My Vampire System Chapter 1127 – The strange plan

Chapter 1127 – The strange plan

Sam’s second message kind of flew right above everyone’s heads. Barely anyone had paid it attention due to the first message pertaining to such a serious matter that they were all still thinking long and hard about before.

“Sam, while you are still on the line I have made a decision. I want you to report back to head general Innu, and Owen Graylash.” Quinn said in a serious tone after having listened to the opinion of all those around him. Everyone turned towards the centre of the table to listen to their leader’s next words.

“Tell them that the Cursed faction will not partic.i.p.ate in the mission to get rid of One Horn.” Quinn stated.

A lot of them were holding their breaths, but in all honesty they felt relieved that Quinn had decided to abstain. Most of them had been worried about what would become of the Cursed faction if Quinn might suffer a similar fate to Oscar.

“I would also like you to convey my personal advice for Owen and Innu to refrain from attacking the place. If my hunch is right, the Dalki there won’t be doing anything any time soon. Attacking them will only cause more trouble, but I also want to make one more thing clear.”

“The Cursed faction is not going to completely leave them be forever either. We will deal with them, just not now.” Quinn added.

There had to be a reason why Eno was so sure the human race would lose against the Dalki without his help, and it seemed like the Dalki known as One Horn was a major one.

Perhaps in the past Quinn might have rushed in, wanting to learn the truth quickly, wis.h.i.+ng to avenge Oscar. However, now as a world leader, he was aware that his decisions didn’t just affect him but the whole world.

Although not now, he still intended to find out just why the Dalki would appear near a human settlement without killing the inhabitants and how exactly Arthur fit into the whole picture.


Innu was currently on one of the Bertha sh.i.p.s the military owned, yet not the same one as Oscar.

Sitting at his desk, he was biting away at his fingernails, not in fear or anxiousness instead it was in excitement.

‘I can’t believe such an opportunity has actually come my way.’ Innu thought to himself. ‘I saw how strong Quinn was against the Dalki. If it’s just one of them, and with Owen who has already faced a four spiked Dalki, in the mix we can definitely defeat it with the three of us!’

‘As long as the three of us can get rid of it, what the other two head generals and the Supreme Commander couldn’t, just what position would that put me in? I will be at the top of the ladder! A world leader, the next to become Supreme Commander! Oscar was getting old in the first place, and with how things had been going it’s clear that he was most likely going to pa.s.s on the role to someone like his daughter Samantha, or that head general Paul of the second base.’

‘However, after seeing the way she acts now it is clear she is not fit to be leader. There will be public outcry if she was to be chosen. Everyone will be on my side.’ Innu was already dreaming about donning the mantle and receiving the praise and admiration of everyone.

The much awaited call finally came through, and Innu answered it rather quickly. However, it was nowhere near what Innu had hoped to hear. It also wasn’t so much a conversation between the two of them as Sam merely pa.s.sing on Quinn’s message on the Cursed faction’s stance.

“Let me speak to him! LET ME SPEAK TO QUINN RIGHT NOW!” Innu shouted down the receiver, holding back his anger to not crush it with his hand. Sam of course had half expected this reaction when delivering the message forward. He understood why Quinn had left him this task to handle instead of doing it himself.

“I’m sorry, but Quinn is extremely busy at the moment. He is currently undertaking a secret mission and is unable to get out. I would also like to remind you that we from the Cursed faction do not work under the Earthborn group so you have no jurisdiction over us. We have our own people and planets that need protection. Sending in more people could just cause more deaths.” Sam tried to give Innu a professional reply to get him off his back.

“LIES! I know why you won’t attack them! It’s because you’re working with them! The reason why the Dalki are leaving them alone are because they are Vs just like you all! I knew we couldn’t trust any of you! Hear my word, I will be sure to let everyone know about this!” Innu complained.

“HEAD GENERAL INNU GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF!” Sam cautioned the other. “I understand that you must be emotional right now, so I shall pretend you hadn’t said any of that. Let me repeat, our Cursed faction merely said that we won’t attack the planet right now. As soon as Quinn is done-” Sam was trying to fix things diplomatically, but from the other end he heard Innu continue his angry rant. The other seemed unwilling to listen to a word he said, so Sam eventually just ended the call.

‘How did someone like him ever become a head general in the first place? I guess this is what happens when you choose the people in high positions based on power over brains. Argh, we still need to keep a good relation with the Earthborn group. I have a feeling that all three groups will be needed to save us all.’ Sam thought. He sighed and opted to call Innu back later once he might have calmed down to smooth things over.

Fortunately, delivering the message to Owen was a completely different experience.

“I’m sure he has his reasons.” Owen had said in an understanding tone. “I also was contemplating on what to do after what has happened to me but I think the Cursed faction might know more about this Dalki situation than us. So I will trust him.”


Back on Blade Island. After the call had ended, Quinn had wanted to do a few more things with s.h.i.+ro. They were still waiting for Richard’s people to arrive after all, and after a series of tests he thought that s.h.i.+ro was truly ready.

Nearly the whole group were back outside in front of the castle, and had continued where they had left of with the tests.

“The only problem is that you need to touch the person in order to use your ability. It’s similar to the beast’s taming ability, and Sil’s ability as well.” Quinn summarised, as he had some concern written on his face.

“Quinn, I have to ask. What was Sam going on about before?” Layla asked. “About how he had found a humanoid Demi-G.o.d tier beast? Do you need its crystal for some reason?”

Quinn looked around to check if Eno, or Brock were nearby and then sniffed the air, but it didn’t seem like they were around. He then smiled and shook his head.

“I don’t need the crystal.” Quinn replied. “I wanted to use their bodies and I’m not just looking for one humanoid beast, but two.”

At that moment, Sil sprung up like a bamboo shot.

“Quinn are you…”

“If you’re okay with it.” Quinn smiled. “I’ve been thinking of a way we can do this for a while now, a way to bring back Vorden and Raten without relying on Richard. You see, his clones would be a temporary step anyway and I don’t trust him not to have some sort of power over them. Besides, they would have had to learn the ability of the Blades again.”

“I don’t feel comfortable using another human’s body either, and I don’t think Vorden would like that either. So I asked Logan and Sam for a request and they have been searching for a long time now and it looks like they have finally found one.”

“Why do you think I’ve been asking s.h.i.+ro to do so many tests on the beasts here? I needed to know if his ability would work on beasts just as well as they did on humans. The worry was if we were to put a human mind in a beast, since there not like for like maybe that would cause some problems. If it did then we would just have to get Shrio to put them back.

I thought, what’s the closest thing to a human that could survive for a really long time? Why not a humanoid beast? Their intelligence is great, similar to humans and some can even speak especially at the higher tiers.” Quinn shared his thoughts on the matter.

Everyone’s mouths were left wide open as they couldn’t believe their ears. Quinn was really suggesting that they put both Vorden and Raten into the body of a humanoid beast!

“Now all we need to do, is check if Raten and Vorden are still in your head.” Quinn said looking at Sil.


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My Vampire System Chapter 1127 – The strange plan

My Vampire System Chapter 1127 – The strange plan