My Vampire System Chapter 1014 – A mistake!

Chapter 1014 – A mistake!

I took a lot for Quinn to finally reveal himself. He didn’t want to but what was the point when his main goal was changing the system so people’s lives would be better. If the people were dead, then it didn’t matter how much he changed the system.

After announcing his name, he thought that would be the end of it, but suddenly some of the teachers started to crack. They let out a few stifled laughs and even Innu started to laugh hysterically.

“We know you’re just some unknown from the Cursed faction!” Innu laughed. “To actually claim that you are their leader, what would a world leader even be doing attempting to be a teacher? Even a head general being a teacher is a stretch!”

However, the students from Hardy’s cla.s.s weren’t so quick to judge. They knew that Hardy was from the Cursed faction and knew that he had done so many amazing things, so they had tried to do their own research to find out just who Hardy was.

When looking however, they didn’t find anything, but when they started to search the Cursed faction and watched videos of the leader fighting, although Hardy and the leader from the videos weren’t exactly identical, they did notice some features that were similar.

However, Innu disregarded that a world leader would ever become a teacher and put their senses straight.

From the odd looking eyes of the teachers, Quinn was annoyed.

“Do I really need to prove who I am by showing you? I guess even showing you the shadow ability wouldn’t be enough.” Quinn said, as he entered his shadow s.p.a.ce and shadows started to surround his hands.

The second Innu saw his ability, his eyes widened and his heart began to thump so incredibly loud that a pain was felt in his c.h.e.s.t for a second. Innu was so confident that this person wasn’t Quinn and this was just an excuse. He believed he already knew what his ability was – a form of mind control, but now seeing the shadow there was a possibility he was telling the truth.

The shadow soon disappeared and now held in his hands in front of everyone, was Quinn’s platinum ID card, placing his fingers on the front, the card started to light up slightly proving that it was him.

In nearly an instant, the teachers who were making fun of him, all started to bow down out of respect and fear. They had to treat him just as they would treat Oscar, after all he supposedly controlled a force that was equal to the military’s in strength. Quinn was a single person who had so much power that no one would dare cross them.

Innu took a good look at the platinum card and stumbled a few steps back before eventually falling on his backside. He got up quickly and also bowed.

‘d.a.m.n him, is this a trick! It can’t be, that’s the platinum card only given to the world leaders. What the h.e.l.l was a man like that doing being a teacher? What happens if my words and his make it so the two groups clash against each other!’ Innu was panicking, but Quinn didn’t care for all that now.

“Wow, so he is the Cursed faction leader. We had the leader teaching us this whole time!” Swin said with a big smile on his face.

The students under Quinn were even more impressed that the Cursed faction took so much time to look after students at the academy. The world’s opinion of the Cursed faction was bad, but perhaps Quinn in the few weeks he had spent as a teacher had managed to change some minds.

“Okay, everyone listen up!” Quinn shouted in a voice so loud and booming that it could even hit the students at the very back of the thirty thousand student group. This was because he was able to use a form of Qi to project his voice louder than humanly possible.

“The Dalki are coming to attack this planet. It is not a question of if but when. They are coming and we need to prepare. If you want to live, I need you to do whatever you can to listen to me, does everyone understand!”

“Yes sir!” All of the students shouted in unison.

For some reason, the students were empowered knowing that a world leader was with them. Still they were frightened, they had only just fought against beasts not too long ago and now were supposedly going up against the Dalki. They could have never imagined such a thing just a few hours ago.

Quinn continued to give instructions, organizing the students based on what abilities they had, trying to set up a strong formation. He had the teachers help him, including Innu. Surprisingly to Quinn, Innu was good at something as he had the information of the strongest students and more in his head that could be put to good use.

‘It was clear Innu didn’t like being ordered around, but even he understood not to question Quinn.’

While the students were getting ready, Quinn wondered if they should head back to the shelter as it could possibly be a better place to protect, but it was some distance away from where they were currently.

‘Eno, just what is your goal in all of this? If you knew the attack was happening and you wanted to save humans lives, then why won’t you let me get any help? Are you trying to reveal my secret to everyone?’

There was also another question on Quinn’s mind, there was the possibility that depending on what happened, his secrets would be revealed. But right now that wasn’t his main concern. If his secret now had to be shown to the whole world, of what he could do and who he was, as long as he could save the others lives then that was fine with him.


At the same time, Oscar, who was still at the newly built school base in his office, had received an urgent report from one of his head generals that was in charge of the scouting section.

“Supreme commander, we have a problem. A s.h.i.+p has suddenly just teleported in the area of planet Caladi.”

Oscar knew straight away it was where Quinn and the other students were currently.

“Send them support immediately, we can’t let those students be harmed, and get everyone to return to Earth as soon as possible.” Oscar ordered.

“Sir, that’s the problem. All of our teleporters on the planet are currently not working. We can’t get through on any communication devices either. I have sent a support s.h.i.+p with my own strongest men, but even going through the teleport station it will be a while for them to get there.’

This had never happened before, even the Dalki in the first war and when having confrontations on other beast planets had never been able to jam their teleporters. It was a first for the human race going up against this type of thing.

‘So the war has started and Quinn, you are in the middle of it. In a way I am thankful that at least you are there. Please Quinn, I am counting on you to make this the first victory for the human race. It will give us great morale as we go forward.’

‘Also, protect as many lives as possible.’

Back in the sandy desert, after organising the students into certain squads and a.s.signing teachers to lead them, Quinn was ready to move out. If possible Quinn didn’t want any of the students to fight, but with fifty Dalki, even Quinn couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t get past him.

The aim was with a teacher leading a squad of students they could fight at least one until Quinn could come and help.

‘I still haven’t seen them arrive yet, we might have time to head to the shelter.’ Quinn thought as he was ready to make the announcement.

At that moment, all of the students could see behind Quinn something falling through the sky. Turning around after seeing their concerned faces, Quinn could now see it too. There were black pods falling from the sky, burning as they went through the planet’s atmosphere.

Most of them were heading towards their direction and that’s when Quinn had realised his mistake.

‘Wait, Eno said he spoke to three people? If that includes me and Innu, then that means he spoke to another. Were they in the shelter?’

The pods came crash-landing in the desert ahead of where the students were, each landing created giant piles of sand thrown in the air, and the force shook the ground violently.

The number of pods didn’t stop falling into the ground.

“How many Dalki are invading?!” Innu said as he saw the pods land, knowing full well how tough of a battle this would be.

At the same time, several pods had also crashed into the shelter.

‘d.a.m.n it! They landed at the shelter as well! I just hope there is someone there that can deal with them.’


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My Vampire System Chapter 1014 – A mistake!

My Vampire System Chapter 1014 – A mistake!