Master of the End Times Chapter 202 – Killing Lin Zheng

Chapter 202: Killing Lin Zheng

Lin Zheng’s face turned pale-white as all of his internal strength was being drained away, he had even lost both of the life-sustaining and skeletal-support ability in him!

“Qin Feng! I regret that I did not kill you when I first saw you!” Lin Zheng clenched his teeth in anger.

Qin Feng remained silent and raised his hand, another ray of black light appeared and landed on Lin Zheng.

Despite losing all of his internal strength, Lin Zheng was able to clearly witness Qin Feng’s ability.

“Dark abilities!”

Qin Feng was surprisingly a dual-ability user?

With such natural-born ability, it explained the reason behind his achievements, and also his capability to go up against the Dark-Robed Ripper when he was at the Muzi Mountains.

Qin Feng had hid his talent well.

Lin Zheng seemed to have found out the answer for his defeat.

It seemed like Qin Feng wanted to fulfil Lin Zheng’s wishes before his death, he answered, “That’s right, it is the dark ability, my ability has already been awakened since they day I took the awakening potion injection, and I had kept it as a secret from you, or else, you might have killed me on that very same day!”

The fear within Lin Zheng was clearly shown on his face.

“Is there anything that you don’t know?”

Lin Zheng did not expect every single secret that he had kept from Zheng Yang had been discovered by Qin Feng.

“Is there?” Qin Feng smiled calmly. “The only thing that I do not know is how you got connected with the Z Organization, and perhaps, you even have their contact number?”

Lin Zheng could feel that his body had already deteriorated into a terrible state, and he could not sustain his life for much longer, however, he did not want to give Qin Feng his answer.

“Why would I tell you!”

“I am sure you will!” Qin Feng had expected such a reaction from Lin Zheng, which was why he had chosen to inflict serious damage onto him.

Else, he could have killed Lin Zheng with a single hit when he was still at the Eagle Clubhouse.

Qin Feng held back his deadly attack as he knew that there was still something that he wanted to find out from Lin Zheng.

Now that Lin Zheng had been badly injured and was in great torment, his conscious energy began to fall apart.

Bai Li got closer and commanded, while her silver eyes dazzled under the moonlight, as if they were glaring stars from the sky.

“Look at me!”

Bai Li yelled at Lin Zheng, who was also an E-tier apt.i.tude user, and he was shocked by her aggressive move.

His consciousness became blurred and unstable.

“How did you get to know the people from the Z Organization?” Bai Li sounded the total opposite from her usual polite self as she gradually became serious and focused.

From her past memories, she knew that she was brought out from the Z Organization and her mother died within the laboratory.

“It was one of the managers who had approached me for a trade, where I secretly provided them ease of access to allow my son to become an ability user! Also, they had a recommendation letter from a top-tier personnel in Chengyang City!”

It was merely an investment.

“Whose recommendation?” Qin Feng was eager to find out.

However, Lin Zheng still had on a dazed expression.

“Whose recommendation? Bai Li repeated the same sentence.

“Liang Kan!”

It was out of Qin Feng’s expectation, however, it was still relatable.

Liang Kan, this person was crucial to the entire case.

“Who else do you know from the Z Organization?” Qin Feng asked, while Bai Li repeated the question.

Lin Zheng struggled to resist the control from Bai Li, however, his effort was in vain, and he answered, “n.o.body else!”

Bai Li increased the control exerted on Lin Zheng to ensure that he was not lying.

As Lin Zheng lost control over his conscious energy, he finally revealed every hidden truth in him.

“After kidnapping the newly-awakened ability users, I was afraid that Zheng Yang might be able to gather information that could potentially discover my involvement in the case, therefore, I sent my people to destroy the laboratory, however, they went missing and the laboratory was destroyed by other people!”

The information provided was interconnected with Qin Feng’s findings.

Qin Feng paused for a short moment and continued to ask, “Did Liang Kan meet with you, or did he just provide a recommendation letter? Was he involved?”

“No!” Lin Zheng answered.

“That’s enough!” Qin Feng waved his hand and instructed Bai Li to withdraw her conscious energy.

