My Vampire System Chapter 1021 – Fex’s Secret (Part two)

Chapter 1021 – Fex’s Secret (Part two)

Everything Fex had been doing so far was for this moment. Red strings came from his fingers, and at the same time, red strings formed all over the Dalki. On the floor, the string also rose as he controlled it with his blood. So much red string had been created while Fex was busy avoiding its attacks and had tied up the Dalki in crucial places.

Now taking the needle out of himself, he chucked it towards Samantha. She knew what she needed to do and ran forward, allowing the needle to stab her in the back.

The soldiers were confused by this, but as she spun around and clapped her hands she commanded.

“Get ready to attack!” The nine tails with her soul weapon the hardened tips rose. Fex now no longer having the needle in him was finding it hard to hold the Dalki in place but he just needed to for a few more moments.

His muscles felt like they were tearing apart and his whole body was shaking trying to hold the Dalki in place. The nine tails had struck all towards the head, stabbing into the Dalki. The sheer power from the elemental users and also the Mechs continued to fire in as they charged forward.

No one had stopped attacking, but Fex felt his arms give out and the string was released, the Dalki wasn’t dead yet. In fact, it was getting stronger as it was getting weaker.

“Arghh! Screw you.” Fex said, leaping up into the air. Using his blood ornament to cover his hand, it was covered in a red aura and with all his might he had jumped into the line of fire, getting hit by the mech and a few elemental shots from behind. Squinting and grunting, fortunately he still managed to deliver his punch right to the Dalki’s head.

He cried in pain, tumbling to the ground with his back wounded and fell to the floor, where he just laid there.

At the same time, the Dalki too had fallen to the floor and had been defeated. Samantha, upon seeing this, immediately ran to where Fex was. His wounds were bad and she could see his back had been quite hurt from the mech’s beast laser shots.

“d.a.m.n it, I’ll get help, I’ll call a healer!’ Samantha shouted.

“It’s okay.” Fex grunted.

“It’s not okay, come on, don’t die. You need to live, I don’t even know your name.”

Fex smiled.

“It’s Fex.” And pointed to his flask that had skidded away from him.

She looked at what he was pointing at and dashed over to reach it thinking it was something important. When she picked it up the lid was open and she could see that blood had fallen from the flask.

‘It was blood inside that flask? Why would he be drinking blood?’

Nonetheless, she brought the flask back over to Fex, who attempted to pour it into his mouth. With only a few drops coming out he needed more.

For some reason, he had attempted to drink the blood and she didn’t understand what was going on. However, seconds later and a loud crash was heard. She turned her head and seemingly out of nowhere another two spiked Dalki had arrived and smashed one of the Mech’s with a single hand.

The soldiers attempted to attack it but were killed in an instant and the other mech was picked up and lifted into the air before being smashed into the ground. The mech was punching back, trying to fight, but it was clear there was an easy winner that would be decided between the two of them soon.

What was noticeable about this Dalki, was the fact that it had green blood all over its body. This meant that it had been in a fight before, and whoever had fought it had managed to injure it greatly.

If it was a beast this would be good news, but not for a Dalki who got stronger based on these types of things.

“No, c.r.a.p! What should I do?” Samantha asked, slamming the ground out of anger for how weak she was at the moment. She had counted that there were five pods and this was quite possibly the last of the Dalki in the shelter, but she couldn’t do anything.

Her MC cells had been spent and when Fex was injured, the soul weapon had disappeared.

“Blood….” Fex called out, as he looked from the corner of his eyes and could see the Dalki heading towards them.

“Blood, what are you talking about at a time like this?” Samantha shouted. She was wondering if she should try to flee on her own or grab Fex and flee with him, but it would be impossible to outrun a Dalki.

“If you give me blood, I can fight again!” Fex shouted. Although Fex had to hide his ability as a vampire, at the moment, he knew that both of their lives were at stake. He knew he was the only one that could save them.

‘This boy, he keeps saying crazy things, but he did drink that flask in the middle of the fight, so maybe he’s telling the truth!’ She had to gamble, and that’s exactly what she did. She quickly formed a sharp dagger with her earth ability, cutting the palm of her hand.

“This is what you need right, this will let you fight. Then please help us!” She shouted at Fex, allowing the blood to fall from the palm of her hand and drip into Fex’s mouth.

Almost instantly as the blood entered Fex’s mouth, his wounds on his back healed at a fast rate.

“Just what is going on, it actually worked?”

However, there was no time for celebrations or explanations as the Mech that was fighting with the Dalki had finally stopped moving, and now the Dalki’s attention was only on the two of them.

“Was it you two?” The Dalki asked. “Were you two the ones that killed the others!” The Dalki shouted.

At that moment, Fex managed to stand up. Although his wounds had healed, it was a different story about everything else. He was completely drained after having two tough fights in a row, and he wasn’t even sure he could produce string anymore.

The Dalki screamed loudly, making a roar similar to a dragon. The gust of wind was felt from his roar and was so strong that it knocked Fex and Samantha over.

Attempting to do the same, Fex took a deep breath in, and shouted back.

“Roarrhh!” Fex screamed at the top of his lungs. When he did so, he wasn’t the only one that had screamed. He was confused and thought he was going delusional with tiredness, but Samantha had heard it too.

“Fex, you can rest now. Don’t worry, leave it to us.” A voice said from behind but it wasn’t just one person, it was five of them.

“You guys, you’re here, how did you make it here?” Fex said, as his eyes were slowly fading. Just as he fell, Linda managed to catch him and slowly put him on the ground.

“Do you mind looking after this idiot for a while?” Linda said with a smile, putting her next to Samantha. “I think we have something else to deal with.”

Seeing these people, Linda wondered who they were. From the way they were speaking they clearly knew who Fex was. Which had given her a hint.

“Wait, are you from the Cursed faction?” Samantha asked.

Nate gave a thumbs up without turning his head, thinking that he looked cool and it would impress the pretty head general.

Members from the Cursed faction had arrived, and it wasn’t just any members, but some of the strongest from the Cursed faction.

“Be careful, it’s at its strongest at the moment.” Samantha warned, but it seemed like her warning had no effect on them whatsoever as each of them stood there confidently, ready to take on the Dalki.

‘The Cursed faction…Fex, just who are you guys?’ Samantha thought as she looked down at Fex’s tired face.


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My Vampire System Chapter 1021 – Fex’s Secret (Part two)

My Vampire System Chapter 1021 – Fex’s Secret (Part two)