My Vampire System Chapter 1100 – A crystal problem

Chapter 1100 – A crystal problem

Thanks to Quinn’s shadow abilities, and the fact that other users with shadow abilities were all over the place, it was as if Quinn had access to his own personal teleport array. Whenever he wished he could move himself to their location without the need to rely on technology.

Whatever jamming equipment the Dalki had was useless against Quinn, allowing the Cursed faction leader to meet up with Alex who was hammering away in the forging room of the Orbus faction base. ​​

‘I guess he’s always busy hammering away, even when he’s away from the main base.’ Quinn thought as entered the forging room. Alex seemed too focused on his task to notice his arrival. ‘I would love to give him a break at some point, but it seems like none of us can catch one at the moment.’

It was far smaller than Alex’ personal forge on the Cursed s.h.i.+p, with only a total of three forging areas, whereas the Cursed s.h.i.+p nearly had four times as many forging stations and extra s.p.a.ce for everyone to work in. The first thing that caught Quinn’s eye though, was the smile on Alex’s face as he forged away.

‘He doesn’t seem to regard it as work. That is probably his secret, how he can do it for so long without complaining.’ Quinn thought.

Soon though, his eyes started to wonder as there was someone else in the room next to him. It was hard to tell the man’s age, but judging by the few gray hairs in his beard and curly hair, Quinn could only a.s.sume he was quite the old fellow.

However, his body told a completely different story. The man was s.h.i.+rtless with nothing but a pair of tight brown trousers that looked two sizes too small. He was built like a tank with muscles over muscles, and was watching Alex carefully perform.

He had the standard look one would expect when they were to see a forger who worked on creating beast weapons, unlike Alex whose body frame was small but still strong.

Since he was only overseeing the work, the large man noticed Quinn’s arrival. However, he didn’t say anything, just put a single finger against his lips. A sign that it was important to remain silent.

Quinn carefully nodded and they both proceeded to watch Alex, until he was finally done crafting what needed to be done. It looked like a regular sword but clear attention was spent to crafting the sword to the best of its abilities. It was only an advanced tier weapon so it was surprising that Alex still worked on things like this.

“Quinn!” Alex exclaimed shockingly, as he moved the sword ever so slightly to see the other in the sword’s reflection. “When did you come back? Couldn’t you have at least given me a heads up before coming out here?”

“Sorry.” Quinn replied, scratching the back of his head. “Things have moved along quicker than I thought.”

“Oh, I almost forgot, this here is Andrew!” Alex introduced the large man to his side. “He is the forger that Sam and Logan found for me, the one who worked on the last Demon tier weapon for Oscar, and he’ll be helping me create your Demon and Demi-G.o.d-tier equipment for you.”

“It is a p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e to meet you.” Both Quinn and Andrew bowed down at the same time. It made Quinn have a good first impression of the man and it was quite respectable as well.

“As the leader of the Cursed faction I can only congratulate you for having such a talent under you. Alex is one of the best forgers I have seen in decades. Despite his tiny muscles, he is able to hammer for twice as long as I am, yet he is so young. I can’t wait until this man grows into a fine large forger like myself!” Andrew started to chuckle, knowing that it probably wasn’t possible with how small his body frame was at the moment.

“Yes, I’m glad I had a good eye to catch his equipment back then, and that’s why I fully trust him to make the best out of the crystals that I have bought.” Quinn nodded, happy to hear the other praising Alex.

From meeting Andrew Quinn could sense that there was a large amount of Qi in his body, and his image reminded him of another muscular red haired man he had met before. Although forger’s weren’t necessarily Qi users, Leo had explained to him in the past that there were people who knew how to wield this form of energy subconsciously without ever having received any training in it.

Those that used Qi without their own knowledge were more likely to activate active skills in weapons, and it seemed true based on Alex’s skills so far.

‘Although he is under the Earthborn group, it would be great to have someone like him on our side.’ Quinn thought.

“Andrew, thank you so much for taking your time to come here, I was wondering if there is anything that we could help you with. It would be the Cursed faction’s p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e, and hopefully we can build on our relations.h.i.+p in the future.” Quinn offered.

It took a while for Andrew to answer as he stroked his large bushy beard, it seemed like he was seriously thinking about something.

“Don’t worry too much. It is not everyday that a forger is able to work on a Demon tier weapon. If you hadn’t asked for me, I would have probably paid for the opportunity to come work on this myself. However, there is one thing that I would like to mention, but there might be nothing you can do about it.”

“Currently, all groups, including your own Cursed faction, are facing a crystal shortage. Due to the Dalki attacks, the groups aren’t able to hunt as freely as they did before and many of them are being used to stay on guard and defend. On top of this, what crystals the groups do have, are being used to power the sh.i.p.s, mechs and all sorts.” Andrew explained.

“Due to the special nature of the Cursed faction, I was wondering if there was anything your group could do to help us combat that issue.”

It was a tough situation, and Quinn had been unaware that even his group was being affected by such a thing. Most of the hunting had been left to Helen and her group, but it would make sense that the collection of crystals would be at an all time low.

“Maybe Alex and I can try to work something out.” Quinn replied as an idea popped in his head.

Noticing what Quinn was saying, Alex popped up.

“We will try our best, Andrew! Do you mind fetching Ko, and ask him to come here? I think that all of us will need to talk about a few things.”

Andrew of course agreed, and he left saying goodbye to Quinn.

“Alright Quinn, it seems like we have some time to talk now, go ahead.”

Quinn smiled, noticing that Alex was getting rather smart these days.

“If it’s true that the Cursed faction is also low on crystals to forge more weapons, then there is one option.” Quinn suggested. “Ever since the ‘little’ battle the tenth family had in the Vampire World, we have had a lot of blood crystals. I’m sure you know that they can also be turned into blood weapons. If we use these and give them to the faction members it could help us out greatly.”

“Wait what!” Alex was baffled, his eyes nearly popping out of his head. “But blood crystals are illegal? Well I guess he did give them to us, so then the King really can’t say anything. Besides that, don’t they need blood to activate?’ Alex asked.

“What you say is right, but at the moment, I’m not really concerned about what Bryce thinks, we just have to focus on protecting our people and fighting off the Dalki. The green blood from the Dalki, can also power up the blood weapons, so it will be a big advantage in the fight. Of course, the blood crystals will vary as well, but it will be better than nothing.” Quinn explained.

After visiting the Vampire World last time, Alex wasn’t overly eager to do something to displease them, but he knew how dire the weapon shortage was at the moment. The constant fighting would also make it so their weapons durability would fade, and without beast crystal or weapons, if the war was to be drawn, they would definitely end up on the losing side.

“Alright.” Alex answered. “Anyway, I can guess the real reason why you’re here. You want to know what the Demi-G.o.d tier crystals and the Demon crystal can be turned into, don’t you?”

Hearing this, a wide grin on Quinn’s face appeared. “Please, indulge me!”

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My Vampire System Chapter 1100 – A crystal problem

My Vampire System Chapter 1100 – A crystal problem