My Vampire System Chapter 1116 – Two problems at once

Chapter 1116 – Two problems at once

The giant stone tablet was located at the back of the castle which was partially built on a hill. However the tablet itself was even bigger than the castle, so it was pretty easy for them to see where they all needed to go next.

Currently, they were making a slow climb up the hill. The terrain was still quite green as they fought through the overgrown trees but at the same time a clear wide path could be seen, as if people had been here multiple times. ​​

The reason why they were moving slowly, was due to the Demon tier beast that was said to be by the giant tablet.

“Why can’t my body stop shaking, we haven’t even reached the top yet?” Chucky asked, as his legs continued to feel weaker the closer they got.

“Many people are unable to handle the pressure of seeing a Demon tier beast with great power. Faced with one, they would just freeze up and would end up in their belly.” Brock explained. “However, in your case, I believe you are just worrying too much.”

The girls chuckled at Brock’s observation, but that didn’t change the fact that they too were a little worried. For they knew that the Dalki themselves that were so strong had come from this Demon tier beast, so they could somewhat imagine its powerress.

“I did say you didn’t have to come along.” Quinn reminded Chucky, as he turned and looked back.

Quinn and a few others were completely fine, unafraid, even Sil because they already knew this was something that needed to be done. “The castle looked like a safe place for you to stay at, that’s why I let Megan out and told her to stay there for now.” Quinn said.

“Come on!” Chucky shouted, as he punched his leg a few times, straightening it out and continued to walk forward. “I told you already, there’s no way I can miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! A tablet that might be the cause of why the whole world has their abilities, and a legendary Demon tier beast that guards it! I would regret it for the rest of my life if I hadn’t come along!”

On their way, Brock had spent a little time explaining why they were going after the tablet. Eno’s ability should allow them to transfer one of the tablet’s abilities into s.h.i.+ro, who had never learned any other ability before.

What was troubling Quinn though was the senses in his body and head. Ever since they had gotten on the island, his body didn’t quite feel like it was working the way it should.

‘The same thing happened last time as well. If it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t have struggled so much to find where Peter had been on the island back then.’ He then went to turn to look at the others with him, but they didn’t seem to be feeling anything strange, even when looking at the other vampires.

‘Is it just affecting me then?’ Quinn wondered.

Finally, the hill started to level out, and the path was winding, but at this moment Brock, who had been leading the way so far, decided to stray from the path and enter the jungle itself. His footsteps were almost silent, and everyone else followed him as well, and that’s when they could see it. Not only that, but could hear a loud constant crackle, that would disappear going in and out.

A large open area… and the tablet in sight! Alas, that wasn’t the only thing that was there. In front of it, they could make out the large black dragon, the crackling sound seemed to be coming from the Dragon due to it being asleep.

“So we have finally reached our goal, and both of them are in front of us, but this brings us to quite the troubling predicament.” Logan stated in a quiet tone.

“Indeed, since we hadn’t seen the dragon in any other areas, I a.s.sumed that it might be here, but I was really hoping that it wasn’t.” Brock sighed.

Heading away from the edge of the green area, they walked further into the jungle, hiding from the beast, while they decided what to do next.

“I think this whole thing is quite simple. Sil has already copied everyone’s abilities.” Eno said. “So he should be able to just walk up to the beast and tap it on it’s head, attempting to control it. If it works then we can move it away from the area.”

It seemed like the obvious choice, especially if they wanted to avoid fighting, but Quinn had a different idea.

“No.” Quinn argued against it. “Eno, you need to complete your part of the deal first. For one, we don’t even know if that tablet has abilities in it, much less the ability that we actually need. I want you to pa.s.s the ability onto s.h.i.+ro first, and once we know we can bring back Vorden and Raten, then we will move the dragon as you wish.”

After saying these words, Quinn stared directly into Enos’ eyes, and the Original stared back. The others started to move away as they were afraid that a fight might break out any second now.

