Master of the End Times Chapter 576 – Leading The Way

Chapter 576: Leading The Way

Obviously, Hei Xiong did not have anything to do with the Z Organization, he was merely an ordinary gunner that took advantage of his capability to bring gangsterism to the area.

Qin Feng was not disappointed either, as he was about to show the tattoo and ask Hei Xiong about it, he was struck by an idea and asked, “Do you wish to live?”

The offer had definitely prompted Hei Xiong, who was still trembling from Qin Feng’s overwhelming capability, with a moment of realization.

It was not that Qin Feng was not powerful enough, he was just being kind enough to spare his life!

“Master, it was my fault for not recognizing your mighty status!” Hei Xiong immediately kneeled down to beg for mercy and stopped acting tough, despite not knowing the true capability of Qin Feng, it was already intimidating enough to force him to conform to it.

“Well, recently, I am interested in a special medication, why not lead the way, and I will spare your life, how about that?”

“A special medication?” Hei Xiong was puzzled and s.h.i.+fted his vision toward Bai Li.

Could it be that this apt.i.tude user was facing problems in those areas? Was he looking for some medication to spice things up?

His expression was unusual while the others in the surroundings also gave Qin Feng their weird stares.

“Well, Master, those medications that you need, I will get them for you right now, would you prefer a stronger dosage, or mild and non-harmful ones?

The edges of his mouth twitched as Qin Feng realized that it was an awkward misunderstanding!

“I am looking for a medication that will promote mutation within apt.i.tude users!” Qin Feng answered in a cold tone.

Hei Xiong was struck dumb by the demand and tried to avoid direct eye contact with Qin Feng.

Qin Feng sneered and continued, “Seems like you do know the place!”

“Well, Master, are you planning to siege them?! But there are powerful apt.i.tude users among them, there might be presence of D-tiers that are equivalent to the duke of the Xue Yuan State!”

Hei Xiong’s fear was revealed as he described the presence of the duke, as it was impossible for him to come into contact with such mighty figures.

“Stop the nonsense, you just need to lead the way, why do you care about the things that will happen next?”

“Ah, yes, yes!” Hei Xiong was forced to bite the bullet and agree to the demand.

Qin Feng saw that Hei Xiong had agreed to his demand, however, there was no immediate action from him, as Qin Feng raised his hand, flames were blasted and pierced through the main entrance of the hostel and shot into it.


A miserable shriek was heard and lasted for a split second before the scene became absolutely quiet, however, every gunner that was capable of extending their conscious energy sensing to more than thirty meters had scouted on the situation and knew what had happened.

The lady boss of the hotel was struck by the flames and burnt into ashes.

It had only taken a second for it to happen!

It was too fast!

The crowd was struck dumb and cold chills went down their spines as they were intimidated by Qin Feng’s threat and showcase of power, meanwhile, it was also the price that the lady boss had to pay for betraying Qin Feng.

“Let’s go! Lead the way!”

Qin Feng raised his hand and summoned the Silver Bolt, and the appearance of such a luxurious looking hover car had further showcased Qin Feng’s distinct status.

Bai Li went into the co-driver seat while Qin Feng opened the door for himself, the gunners from the Dark Coalition trembled in fear as they stepped onto their own Snow Bears.

Qin Feng seemed to have recalled something and looked toward Zhang Chuan.

Zhang Chuan was alerted and immediately answered, “Thank you, Master, I have not gotten your name yet, and be a.s.sured that your kind act will be repaid in the future!”

Qin Feng remained unbothered and answered calmly, “You do not need to know my name, however, an advice from me would be, if you wish to safeguard a place, brace through and bear all consequences. If this place means nothing to you, leave as soon as possible to raise your capability, it would be worth much more than wasting your effort! Perhaps, years later, you might also become a mighty presence to take control of this small village, by then, n.o.body would dare to come over to rob anymore!”

Qin Feng completed his words and finally entered into the hover combat car, while Hei Xiong and the others were already on their Snow Bears, and they departed from the little unknown village.

Only Zhang Chuan was left behind, standing on the same spot like he had been struck dumb.

“Why would you speak so kindly to him?” Bai Li looked at Qin Feng as she was puzzled by his act of kindness, he had never treated any strangers so kindly before.

Of course, Qin Feng was extremely generous toward his own people, after all, it was them that had helped him a lot to earn his huge amount of fortune.

However, he would be very calculative toward strangers, and would not be bothered with any of their matters, except for those ordinary people that had zero threats.

“Well, he will become a powerful figure in the future!” Qin Feng chuckled and answered.

Qin Feng did not expect to meet Zhang Chuan in such a small area, however, Zhang Chuan, the so-called powerful figure, was an extremely powerful B6-tier before his rebirth, he was at least on par with the capability of an emperor. While being stationed at the Xue Yuan state, he had then become the governor of the state and had even cooperated with Qin Feng to resist against the Xue Yuan ultra beast wave.

However, he seemed to have just been awakened for two years, and was still planning to protect his birthplace village.

“If he were to leave there now, perhaps there might be leftover potential that could allow him to rush and achieve A-tier, however, it is all his own decision to make!”

“I do not understand at all!” Bai Li was confused and continued with another question, “Why would the lady boss voice out on us; we were not threatening her at all!”


Qin Feng smiled and explained the nature of the human psychological patterns to Bai Li.

Bai Li would eventually have to be exposed to the truths and lies of the humans.

Despite her powerful capability, Bai Li was still vulnerable to the pretentious humans.

Then, conversations of two people from outside the hover combat car was heard, while several gunners were riding on their Snow Bears as they stormed through the piles of snow.

Some would be envious, looking at the hover combat car that was closely following behind, however, it was like a glorious looking sword hanging by the neck, and it was ready to cut down at any time.

They were all forced to speed up in their travel and had to take on routes that would usually be avoided by other apt.i.tude users.

They have diverted from the main pathway and entered into a stretch of snow mountain region.

From the two hours of rus.h.i.+ng, all of them were short of breath.

Initially, they had already arrived at the village that Qin Feng was at, Hei Xiong and the others were thinking of looting the place and enjoying themselves. However, they were not allowed to have any food or drinks, they had to continue with their journey past noon, the bunch of G-tiers and the F-tier were starving.

“Faster, we are just an hour away!”

Hei Xiong and the others made haste, in their minds, they were planning to send the youngsters into the hands of the powerful ones, and they would be able to redeem their revenge.

However, Hei Xiong was being careful to not spoil his plan, an hour later, all of them stopped, hence, Qin Feng’s hover car had also stopped.

“Master, the a.s.sembly point of the influential parties in the area is just right in front, it would be better to not drive there, and the communicator of the Human Alliance, put them away, they can’t be discovered!”


Qin Feng agreed and got down from the car, and switched to the communicator that he had used in the Dark Coalition.

Bai Li had also found herself her replacement communicator. Furthermore, she had also shrouded herself in a dark cape to look secretive and to hide herself, among the dark influences, it was normal to appear in such attire!

Master of the End Times

Master of the End Times

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The age of darkness has arrived. When the rift to an unknown plane suddenly appeared on Earth, monsters invaded, beasts mutated while humans, the once-dominant species fell to the bottom of the food chain. A hundred years later, three of the greatest classes evolve amongst humans: ability users, ancient warriors, and gunslingers. Qin Feng, an orphan of this dark age was tormented just as he awakened his pinnacle level of special ability, barely surviving for ten years in the post-apocalyptic world. Hence, he was reborn…


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