Feng’s gaze swept across the crowd, and finally, he found Lin Zheng.

Lin Zheng was stunned by the scene and could not resist the urge to question, he shouted loudly, “What is happening, you, why are you here, didn’t you go to the Xin family banquet, shouldn’t you be…”

Qin Feng scoffed coldly.

“Are you trying to say that I should have been slaughtered into pieces by the Xin family? Why am I still here!”

Lin Zheng took a step back unwittingly.

There was fear, guilt, and shock piling up in his mind.

“You, you survived?”

Lin Zheng replied, his face hardened.

“Mayor Lin, are you expecting something bad to happen to me?”

Lin Zheng was shocked by the question and was immediately jerked back to his senses, then, he replied with anger to cover up his evil thoughts, “You, cut the c.r.a.p!”

Master of the End Times

Master of the End Times

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