“Do you understand how important this beast is?” Eno questioned, the look on his face for once changing into sheer annoyance.

“And do you understand how important my friends are to me?” Quinn replied, unwilling to take a single step back. “Or has the lack of having any distorted your mind, old man?!”

“Whoah, Quinn is being a bit feisty, don’t ya think?” Fex whispered over to Layla, but she paid less attention to what was being said, instead concentrating on Eno, ready to jump if he made any sudden moves at Quinn, prepared to use the chain lock skill to hold the old man down.

In a similar fas.h.i.+on, Borden had leapt onto Sil’s shoulder as well, pounding his fist. It was clear that no one other than Brock was on his side.

“… Fine, have it your way. I did promise you that I would help after all, but I still think the easiest way is for us to have Sil move the beast.” Eno conceded eventually.

“Perhaps, but you can’t fault me for having trust issues regarding you given your history. We still need to build on our relations.h.i.+p.” Quinn said with a smile, that he was sure was going to annoy the old man, but he just ignored it and continued on.

“Now that we have decided to try to reach the tablet first, that still doesn’t help with our first problem.” Logan pointed out. “The dragon is in the way of the tablet, and although we can sneak past it, it will be a disaster if that fails, and there is a very high likelihood of it somehow being able to sense us, once we are closer to it.”

“How about a distraction?” Helen suggested. “One group will make some noise in the vicinity. Once the Demon tier beast chases after them, another group goes to the giant tablet.”

“I think the lady has made a fine suggestion.” Eno agreed. “It will take me a few moments to complete the transfer, so it would be best if the beast was taken as far away from the tablet as possible.”

After much discussion the group had decided that they would be split up into two. One would be the distraction of the Demon tier beast, while the other would protect s.h.i.+ro and Eno while they were doing their tasks.

This team needed to be equally strong, as they were worried that as soon as Eno touched the tablet or if they were noticed, the dragon could possibly sense it and return. Chucky and Hana, since they were only there to provide powers for Sil where to remain in the Jungle area, as they were still persistent they didn’t want to go in Quinn’s shadow.

The group that would be working to protect s.h.i.+ro and Eno consisted of Brock, Sil, Borden and Helen, while the distraction group included Quinn, Mona, Logan, Fex and Layla. Before leaving, Quinn tapped s.h.i.+ro’s shoulder and activated his shadow on, incase of an emergency situation.

“Sil, if you see anything suspicious coming from the two of them, I’m counting on you. I know how strong you are, and how much you don’t like Eno.” Quinn whispered.

“You know with age my hearing doesn’t get any worse, I can hear just as well as you.” Eno commented.

The group went back to where they were originally, so they could peak through the greenery and stepping out was the distraction group. The reason Quinn wanted to be part of the distraction group was because he was worried about just how strong this Demon tier beast might be.

Stepping forward, when they were around 100 meters away from the beast, Layla placed her arrow into her bow, and stretched it as far as she could.

“Should I use Qi?” She asked.

“We need to get it annoyed so go ahead.” Quinn replied.

She let go, and her powerful arrow was sent flying filled with energy, and was going right for its front leg that was covering part of its face. As it hit, the tip was stuck on the hard skin and the wooden part of the arrow seemed to callpose in on itself breaking it, as the force carried forward, but hadn’t pierced the skin at all.

‘What the, I used quite a bit of my Qi. The same amount that destroyed the training room wall, but it can’t even pierce it’s skin.’ Layla was flabbergasted.

Since it had done no damage, they were unsure if it was enough, but they didn’t want to get any closer, they needed a head start if they were to stand any chance of avoiding a full on confrontation. Seeing the arrow didn’t work, Quinn stepped forward, and instantly, the eyelid of the beast opened, and a sharp shaped yellow eye could be seen.

“I think it’s awake now!” Fex shouted, as he had already started to run away.


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My Vampire System Chapter 1116 – Two problems at once

My Vampire System Chapter 1116 – Two problems at once