Master of the End Times Chapter 569 – Raising The Price

Chapter 569: Raising The Price

Qin Feng pointed toward the crystal pillar and said, “That’s a kind of consciousness crystal. You need to attack it with consciousness to be effective. If ancient warriors or another kind of attack hits it, then the energy stored inside would fire back toward the attacker!”

Wen Hai was startled and quickly took a step back.

Hong Lie was not sure if this was true or not when he heard it, but they would soon find out after some experimenting!

“Haha, thank you President Qin. If that gets opened up then you’ll be rewarded for helping out!”

Whatever these rewards were, Hong Lie did not specify but it would not be like the previously agreed 40-60 percent split, at most it would probably be just a few billions or so.

Qin Feng did not seem to mind, he was just going to sit back and enjoy the show.

He could remember that these kinds of crystals were used to create reflective s.h.i.+elds and they were a G.o.dsend against ultra beasts that only used their physical strength. With these s.h.i.+elds, their wielders were invincible in those situations.

However, these crystals were rare and could be mined conventionally.

At this moment, Qin Feng impishly glanced at Hong Lie whose gaze swept through his men until he was pointing at a fire ability user, “You go ahead and try!”

Hong Lie had ten C-tiers under him. Six ancient warriors, two gunners and two ability users. The fire ability user was not the strongest one and Hong Lie was only using him as a test subject.

“Yes, Sir!” The fire ability user nodded and walked a couple of steps forward. He stared at the crystal as he mobilized his consciousness before attacking.

It was a simple consciousness based attack, but the people around him could feel a strong wind kick up in front of the ability user. It carried no runes but a terrifying force that rushed toward the crystal’s surface.

The translucent appearance of the crystal pillar made it look like it was extremely fragile. Consciousness attacks were best used against living creatures, but if one had a strong enough consciousness, they could blast away crystals, solid rocks even, with ease using the amount of pressure they could put out.

That was why the fire ability user was full of confidence!

Soon something strange began to happen to the crystal pillar. As the consciousness. .h.i.t the crystal, the cylindrical object began to glow. It was not the whole thing that was glowing, only a portion of its lower half was and the glow was slowly moving up and disappeared when it reached five centimeters!

The pillar was about one meter in diameter and five meters in height. What good was a mere 5 centimeters?

The ability user was completely stunned.

He reacted quickly and said, “Boss, there’s a reaction but the previous idea was wrong. The crystal needs to be trickle fed, I’ll try again!”

“Hmph!” Hong Lie nodded in response.

The ability user mobilized his consciousness again, but this time instead of kicking up a violent blast he slowly trickled his power into the crystal.

The crystal began to glow again!

Five centimeters, ten centimeters…

Twenty centimeters, fifty centimeters…

The ability user began to turn pale, his consciousness had reached its limits and he was starting to dry up!

There was no way to go on, the ability user could only give up.

“Sir…” Even if he was a C-tier in front of his superior, he could not help himself from revealing a perturbed expression.

“It’s fine! Don’t force yourself!” Hong Lie had a foul expression on his face but he did not push the blame on him. His subordinate had already done his best.

“Sir, I’ll go this time!” The other ability user spoke up. He did not wait for Hong Lie’s approval and unleashed his consciousness.

At this point, the light from the pillar had already dimmed. When the consciousness was released, the pillar began to light up again but this time from the bottom once more.

This was when the ability user’s confident expression began to change.

He was known to be twice as strong as the other ability user that was called up.

It did not take very long for the pillar to light up to about seventy centimeters before it stopped moving.

“What…” The ability user was embarra.s.sed by this.

“Enough!” Hong Lie already looked very annoyed. He glanced over at the two gunners who responded by lowering their heads. There was no point, gunners were not as strong as ability users when it came to the consciousness department.

He glowered before walking toward the pillar, raising a hand to strike it with internal force

Then something shocking happened as the pillar flashed with light brighter than the glow that happened when the two ability users were interacting with it. The light condensed into a beam and shot out at Hong Lie.

This happened way too quickly. Everyone could feel that this beam was just as strong as the B-tier Hong Lie.

Color drained from Hong Lie’s face.


Hong Lie instinctively activated his internal force s.h.i.+eld to protect himself, but his defense was instantly broken through, shattering his s.h.i.+elding.

“Ah!” Hong Lie cried out, trying to activate his internal defenses again but the consciousness had already touched him. He suddenly felt very dizzy, his body refusing to respond properly as he was left mostly paralyzed.

‘Uh oh!’ Hong Lie thought.

“The president!”

“Quick! Protect the president!”

The people of the Red Sun Corp cried out. But it was too late!

All of a sudden, a wave of consciousness rushed through the air!

Qin Feng made his move!

When this burst of consciousness was released, it collided with the energy that was going after Hong Lie. The two energies connected before canceling each other out.

Hong Lie stumbled a few steps backward and almost fell to the ground.

Qin Feng smiled as he approached Hong Lie and said, “President Hong, even if you didn’t believe me you should have asked one of your men to test it. The crystal has the ability to reflect any damage it takes, back to the attacker, depending on whoever is. .h.i.tting it!”

When Hong Lie was conscious enough he suddenly felt a wave of embarra.s.sment and cursed in his mind, ‘This kid deliberately made a fool out of me! He didn’t say that before!’

He did not even stop to think that it was his fault for not asking.

By now, Qin Feng decided to not stay and said, “Looks like it’ll take awhile before you and your men will be able to break into the 6th level, President Hong. If so, then I won’t be staying, Fengli still has plenty of things that need my attention!”

Qin Feng was going to just up and leave!

Hong Lie’s eyes quickly s.h.i.+fted about and his face was unreadable. He was hesitating.

Soon, he made up his mind and put on a smile before loudly saying, “No, President Qin. Not so fast, I wouldn’t be bothering you for nothing. How about you and I work together to enter the 6th level?”

“Oh? I don’t know how the contents inside would be distributed.” Qin Feng said.

“Of course it will still be a 40-60 percent deal!” Hong Lie said.

Qin Feng shook his head, unimpressed by this deal. “I won’t be unreasonable, let’s make it 50-50!”

Hong Lie almost swore out loud. Not unreasonable? That was basically raising the price!

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