Master of the End Times Chapter 208 – Yang Sanhu In Awe

Chapter 208: Yang Sanhu In Awe

In the next moment, a ma.s.sive dragon materialised out of thin air, wrapping itself around Qin Feng’s body. Pointing its head toward the heavens, it shot up vertically.

Due to the extreme temperature radiating from ground zero, the surrounding greenery burst into flames. Within a split second, the jungle was turned into what could only be described as a sea of flames.


Qin Feng called out as he pointed toward the scaled tiger. The fire dragon responded with a deafening shriek as it swooped down toward its target.

The scaled tiger’s hulking frame made itself an easy target for the fire dragon, which unendingly spewed forth jets of flames at the scaly beast.

While the scaled tiger was able to tank its attack, the sheer force from the fire blast pushed it nearly twenty meters back from where it originally stood.

Its claws which dug into the ground as it was forcefully pushed backward created deep, visible trenches in the jungle floor. The trees around it had been burnt to the point where they had become pure black charcoal, creating a wide, dark streak that divided the jungle canopy into two.


The two beasts clashed once more, their ear-splitting roars shaking the earth. Tall trees that stood around these ferocious monsters fell one by one, sending grey ashes that littered the jungle floor into the air.

Yang Sanhu, who was taken aback by the scaled tiger’s intimidating presence, was unable to partic.i.p.ate in the battle.


Yang Sanhu was at a loss for words!

In his previous battles with the scaled tiger, never once had he seen it balloon up into such a size. Its combat power now was mult.i.tudes more than what he detected in their previous fights.

And yet, its previous form was more than enough to send him and his team running for their lives. In its current form, the scaled tiger only needed to swipe once with its ma.s.sive dagger-like claws at Yang Sanhu to take his life!

However, despite it being such a ferocious E-tier beast general, Qin Feng was still able to maintain the upper-hand in battle and even managed to make it back away in fear.

Qin Feng’s combat power must have been sky-high, more than that of the scaled tiger, in order to do such a thing. Yang Sanhu was in awe.

‘A prophetic child! Is Qin Feng what they call a prophetic child!?’

Thinking about Qin Feng’s age and his current might on the battlefield, it was truly shocking to the core.

Any regular E-tier apt.i.tude user challenging a beast general all by himself was basically signing his own death warrant. To take down such a monster, one needed at least a hundred well-coordinated men to strike at it simultaneously.

Of course, for elite soldiers who were more or less on par with regular E-tier apt.i.tude users, a platoon-sized team could quite possibly bring down the same monster.

But right now, Qin Feng was fighting alone and was still able to crush his opponent.

A heat wave swept once more across the jungle floor, forcing Yang Sanhu to fall back a hundred meters or so.

On the battlefield, the area where Qin Feng and the scaled tiger were fighting was now burned completely white-hot.

“I’d like to see how long you can last!”

Qin Feng muttered to himself. On the other side, the fire dragon shrieked like a banshee as it dug its claws into the scaled tiger’s body.

“Roar!” The scaled tiger went berserk. It tossed around wildly in an attempt to get away from the fire dragon’s deathgrip.

At this moment, its scales started glowing ruby-red. From afar, it looked just like metal that had been removed from a fiery furnace, glowing red hot.

As the scaled tiger roared the second time, Qin Feng seized the opportunity to strike down on his foe.

Raising his hand, he yelled out, “Fire Beam!”

A precise ray of fire shot into the scaled tiger’s open maw, cooking it from inside out.


A dull explosion filled the humid jungle air.

The body of the scaled tiger, which writhed around in pain, struggled until it was completely motionless on the ground.

The earth, which shook as it struggled, had also finally come to a rest.


The ma.s.sive fire dragon that was circling in the sky above transformed into a line of flaming runes. Like a flowing red stream, it returned to Qin Feng’s body through the area between his brows.

The surrounding ground was still burning but the dying flames too, formed into fire-red runes and slowly evaporated into the air.

The only thing left on the battlefield was a layer of ash that caked the ground.

Realising that the battle had ended, Yang Sanhu came running toward Qin Feng’s position.

At ground zero, the colossal scaled tiger lay dead on the ground. Its body was still covered in a heavy layer of armor-like scales.

Holding the Verdant Emperor Saber in his hands, Qin Feng smashed down on these metallic scales, which clanged as it fell off the tiger’s body. Seconds later, these scales faded away into nothingness.

These were all made up by energy, manipulated by the tiger’s own runes. Once the energy was lost, its protective outer layer would soon follow.