It seemed that it was all that Lin Zheng knew!

Lin Zheng began to feel puzzled as soon as Bai Li withdrew her conscious energy, however, before he could ask questions, his eyes were filled with darkness.


Qin Feng crushed Lin Zheng’s skull with his palm.

Lin Zheng was dead, with his eyes wide opened!

He had encountered the same fate as Jiang Shaoyang at the dark and narrow alley.

“It seems that Lin Zheng was an investor in this conspiracy, Liang Kan was the middleman, and actions were taken at the laboratory of the Z Organization. It was the same as what happened in Fu City!”

Qin Feng now knew that he had to be more cautious as he noticed that the case had become more and more complicated. He did not know whether his investigation would alert any hidden predator that might devour him to death.

With that in mind, Qin Feng decided to first set aside the investigation on Liang Kan.

“I shall look for him again once I have returned from Sea City!” Qin Feng could finally let go of this case that had been bothering him all this while.

He raised his hand and casted out a blazing dark-red flame.

In the next moment, Lin Zheng’s body was immediately engulfed in flames, soon, all that was left were only ashes and his runic inner armor, however, the armor was already destroyed and deformed by Qin Feng’s heavy attacks.

On the other hand, the highly-priced E-tier purple rune equipment that was on his body remained unscathed.

Qin Feng managed to obtain Lin Zheng’s spatial rune equipment.

Although Lin Zheng might not be the most powerful opponent that Qin Feng had ever killed, he was undoubtedly the wealthiest opponent among all.

“We shall take care of these when we get back!” Qin Feng gave his order to Bai Li to bring them back to the Eagle Clubhouse.

Everyone had left the Eagle Clubhouse as they were terrified by Qin Feng’s Fire Beam that had destroyed the entire fourth floor.

Even a single hit from an E-tier apt.i.tude user would be a disastrous thing for any ordinary civilian.

It was a difficult task to put out the flames that were left behind by Qin Feng, hence, every customer was terrified by it and ran away.

Without anyone taking charge of the Eagle Clubhouse, the rescue effort was also delayed.

Qin Feng did not have the intention to take care of the mess, he led Bai Li into the hover car and drove away from the main entrance.

Only then, Lin Zheng’s henchmen who were secretly observing him exhaled and felt relieved.

They were fortunate that Qin Feng did not annihilate the entire Eagle Clubhouse.


“What happened to Mayor Lin?”

“Try to call him!”

“I can’t get him!”

“Could he be…”

“What should we do now? If something bad has happened to Mayor Lin, there might be another round of restructuring in Chengbei!”

At that moment, everyone remained silent and gathered their own thoughts, as if each of them had formed their own a.s.sumptions.

However, fear was still within them.

While the hover car was still travelling back to the central part of the colony, news about the chaotic scene caused by Qin Feng had spread across the colony rapidly, and before arriving at Qinghu Garden, Qin Feng’s communicator rang.

It was Zheng Yang!

“Qin Feng, I received news that you had a quarrel with Lin Zheng? Are you okay?” Zheng Yang spoke in a deep voice as he asked anxiously.

Knowing that Qin Feng should definitely be able to take care of his own safety, it was Qin Feng’s ability that Zheng Yang had felt restless about.

However, Zheng Yang managed to calm himself down and suppress his worries.

Actually, Zheng Yang was already prepared for the worst.

Zheng Yang was different from Lin Zheng, he had his connections and contacts within Chengyang City.

Every top-tier elder from the Xin family had been defeated during the chaos that Qin Feng had inflicted on the family, and the aftermath caused by the chaos had destroyed the entire Xin family.

n.o.body could stop Qin Feng now.

Master of the End Times

Master of the End Times

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The age of darkness has arrived. When the rift to an unknown plane suddenly appeared on Earth, monsters invaded, beasts mutated while humans, the once-dominant species fell to the bottom of the food chain. A hundred years later, three of the greatest classes evolve amongst humans: ability users, ancient warriors, and gunslingers. Qin Feng, an orphan of this dark age was tormented just as he awakened his pinnacle level of special ability, barely surviving for ten years in the post-apocalyptic world. Hence, he was reborn…


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