My Vampire System Chapter 1082 – A better pair of weapons

Chapter 1082 – A better pair of weapons

The frequency of the swords clas.h.i.+ng against each other made it seem as if someone was conducting a military firing drill. The sounds originated from the battle between none other than Leo and Erin.

Erin was being the aggressor in the fight, as she constantly pushed forward, swinging her blade time after time again, but no matter how hard she tried Leo managed to block each strike with a little a.s.sistance of his soul weapon. However, he didn’t just block them, no he simultaneously guided Erin’s aura to focus on certain areas.

‘My guess seems to be correct, I have never seen Erin move this fast before. As a vampire knight trained in Qi my speed doesn’t lose out against the other vampire leaders, yet somehow she is able to keep up with me, which can only mean one thing. She must have evolved!’

‘Was it due to having been suppressed and then taking it off? Her overall appearance has barely changed, except some minor changes here and there. I doubt anyone would notice, unless they had spent as much time as me with her, but the energy inside her is running wild. I need to do something.’

As her mentor, Leo had instantly noticed that her swings today were wilder than usual, focusing on speed and strength rather than technique. However, what he couldn’t see with his blind eyes was the color of her actual eyes… or more the lack thereof.

At the moment, her black pupils weren’t visible, and she was completely unconscious. Her aura alone this was something Leo couldn’t quite tell, he just thought that she had just given in to the urge.

Using his soul weapon, Erin’s sword got s.u.c.k.e.d into a spot just underneath his armpit by his ribs. The thrust had missed its target and he quickly hit it down into the ground, before barging into her with his shoulder knocking her away.

“You fell for that move again!” Leo chided her. “Even if you have evolved and are faster, what’s the point if you haven’t learnt anything?”

The sword was stuck in the ground, and it looked like Erin had nothing left to use, yet she suddenly held a chain that she swung out and that wrapped around Leo’s sword. The blind man quickly felt the Qi energy that he had infused into his weapon was being suppressed by it.

‘The suppressing chains? She still has them with her? Good, this means there is a chance now!’ Letting go of the weapon, Leo allowed it to drop to the ground, and he quickly slid on the floor hitting both of Erin’s legs, toppling her.

While on the floor, Erin snarled and yanked the chain with the sword attempting to grab Leo’s weapon in her hand, but her wrist was soon stepped on, and Leo had grabbed the weapon.

“Nothing that I say seems to go through to you, but still I’m sorry about this.” Leo spoke.

Erin got up from the floor, and Leo had let go of her wrist, now she had nothing in her hand, neither the blade nor the suppression chains. Then diving in head first, Leo went to strike with his weapon, or so she thought, what he actually did was simulate one of his attacks with the third stage of Qi.

As Erin tried to dodge it, she missed the fact that the chains had also been sent out and were now wrapping around her legs. He then continued to run around Erin in different areas as fast as he could, wrapping parts of her body, and finally grabbing her sword. He had stuck part of the chain deep into the ground along with the sword, through the links, until only the hilt of the sword could be seen, making it so Erin could no longer escape.

Parts of her body had been wrapped by the chain, and it seemed like the suppression skill was working as her screams were lessening.

“I know you just wanted to help.” Leo said. “And you did a fine job. If it was just me fighting against the Dalki it would have been a lot of trouble.”

Going up to the chains, Leo skimmed his hands on top of them, and pushed Erin so she toppled to the ground, looking like a mummy on the floor.

‘Keep her bound my friend.’ Leo ordered, as he needed to focus on another enemy. During the fight, Leo was nearly fazed, distracted because he had felt a high source of energy, but he hadn’t had the leisure time to split his attention away from the fight against Erin.

‘How much Qi does that man have? No, this is slightly different, the energy dispersed around his body is coming from somewhere else.’ Leo thought as he looked on.

“You look confused.” Chris grinned at Leo’s wondering face. “It looks like you haven’t been taught this yet, so I guess that means you really are the person he was looking for. You should already know that every human’s body forms a soul weapon during their teenage years and that it takes shape with one’s ability?”

“However, what do you think happens to those who never got an ability? Does that mean that they can no longer use a soul weapon? Well that part may be mostly correct, but the energy inside the body will still be there and as such, with the right training, it can be used in many ways. I suppose the ability users just all focus on using it in the form of a soul weapon.”

The weapons that Chris had in his hands were turning red at this point. The Dalki stayed high in the sky thinking that it was safe, but with a single push of Chris’ legs, he crushed the ground beneath him and now the two of them were at equal height as well.