It did not take long for the beast general to be left completely exposed on the ground.

The mouth-watering smell of cooked meat soon filled their senses.

Under continuous fiery attacks, the metallic scale layer that was supposed to protect the beast had turned into a makes.h.i.+ft oven that baked the tiger alive. The temperature within must have been incredibly high as even its skull had burst open, which presumably was the final blow that took its life.

The scaled tiger was now edible as was!

“Woah, that smells delis.h.!.+” Bai Li walked over with glowing eyes.

“Mayor Qin! You truly are a G.o.dsend!” Yang Sanhu said excitedly.

To kill off the beast general in such an effortless manner. To Yang Sanhu, this beast general was no joke as it had already killed off twenty-odd men from his team!

“It was nothing. I’ll take whatever I need from its body. You should have its meat, general!”

“Haha, that’s all that I could ever ask for!” Yang Sanhu responded.

“Give me a sec, I’ll clean it right up!”

Qin Feng skillfully removed the remaining scales using the blade of his saber. These were undoubtedly going to fetch a high price if sold at the market.

The ultra beast’s energy core was around the size of a human fist and was found in its cranium. Carefully lifting the core out of its head, Qin Feng tucked it away safely alongside the beast’s scales.

After that, there was the scaled tiger’s claws as well as its tail to be removed.

As a whole, Qin Feng estimated that these items could get him 10 to 20 million yuan.

While it was certainly a great amount for a single person, if it were the team effort of say, a hundred men, it would be a measly amount for any E-tier user when divided up.

And so, it took an awful lot of time for an E-tier user to advance into D-tier.

After dealing with all the sellable items, Qin Feng proceeded to carve up the scaled tiger. He made sure to slice a piece of meat for Bai Li to enjoy first before fixing breakfast for their team.

Now that the scaled tiger problem was resolved, Yang Sanhu could not wait to bring Qin Feng and Bai Li over to the spot where the hollow bamboo gra.s.s grew.

It was located at the foot of a mountain where only a fraction of sunlight broke through the dense forest canopy. A large boulder had formed into the face of a cliff from which cool mountain water flowed out, into the little pool where the bamboo gra.s.s grew.

If not for the scaled tiger guarding this area, this spot would have turned into a top-tier breeding ground for aquatic creatures.

Of course, if that were to happen, the hollow bamboo gra.s.s would have to be sacrificed to make way for these creatures.

While the scaled tiger was a true carnivore, it would still consume the hollow bamboo gra.s.s from time to time. Though, the beast general probably disliked its taste as only a tiny portion of these bamboo gra.s.s was eaten.

This led to the hollow bamboo gra.s.s being preserved for Qin Feng and co to harvest.

“Mayor Qin, the grand total comes up to fifty six stalks! Praise the lord!”

Yang Sanhu was euphoric. The Wilderness Rangers had truly struck gold this time.

“Right. I’ll deal with my portion on my own. I’m planning to transport it back to Fengli colony.”

“Sure thing! Would you like me to get someone to help you?”

“It’s not a problem! I’m fine on my own!”

Yang Sanhu no longer kept up the courteous act. He hurried over and slashed down his half of the hollow bamboo gra.s.s.

Qin Feng remained silent as he did his job. Using the Verdant Emperor Saber, he separated the stalks from the soil. A large number of them still had bits of dirt attached to their roots but he stored them into his spatial runic equipment regardless.

After completing their bountiful harvest, Yang Sanhu and Qin Feng set forth on their return journey. Throughout their time spent around that area, never once did Yang Sanhu pay attention to the pool of water.

“This half month’s worth of trekking and fighting finally paid off, haha!” Yang Sanhu said with a beaming smile on his face.

Their cooperation this time had seen Qin Feng unleash his full potential on the battlefield, hence Yang Sanhu treated him warmly. At the same time, the general started pondering upon something after seeing Qin Feng in action.

“Mayor Qin, do you have anything you’d be busy with lately?”

“Not much, really. Though, I will be going to Sea City to attend one of Wanzong’s auctions!” Qin Feng replied.

Master of the End Times

Master of the End Times

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The age of darkness has arrived. When the rift to an unknown plane suddenly appeared on Earth, monsters invaded, beasts mutated while humans, the once-dominant species fell to the bottom of the food chain. A hundred years later, three of the greatest classes evolve amongst humans: ability users, ancient warriors, and gunslingers. Qin Feng, an orphan of this dark age was tormented just as he awakened his pinnacle level of special ability, barely surviving for ten years in the post-apocalyptic world. Hence, he was reborn…


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