My Vampire System Chapter 1098 – A pick up

Chapter 1098 – A pick up

Quinn had been under the impression he knew everything about vampires and humans. However, humanity had lived for thousands of years, and yet they continued to discover new things like abilities and vampires. It hadn’t even been long since they were discovered both, so of course things like this would come up.

It was only now that Quinn was starting to realise the true danger that Trudream and his ability represented. If he was able to pa.s.s abilities over from vampires and humans, it meant that humans could also learn the shadow powers that Quinn had obtained.​ ​

At the same time, the opposite should be true as well. What if a person was to kidnap a Truedream and use them? Perhaps they could even take an ability like Sil’s and place that into a vampire.

‘That’s a really scary thought. One of the strongest abilities in the world inside a vampire. It’s almost like creating a super vampire.’ Quinn’s mind started to wander.

“So is Jack Truedream still alive? Is he really with Jim?” Quinn asked.

“From the way you are acting, it seems like you have caught onto what I was saying, but you are asking the wrong questions right now.” Eno shook his head. “Do you know what actually happened to Jack Truedream?

“They had gone to Blade Island, in search of the shadow ability that you had shown off. However, Jack had vastly underestimated the true powers that the Blade family held, and it didn’t take long for them to overpower him and his men, but during their little battle the Blades revealed something to them. They had used the Demon tier beast. Can you guess what happened next?”

Quinn was a bit slow on the uptake but Sam was a little quicker to understand. Brock had been a spy of the Blade family, he would have known all of the details of what was to happen. So if Eno was saying the Demon tier beast was used, then this would be true. If that was the case, then Jack had also seen the beast being used.

If Jim Eno has really captured Jack, then they may already know where the other half of the Demon tier beast they were looking for was. However, there was also the chance that Jack had no clue what level the beast was atm and that’s why they still had yet to do anything.

Finally Quinn had realised this as well.

‘But is Jack working with Jim willingly, or has he been captured?’ Quinn thought. ‘Also their network of information doesn’t seem to be as large as Richard’s. Especially if they don’t really know who I am. So unless Jack tells them, or Eno a.s.sumes something is up, they may never find out.’

“We have to move the Demon tier beast now before it’s too late. Even if they don’t have Jack, we still need to be cautious. I’m afraid bringing back your friend’s partners might have to wait a little longer.” Eno said.

Quinn needed to think fast. It was true that they might be running out of time, but for the whole Dalki to appear, they would have to enter through the s.p.a.ce station, which was being guarded by the Earthborn and the Graylash family.

They still had some time until he needed to be there. At the same time, the Dalki should be more cautious after nearly losing two four spiked Dalki. Before heading to the Blade Island, Quinn, who thought it was vital, picked up something.

“I know there is a chance, that the Dalki and vampires have a way of appearing on Earth, but I need to quickly check something.” Quinn said. “Sam, you head off with Eno, and make preparations for everyone. Let me know when you plan to head to Blade Island.”

“Tell Sil what needs to be done, and bring whoever you think we’ll need. Also, remember to bring along him as well. He is vital for this whole thing to work.”

Sam nodded and understood the instructions well, and for the first time, it seemed like Eno was taking things seriously. He didn’t joke around and had headed off with Sam.

‘If everything works out, then maybe we will just need to put Vorden and Raten in a temporary place for now. If we move the Demon tier beast first, maybe we can even put them back in Sil’s mind for a short while, and then move them back to their own bodies.”

‘Im sorry Sil, but it’s just bad timing. The one thing I am sure about, is Eno wants to defeat the Dalki, so if he thinks it’s important to move the Demon tier, then this is something we need to do.’

Before going off to where Quinn needed to be, he had brought out his mask and attempted to get into contact with one of his strongest fighters, Leo.

As he answered, Quinn explained the current situation to his Vampire Knight, and asked him if he could join him any time soon to help out.

“I’m sorry Quinn.” Leo apologised, after hearing him out. “I said I would be there if you needed help, however the outcome at the moment was not what I was expecting.”

For some reason, Quinn’s heart started to thumb as he heard these words. It sounded like Leo was troubled, but if he was in trouble, would he be too stubborn to ask Quinn for help?

“I know what you might be thinking, but everything is fine with me. It’s Erin I am worried about. I promised you that I wouldn’t let her harm anyone, but I’m afraid that if I come back now with her, I might not be able to keep that promise.”

Of all things to happen, it seemed like Erin was facing her own problems as well.

‘Is this due to her being a Dhampir? Did something happen when she thought the Dalki, or could it be Eno was right and the bloodl.u.s.t in her has been growing day by day and is about to be too much for her to bear?’

“I will solve this Quinn. Erin is my student, I won’t allow her to be harmed and I will not make her do anything that she will come to regret. I have done that myself once. Please Quinn, I ask you, if you want to help Erin, do not summon me unless your life is on the line.” Leo answered and the call ended right then and there.

Quinn initially wished to head on over and see if there might be a solution, if somehow he could help Erin, but he also knew that most likely the only person that could help, wouldn’t be him. Eno would most likely just kill her, saying she was a threat they had to get rid of.

Just like how he had killed the vampire in the interrogation room.

‘All I can do is complete the tasks in front of me as soon as possible.’ Quinn thought as he activated his Shadow link. It soon connected to Linda. In a few seconds, he arrived right where she was.

“Quinn!” Linda exclaimed, her face all red.

Quinn looked around to see where he was, and they seemed to be in one of the shelter rooms.

“Sorry Linda, I’m in a bit of a hurry.” Quinn apologised, as he quickly went out through the door.

Suddenly, a gasp of air was heard.

“Do you think he saw me?” Wevil asked, whose face was just as red as hers.

“No I think his mind was too busy on something, come on we can’t keep messing around.” Linda replied.

With so much time having pa.s.sed, Quinn was hoping that Alex would have figured out just what could be done, with the Demi-G.o.d tier crystal, and the Demon tier crystal. These were the things that he needed, before heading off to Blade Island.


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My Vampire System Chapter 1098 – A pick up

My Vampire System Chapter 1098 – A pick up