Master of the End Times Chapter 568 – The Hidden Realm’s 5th Layer

Chapter 568: The Hidden Realm’s 5th Layer

“Relax. Once the realm is opened you won’t be left behind!”

Wen Hai only half-heartedly took in Hong Lie’s words. Deep down, he was getting even more nervous.

He did not dare say anything about it and could only hope that Hong Lie would not break his promise.

At this moment, he noticed a small black dot appearing in the sky’s horizon.

“Boss! We’ve got incoming!”

A gunner peered through his long-distance sights and quickly locked onto the incoming black object. They soon recognized what was approaching.

“It’s a Sky Dweller hover copter flying at low alt.i.tude!”

The Sky Dweller was well known for its speed, but it was not a major threat when it came to combat. The creation of the aircraft, which was an awe inspiring behemoth of the skies, was second to none when compared to other kinds of machines.

Just as the gunner finished speaking, he was surprised upon realization that this hover copter was flying directly toward them.

This little hover copter sure had some guts!

“Boss, should we give them a warning?” The gunner asked.

Hong Lie paused for a moment before quickly saying, “No, he’s here!”

As for who ‘him’ was? Hong Lie did not say and everyone immediately went on high alert.

Looking at the hover copter as it got closer, those on the ground began to feel an odd, indescribable sensation.

“I thought President Qin would be bringing a modified aircraft. I’ve heard they’re equipped with energy cannons like the Floating City!”

“Yeah, it’s just a small hover copter!”

“Maybe it’s to show that he’s friendly?”

The hover copter finally landed while the crowd was buzzing with discussion. The moment it touched the ground, all discussion faded away.

Qin Feng and Bai Li got out of the hover copter.

He then proceeded to store the hover copter inside his spatial rune equipment. This meant that Qin Feng only brought two people here.

This moment caused even Hong Lie to feel a little impressed by Qin Feng’s boldness.

He had killed Hong Lie’s men and although he was cooperating now, there’s a chance that Hong Lie might suddenly change his mind and decide to take him down. Qin Feng’s side only had two people while Hong Lie’s side had one B-tier, ten C-tiers and forty to fifty more D-tiers!

‘Does this Qin Feng actually have that much confidence in himself? Maybe it’s overconfidence?’ Hong Lie guessed in his mind but maintained a welcoming posture.

Regardless of what it was, Hong Lie had no plans to drop all cordiality.

“Did you wait for long?” Qin Feng asked, nodding.

“Ha, no no, we’ve just arrived. Let’s go together!”

“Okay, together!”

The two did not delay with small talk either.

Wen Hai quickly organized his people and opened up the hidden realm.

Qin Feng could feel dark runes floating around in his surroundings and he could just about detect a hazy barrier forming into view.

Even if they did not remove this barrier, Qin Feng could still feel the dark runes around him. After all, it was an old trick he knew.

When the realm was exposed, it did not look very big. As the barrier disappeared, it revealed a staircase leading down into the void. There were four platforms in total and he could see the first to fourth level.

“President Qin, let’s go!”


When they stepped onto the beginning platform, there were some raised podiums. It looked like those used to have items on them. Whatever they used to carry, they were no longer there.

Qin Feng did not care much about it. The Red Sun Corp had gotten to this hidden realm before, so it was natural that they would have taken things away.

Qin Feng took point and quickly reached the 4th platform. That was where he saw a large gate barrier.

On this gate there was a dent like an upside down triangle, similar to the G.o.dwill Atlas’ impression.

He took out the G.o.dwill Atlas and manipulated it with his consciousness, causing it to fly out and enter this indentation. It fit like a glove, as if it was always meant to be there.

Woom woom woom.

Energy burst out from the gate barrier and quickly entered the G.o.dwill Atlas. Soon, the barrier disappeared!

Qin Feng inspected the G.o.dwill Atlas and realized that its energy had increased, speeding up its consciousness cultivation and had gotten more powerful.

“Haha, talk about twice the fortune! The jade cloak was only an E-tier item. Now it has reached C-tier, very fitting for President Qin’s use!” Hong Lie said.

“Indeed!” Qin Feng put the G.o.dwill Atlas away and followed the rest into the new level.

The 5th Level.

Unsurprisingly it contained all sorts of C-tier materials. Seal spirit herbs, beast king energy crystal cores and even some special spatial rune equipment. While their refinement method was different and seemed a little strange but it did not hinder their power.

The C-tiers of the Red Sun Corp were all very excited.

“What a great haul, President Qin, I’ll get someone to audit this immediately!”


Qin Feng nodded but he did not care about these. So what if it was C-tier equipment? He already had the Sacred Armor, why would these matter?

His attention was drawn toward the 6th level. If they could open up that level, maybe it would have B-tier equipment. Regardless of its price or future use, such a thought made Qin Feng excited at the prospect.

As if seeing through Qin Feng’s plan, Hong Lie obviously dropped his plans of sharing a 40 percent split.

“Thank you so much President Qin, everything has been accounted for!”

Hong Lie put the things his subordinates handed over to him and pa.s.sed it onto Qin Feng after putting them into a spatial rune equipment.

Qin Feng gave it a pa.s.sing glance and nodded. His eyes were still mostly glued to the 6th level’s barrier. “This realm has another level. Interesting, I wonder how many levels it actually has?”

“Haha, I too want to find out, but based on the data we’ve previously collected. It looks like it only has 6th levels but I won’t trouble you with this!”

“Don’t worry, President Hong. I don’t have any ulterior motives, I mean I’m young and I recently awakened. There aren’t a lot of hidden realms I’ve seen before. If you don’t mind I’d like to stay behind and watch so I can increase my knowledge!”

With how Qin Feng put it, Hong Lie could not just drive him away. Qin Feng did say that he had no ulterior motives, whether or not it was true was up to Hong Lie to believe.

“Very well. Then I suppose you can give me some advice!”

Hong Lie was only saying this to be polite of course.

When they approached the barrier, a crystal pillar materialized in front of them.

“What is that?” Hong Lie asked

Wen Hai had studied this realm extensively and hurriedly stepped forward to observe it. The others brainstormed suggestions but none of their theories stuck and they could not find out what purpose the pillar served.

“Maybe it’s just a roadblock? We can try chopping it down?” Wen Hai thought that it was something they could just break through with force!

“I suggest we don’t do that!” Qin Feng warned apathetically.

Master of the End Times

Master of the End Times

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The age of darkness has arrived. When the rift to an unknown plane suddenly appeared on Earth, monsters invaded, beasts mutated while humans, the once-dominant species fell to the bottom of the food chain. A hundred years later, three of the greatest classes evolve amongst humans: ability users, ancient warriors, and gunslingers. Qin Feng, an orphan of this dark age was tormented just as he awakened his pinnacle level of special ability, barely surviving for ten years in the post-apocalyptic world. Hence, he was reborn…


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