My Vampire System Chapter 1006 – Who is the strongest?

Chapter 1006 – Who is the strongest?

When the others had heard what Brock had said, they were confused for a second. Throughout their whole journey, Brock had been avoiding a certain question. Whenever speaking, Brock would constantly talk about his master, and now when he saw Sil, he was referring to him as little master?

They were wondering what exactly Sil had to do in all of this. Looking at him for some answers. Sil had already lept back several feet and had both his hands out in an attacking position. He was constantly darting his eyes around the room.

Sil recognised him instantly, from when he was younger to his times when Vorden was in control of his body. This man had worked at the Balde mansion and wasn’t just anyone, but was the head butler there as well.

One of the strongest members outside of the main family, but this wasn’t Sil’s concern. If Brock was here, he feared that perhaps Hilston was here as well.

“Worry not, young master,” Brock said with a smile. “Hilston and the others are not here. In fact, although I am the Brock you know, I am not the same Brock that they knew.”

Tapping his face, in almost a second, Brock’s appearance had changed, and now instead of the dirty blonde hair colour he had before, it was greyed out, and a scar had formed over his right eye. His neat look from before was gone as his tangly black hair was flowing from both sides.

“I can see you are shocked, but there is too much to explain, and I would hate to have to explain myself twice. Besides, before that, didn’t you lovely ladies say you would give me a tour?” Brock asked as he bowed down to Layla and Erin.

Even they couldn’t get used to his sudden change. The ability that was just used had to be something similar to Peter’s transformation ability.

“Come on, let’s get to it!” Brock said. He was tired of standing around and was now ignoring Sil. “Remember, we still haven’t decided what to do yet. This is your chance to impress my master and me.”

The others all awkwardly looked at each other, and Sil had eased up a bit, but before doing anything, they thought they should call for one person first, Sam. He had been given a few details about this man, that he was a vampire, and Sam was told everything that Leo and the others knew about him.

It was only because of his okay that they let him on this s.h.i.+p. When Sam finally arrived, he looked at Brock.

‘If I’m right, then this man is related to him.’ Sam thought as he gave a smile and started the tour around the place.

It might not have been the wisest choice to show an enemy the base of the Cursed faction along with all their powers and supplies. Still, Sam knew that this man was alone, and even if he was strong, he wouldn’t be able to take them all out.

Besides, that wasn’t their goal anyway. If they truly wanted to team up with them and wanted to defeat the Dalki, then they would want to keep them alive as long as possible.

The tour seemed to be going well, or at least Sam thought it was as Brock didn’t say anything and just nodded. Sil, although he wasn’t meant to come along initially, had decided to tag along at the back.

He was still worried that something might happen, and if so, he would be there to stop it. However, things went a little strange when they entered a particular room.

Sam thought this was a must on the list if one was to impress someone because people were consistently impressed by his skills. They had entered Logan’s research room.

The sound of clanking and tinkering was heard as they entered the room. As usual, Logan wouldn’t look at them until he had at least finished what he was currently working on.

While they were waiting for him, they looked around the room, and that’s when Brock noticed a few things, such as a teleporter designed after the vampire ones. As well as a particular device.

“So this is the device that might cause us a heap of trouble,” Brock said, looking at it.

Although Logan wasn’t finished working on whatever he was working on, hearing the voice, he had stopped in the middle of doing something for the first time. A first for everyone. He lifted up his goggles and dropped the tool in his hand.

“Oh, false alarm,” Logan said, getting back to work.

“I guess we have both changed a bit since you last saw me,” Brock said and tapped his face again to change it back to his butler appearance from before.

After having just picked up the tool, Logan had dropped it again.

“Brock, Brock from Balde island, is Eno with you!” Was Logan’s first words.

Sam and the others didn’t quite understand why Logan had said this, but it looked like Sam’s guess was partially correct. Brock did have something to do with Eno.

“Wait, is the master he keeps referring to is Eno, this Richard Eno that Quinn has been looking for, for so long!?” Layla figured it out.

Back when Logan was on the Blade island, he had been set free by Brock and even told where to go to escape the island. He didn’t understand then, but he did know that Brock was trying to keep him going. He told him to search for Richard Eno.

In fact, with Brock being his only lead, Logan was thinking about going back to the Blade island to find him, but he never thought that he would see him on the s.h.i.+p.

“I guess now you all have too many questions to ask that we can’t continue our wonderful tour,” Brock said. “Very well, you guys have been patient enough. Let’s have a little chat, shall we?”

Inside the command centre, for the time being, the place was cleared. All those that would usuelly be sitting away at their terminals had been asked to take a break. This s.h.i.+p could mostly run on autopilot anyway, and Logan was there if anything serious happened.

Not everyone in the Cursed leaders had been called, only those that were present at the time. Sam still didn’t know what information should and shouldn’t have been shared. So currently present was Nate, Leo, Erin, Layla and from the other group, Sil, Sam and Logan.

“I know you have a lot of questions, and I know a lot of you are interested in who I …Who we are, so I would say please hold any additional questions you have until I have at least told my whole reasoning for being here, and again Sil, as I told you before you can relax. I a.s.sure you I am not part of the Blade family. In the first place, I am a vampire and always have been.

“However, my relations.h.i.+p with the Blade family is genuine, and I know everything about you, Vorden, Raten and all of the other kids at the temple.”

The piece that they finally needed was here. Logan wanted to know the truth, the truth of why his parents trusted Richard Eno, and what they have exactly been doing this whole time.

“First, I think it’s only right of me to answer the questions you have about Pure first. As stated before me, and my master work together, and you are correct. He is Richard Eno. We were deciding who we should put all of our resources into helping out.

“After all, the humans strongest forces were divided, and while they should have been fighting together against the Dalki, they were split. So Eno had no choice but to stay out of the limelight for a while, figuring things out as they went along.

“Also, there are far more moving parts than everyone here at the table probably realises. One change could affect a whole leap of change going on. Now about Pure, unfortunately, their base is located on a giant submarine, and their location is always on the move deep in earth’s waters.

“However, now that I have provided you with this information, then I’m sure you can figure out a way to track them. At least Logan can. If he could finish creating that Demon beast locator, he can create something that would be able to find a device as large as a submarine.

“As for the other question you had, I’m sorry about this, although we do know the answer, I do not. That will have to be a question for Richard Eno, as he is the only one that has personally met him.

“I only follow what he says, so I only know so much.”

Clenching his hand, Leo was a bit annoyed by his answer. He was expecting to find the person but now was told to wait even longer. However, after taking a deep breath, he realised being impatient would change nothing. He had waited so long, and finding out if his suspicions were correct or not, wasn’t a big deal. He would continue doing what he had been doing, a.s.suming it was that person.

“Now, what I’m about to tell you all next is very important, so listen up. This is about the Dalki, the vampires and the humans. If I was to ask you the question of who the strongest human in existence is, what would your answers be?” Brock asked. “Don’t worry, you can speak.”

“Oscar, the supreme commander,” Erin said.

“Owen Graylash,” Nate answered.

“Quinn?” Layla shyly answered.

“Quinn is no longer human,” Leo answered. “For this question, I would have to have faced every human in existence to know it.”

“No, you are all forgetting someone, someone that we don’t even need to fight to know that they are the strongest human. Hilston Blade of the Blade family.” Sam said.

“Correct, Hilston Balde, The blade family,” Brock said, looking at Sil. “They play one of the biggest roles in all of this, and they don’t even know it.”


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My Vampire System Chapter 1006 – Who is the strongest?

My Vampire System Chapter 1006 – Who is the strongest?