Chris first swung his chains across from one another, and the Dalki easily flapped its wings to avoid the blow, then started to fly straight towards the aggressor. It was flying at an incredible speed, but Chris was unfazed and suddenly, the Dalki felt something on the top of its wings. It was the weapons. Even though they had missed, they had chased after the Dalki from behind, attaching to it.

Moving his hands down, it lifted the Dalkis body up so its body could be seen. Chirs jumped using the ari, and lifted his two legs, kicking the Dalki in the c.h.e.s.t. Dred’s body didn’t move much, but Leo saw two shockwaves come out from his back and green blood started to drip from the invader’s mouth.

‘It looks like he is producing internal strikes, but is he focusing on that aspect?’ Leo pondered on how Chris was using his weapon.

Next, Chris clenched his fists and hammered down on top of the Dalki’s head, sending him back down to the ground. A large crater formed where Dred landed and he spit out even more of his green blood.

With the weapons still attached to Dred, Chris was able to retract them, propelling him forward to where Dred was and slamming his two feet towards the Dalki’s face to finish him once and for all.

“What would your comrades think about you, knowing you lost against a ‘weak’ human, especially one without an ability?” Chris taunted the dying creature, only for his smirk to vanish the next second. Instead of feeling the impact of the other’s head, his foot had been grabbed by the Dalki’s good arm.

“You should have kept your distance, vermin!” Dred replied with a smile on his face, blood dripping down his c.h.e.s.t, as he lifted up Chris and flung him into the ground holding him by his one leg.

Dred continued to slam Chris, from side to side into the arena ground, causing more and more cracks in the colosseum and from the looks of it, it might have collapsed at any second. Suddenly, Dred stopped, coughing out even more blood than the Dalki had before.

‘Chris is neither faster nor are his strikes any more powerful than before. The Demi-G.o.d tier weapon and his Qi trained body already made him as fast as the Dalki and allowed him to compete with a vampire of my speed.’ Leo continued to observe the situation from the side.

‘It seems like he is currently burning through his soul weapon’s energy inside of him, and it has allowed him to reinforce his Qi, to the point where even a single punch acted as an internal Qi strike.’

A simple way to put it, would be that every single one of Chris’ normal punches and kicks was like a hammer strike from Quinn. Even if the Dalki didn’t have external wounds, his insides were being destroyed by the second.

Wiping the green blood away, the Dalki threw it out onto the floor, and could see that Chris’ skin was starting to fade in the colour as well.

“So that’s it? Your little show is over!” Dred spoke as he stopped his a.s.sault on Chris. “I have to thank you, your attacks have allowed me to grow even stronger. You’re the first one to push me to this point! Let that be your last solace! After this, I’m going to kill every single person in this city, before I go back to where I was meant to be!”

Chris smiled, still holding onto the two Demi-G.o.d tier blades. His body felt incredibly weak as using the fourth stage of Qi wasn’t something even he could handle for a long period of time. He had long since crossed the safe period and now his body was paying the price. If one person was to use it too long, they would have to fuel it with real life energy, and it would be a wonder if they were to see another day.

As a desperate last resort, Chris threw both of the Demi-G.o.d tier weapons with all his might. Dred was able to evade, without even having to move. They just skimmed past his shoulders.

“A weak final attempt.” Dred shook his head in disappointment.

“This wasn’t aimed at you, I just wanted to pa.s.s him a better pair of weapons.” Chis explained, smiling.

The next second, the Dalki suffered two slashes on his head… it was the last feeling he would ever experience. His head was no longer on his shoulder and rolled out onto the floor, blood started to squirt out from its neck on to Chris and its body followed after falling to the ground as well. Leo now stood in front of the bloodied Chris, holding both of the Demi-G.o.d tier weapons.

The four spiked Dalki, was finally defeated, thanks to the help of the number one ranked Pure, a little help from a blonde girl that just wanted to prove her worth, one of the kings of the Familiar World, and finally, the hero of war, the blind swordsman.

“I guess that’s it. You’re going to finish me off then?” Chris asked, looking at Leo, unable to move. “Teacher told me that me and you would have to fight one day… I just never thought it would be like this.”

“Who exactly is your teacher?” Leo questioned, in antic.i.p.ation.


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My Vampire System Chapter 1082 – A better pair of weapons

My Vampire System Chapter 1082 – A better pair of weapons