My Vampire System Chapter 1064 – What would they do?

Chapter 1064 – What would they do?

The power of the Demon tier beast was running through every single person that had a mark. Quinn could feel the energy being spread out to each of them. Still, he also could tell that most of the power was being concentrated on Robin and the other Graylash members by his side.

‘I’m starting to understand why Demon tiers can be seen as so frightening. If it was patient, it could have taken over everyone slowly, and if it wasn’t for the system, we would have never found out about the marking. Everyone could have been marked, and then it could have attempted to take them all over at once.

‘And just how many beasts are under the control of the Demon tier?’

It was undoubtedly a frightening thought, and it made Quinn reluctant to go out hunting and to search for these Demon tier beasts. Thinking of Hilston having a full set of Demon tier armour meant he must have at least defeated four of these things.

‘Just how much of a monster are you? Would he have been able to deal with this easily? Am I still that far off from the so called, Strongest human?’

Thinking about this, it was only encouraging Quinn even more. He couldn’t just win this fight by the skin of his teeth. He needed to evolve and become stronger so Demon tiers would no longer be a problem for him.

With his HP at fifty percent, Quinn aimed to get rid of the troublesome ones first. The lightning strikes were fast, but he had an attack that could do something similar, but the move took up too much blood.

A flash step was used at the right moment to avoid a strike, and the second Quinn landed, he held out his fingertip like a gun firing a blood bullet.

[Level 3 blood bullet activated]

As the bullet went through the Graylash member’s hand, he felt great pain, and there was hardly any residence at all, but Quinn wasn’t done yet. After using the blood bullet, his finger would be out of action.

Unfortunately, Quinn couldn’t level up the blood bullet to level five and unlock the blood cannon, but there were a few changes to the skill.

After levelling it up, the blood bullet, rather than taking 1/5 of his total health, it would now take up 1/5th of his current health when in use. Which meant the lower his health was, the less it would take up.

Firing off the bullet in succession, Quinn aimed for accessible spots to hit all ten Graylash members, using every single one of his fingers.

As a bullet went towards Robin though, his body seemed to be encased with lightning striking the bullet, not allowing it to get through.

His health was now incredibly low. He used the blood bank to its fullest, healing him and his fingers up once again.

[Level three blood bank activated]

[100 millilitres of blood consumed]

Through testing with Eno, Quinn had learnt a lot about the blood blank. Even though he didn’t need to consume 100 millilitres of blood for his health to completely regenerate, this amount was what gave the quickest results when healing.

His fingers were back to what they once were, but now the blood bullet could no longer be used for another twenty-four hours regardless if his fingers were healed. The good thing about the new levelled up blood bank was now Quinn could store 300 millilitres of blood. Essentially giving him three lives in the middle of a fight, and it was more opportunity to use his stronger skills that took up more blood.

The Graylash men that had been hit weren’t out of the fight, but they were hurt, and Quinn wasn’t done yet. They continued to fire lightning towards Quinn, and he could now see Robin charging towards him as well.

‘Isn’t he afraid of getting hit by the lightning?’ Quinn thought.

However, even if the strikes from the others would hit him, they would do nothing, being reflected from the lightning off his own body. His power would just strike the other strikes, and he would continue to charge forward. Faster than any human he could see. Quinn couldn’t avoid all the attacks, so some would hit him from time to time, but there was one person he needed to avoid, and that was Robin.

He was moving too fast for Quinn to even have time to use his flash step; he knew a collision was incoming. Moving his blood, it started to harden. Blood hardening was another skill Quinn had learned from Eno, but he could only get it up to the second level.

Moving his second stage of Qi to reinforce it, he took the blow head. It looked like a rocket had collided straight into Quinn’s stomach as the two of them were dragged through the air.


‘Even with the armour on, the hardening, and Qi, it still does this much damage!’

Robin’s body was all encased in lightning, but Quinn was able to slip away from him as the blood started to move, creating a barrier between the two of them. With the Qi helping out, he could detach himself from Robin’s attack, and fell to the ground.

“My target was never you in the first place,” Quinn said, breathing heavily with his c.h.e.s.t full of pain from the attack. He held out both hands and looked at the nine others.

