My Vampire System Chapter 1010 – (Updated clear cache) No big event?

Chapter 1010 – (Updated clear cache) No big event?

Time was going by quite quickly for Quinn, and now he was more cautious about when he would use his skills, or at least his full power. At the same time, he took this as an opportunity to practice himself. With the second stage of Qi, he was able to sense others’ Qi more clearly, and could even stretch it out from his body.

However, he couldn’t separate it from his body, which was what Quinn a.s.sumed was the third stage of Qi. Quinn was careful closing his eyes, listening and watching his surroundings. Seeing the flow of everyone around him, if a student’s energy was disrupted or afraid he could tell they were more likely to make a mistake compared to others.

‘These are the ones that need help the most, and If I can help them before there are any problems that will be great.’ Quinn thought

Acting before needing to act. It also seemed like the students had mostly forgotten what he had done, since they were far too concerned with the task at hand. As time went on, the student became better at hunting beasts.

“Hey, I think our group may be able to do something, and get a decent spot.” Venus said as they were taking a break looking at everyone around them.

There was another advantage Quinn’s cla.s.s had over other and it was the fact that they could hunt for longer without stopping. Some students had already figured out that when their MC cells were up, they could fight with Qi instead, and when their Qi was depleted they could switch to their MC cells to defeat the creatures.

Of course, not everyone could do this, as others needed both Qi and their abilities to defeat the basic tier beasts, and although Quinn thought this was an advantage, it really wasn’t. As those with a higher level ability tended to have more MC points to use their ability for longer in the first place.

The good news was, that Quinn had to get involved less and less with his students as they gained more confidence. However, that didn’t last forever. As people were actively defeating more beasts in certain areas, they were becoming more scarce.

So, s.h.i.+ro and his group decided to move towards the outer edge of the hunting area. After all, this wasn’t just a compet.i.tion between, but even in their, their groups would receive a certain amount of points.

When going towards the edge,they found what they were looking for and continued their hunt once again. The five of them were on a large mound of sand, killing sandworms rapidly, when something unexpected had happened. A worm from their left side leapt in the air towards them.

The worm seemed to already be injured with wounds on its body, but not wanting the beast’s teeth to dig into his flesh, s.h.i.+ro ended up cutting it on the spot.

“Hey, that was ours!” A group of kids said, yelling as they ran over, but when they saw who was on the mound they stopped for a second and started whispering to each other.

“What do I care?!” One of the boys said as he walked over. “The beast was already nearly dead and was from our area, so hand over the crystal.”

Like a magnet, s.h.i.+ro and the others seemed to attract trouble.

“Wait, were you guys attempting to steal it!” Another boy said coming up from behind and could see a girl from their group had already carved the Crystal and had one in her hand.

“You know you’re not meant to get involved with the other hunting areas. I’ll tell you what. You hand us three crystals for that one and we’ll keep quiet about this whole thing.” The boy said.

The girl’s hands were shaking and she had pulled out two more crystals from her pouch and was ready to hand it over to the other boys, when Swin stepped in front of her, blocking their path.

“No, if you had just asked for one crystal then we might have given it to you, but you can’t just bully and demand a crystal. We won’t be pushed around anymore.”

The boys started frowning as if they were annoyed at what they heard. They thought just like in the past, if they were to ask someone who was weaker than them to do something, it would be done, but they were actually arguing and fighting back.

However, a smile soon appeared on one of the students’ faces.

“Teacher, these kids were hunting in our hunting area and won’t give us our crystals!” One of the boys shouted.

It didn’t take long for their homeroom teacher to appear. A male with but he looked like he permanently had a vein sticking out of his forehead.

“What is going on, the rules were made clear from the beginning, I didn’t think I would have to deal with this stuff.” The teacher said, The man took one look at the kids from the other cla.s.s, he didn’t ask any questions at all and had already made his decision.

“You guys, hand over all the crystals that you hunted in our area.”

“Another one of these teachers?” Venus sighed.

“Don’t worry, I can’t believe they called the teacher because they can’t deal with the problem, but the two of us can play that game. Hardy we need help!” Swin shouted.

A gust of wind blowing up the sand in the air flew about everywhere. They covered their eyes to see a figure appear through them, and Hardy was there. Seeing how fast Hardy was appearing to all the students, Swin knew saying they needed help Quinn would be here in an instant, and he was.

“What exactly is the problem?” Quinn asked.

As soon as the teacher saw who it was, he started to sweat.

“Oh no, there’s no problem at all, I think just both groups were hunting near the border so there was a little disagreement about who’s beast belonged to who. I’ll take these guys a little more in and keep an eye on them.”

Before Quinn could even say anything, the teacher was already off.

“Well, that wasn’t what I was expecting, where was the big fight, the epic moment where Hardy shows them how much better he is than the others.” Swin thought.

“I guess it’s no longer needed, after what Hardy did to Head general Sach, I think no one wants to mess with him now.” Venus replied.

In a way, the students thought that perhaps the pressure they received from other students might have been over for them.


In the middle of the shelter, people were seen scrambling out of an establishment that was simply named ‘The bar’. They were unclear what was happening, but just knew two people were inside having a fight and the whole place was completely wrecked.

From outside several crashes and bangs were heard and the noise continued to be heard from within the bar, until eventually someone was seen being kicked through the air. Breaking the doors on their way out and landing on the hard orange ground.

“Frick this guy is tough.” Fex said getting up and wiping the blood from his mouth, his hand had already healed from the first wound. “After talking all cool like that, and then I get kicked on my backside. No this ain’t happening, not to a n.o.body.”

A few seconds later and the man was seen coming out from the bar.

“Whoever the owner is, I’m sorry for all the damage we have caused. I promise to pay it in full whenever I can.”

“Hey everyone!” Fex shouted standing on his two feet. “You’re kind of distracting staying here, do you mind if you scoot out of here a little bit so I can take this guy on?” Fex said.

“Oh, still haven’t given up. It’s good to know that the new generation have heart. Even if they are weaker, but it seems like after so many years no improvements were made. Weren’t you meant to be a direct descendant of the thirteenth family? If this is a direct descendant power, then the vampires may not exist for much longer.” The man said.

Fex was a little annoyed, after the man had pretended to not know him at all, now he was telling everything about him.

“That’s right, sorry, you now belong to the new tenth Cursed family is it, well it seems they are clearly the weakest of the families. ” the man said.

“Really, well let’s see if you’ve seen this before.” Fex said, as he concentrated and in his hands a giant needle was starting to form,

“A blood weapon and without using a blood crystal, now that is impressive, maybe I was wrong after all. Let’s go for round two then.” The man said.


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My Vampire System Chapter 1010 – (Updated clear cache) No big event?

My Vampire System Chapter 1010 – (Updated clear cache) No big event?