[Blood expand activated]

Suddenly, all of the nine Graylash members had parts of their bodies explode, blood ripping out from their skin. Some had been hit in the leg. Others had blood gus.h.i.+ng from their arms. They weren’t dead, but they certainly were now heavily injured that they couldn’t fight like they did before.

Blood expand, wasn’t a skill that vampires used, but something Quinn had learnt to do after figuring out his blood control. After firing off the blood bullets, Quinn had to use an immense amount of control to control the shots so they would remain inside the Graylash members. It had entered a part of their body but never left it.

The blood bullet was a condensed form of Quinn’s aura, and through blood control, Quinn was able to make the blood bullet inside their body expand and go wild. Destroying a part of a person from the inside out.

[Blood bank activated]

[100 millilitres consumed]

[100 millilitres remaining]

“Now that these annoying guys are out of the way, I can finally deal with you!” Quinn shouted, looking at a furious Robin.

[Activate Nitrate accelerate]

Pressing off his foot, he dashed left, right, and then straight towards Robin.

Sending out a strike from each of his fingertips, Robin still had an answer. His first attack had missed, but the following nine somehow managed to hit Quinn.

It zapped his body, sending him spinning in circles through the air. The next second, Robin was above him and slammed two fists filled with lightning hitting Quinn into the ground.

Using the last bit of his blood bank, he quickly used his new speed to get away but was now constantly running in circles around Robin. It just looked like a blur was running around the place.

‘What happened? How did he attack me when I’m moving so fast? Was it because I stopped moving? Then I’ll just keep moving so he can’t hit me.’

“You’re a fool, I have to admit you are fast, and maybe the move would have worked on me if I hadn’t seen it before, but do you really think that you can outrun the power of lightning? The attacks may be weaker, but I can hit you anytime I want!” Robin said, now throwing out more little sparks of lightning in all directions.

He didn’t know where Quinn was but just needed to hit him once for him to slow him down as his body reacted to the hit.

‘If only I had my shadow!’ Quinn gritted his teeth. ‘I can’t win without using it, I can only do one thing then. I have to do it!’ Quinn thought.

A wall of red blood aura was raised in front of him, blocking off the first wave of lightning attack. It was smashed in seconds. Quinn knew that Robin could just make the same attack again, but that wasn’t what he was aiming for.

All around, shadow portals opened up, and the hundreds of Marked that he had in there, were all released from the shadow s.p.a.ce. In an instant, they all turned to attack Quinn, but with his speed, he could avoid them all without them ever seeing him.

The small lighting strikes would hit them, hurting them, but wouldn’t kill them, and now Quinn had Robin in his sight.

Bending his knees slightly, Robin got into a strange position. He looked like a sprinter and lighting started to run up his arms and legs. The Demon tier beast was activating Robin’s soul weapon.

“You have to attack me at some point, and even if you touch my body, you will be zapped before anything can happen!” Robin shouted. The lighting continued to grow and was now wholly surrounding his body.

It truly did look like if anyone touched him, the fight would be over. Then Quinn suddenly appeared in front of him, standing there.

Without hesitation, Robin charged forward using all of his power to hit Quinn’s Body. The two of them collided, but something was strange. There was no weight when Robin slammed into Quinn. The lightning from his body struck Quinn many times, and his body soon turned into nothing but shadows.

When Robin’s acceleration started to slow down, he was at a speed where he could no longer stop himself, he could see another Quinn directly in front of him a distance away. His hand was shaped like a drill covered in the red aura.

He stomped his foot on the ground, and timed the punch perfectly. The only thing Robin could do, was to lift his body slightly to avoid the attack. With the last of his powers, he struck the floor, lifting him slightly off the ground, but it wasn’t enough. There was too little time.

The hammer blood drill slammed into Robin’s stomach, his arms, legs and head swung forward from the sudden stop. His body was thrown halfway up stopping at Quinn’s shoulder and even caused his feet to slide across the floor. The veins on Quinn’s neck showed as he fought against the velocity and weight until they eventually stopped, and Robin’s body was no longer moving.

“I’m sorry…I couldn’t keep you alive…” Quinn said.


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My Vampire System Chapter 1064 – What would they do?

My Vampire System Chapter 1064 – What would they do?