My Vampire System Chapter 1134 – Defeated by fear

Chapter 1134 – Defeated by fear

Right behind Quinn, everyone was watching him waiting to see what he would do. It was an important moment, but they trusted Quinn with whatever decision he was about to make.

At the same time, Bonny and Void were hot on the group’s heels, filming every moment of what was happening. So far, Quinn had been calm enough to not kill anyone on board the s.h.i.+p.

‘Will he also let Innu go, even after attempting to kill us all. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Logan and Quinn back there, me and Void would have died as well!’

Quinn was furious, he could have snapped Innu’s neck there in front of everyone, and he was angry enough to kill everyone involved as well, but he also knew that somewhere deep down, the soldiers were just scared and felt like this was the right thing to do in their minds.

However, a certain person had told them to pull the trigger, amplifying the fear of them all, and that was Innu himself.

With him being filmed, Quinn had to be careful how he acted. He couldn’t just act on rage. Sure he could ask Bonny and Void to delete this part of the video since it wasn’t broadcasted live. They would probably comply as well, but then there would be questions.

Either way, people would find out about what happened today, and if they only had footage of the first half, then rumours would start to spread. Often rumours were worse than the actual truth.

‘What do I do with him! I can’t just let him go free!’ Quinn thought, his eyes still glowing red. The anger and fear were being directed to Innu. No words had been spoken, so he wasn’t silent due to the influence. Innu knew that if he made a wrong move or tried to escape, he would be finished off in a second.

‘Do I let Oscar deal with him, but we don’t even know if Oscar will wake up again? I could use his body, then we wouldn’t need to hunt for another humanoid beast. This person is trash and useless anyway, but that would mean s.h.i.+ro would have to get involved. I wouldn’t want to put s.h.i.+ro through that.’

In the end, Quinn thought it might be best to allow Oscar to deal with this one if he was awake, but Quinn looked into Innu’s eyes one more time, and he could tell. The hatred in his eyes was the same way people felt towards the V and how Quinn felt towards those who had bullied him for a long time.

Inuu wouldn’t give up here. He would continue to fight. For some reason, he truly hated vampires.

“You really hate us that much?” Quinn asked as he walked over to Innu, and whispered telling him to kneel. Due to them making eye contact, the influence skill was a lot more powerful, and Innu couldn’t fight it, falling to his knees.

At this point, Innu knew that perhaps his time was up.

“I’ll kill-”

“Shut up!” Quinn said as he walked over and leant down to eye level with Innu. At the same time, he made sure to use his body to block the camera. Quinn had then cut the tip of his finger and shoved it quickly into Innu’s mouth before the camera could see anything. Then just before leaving, he stabbed the top of Innu’s t_h_i_g_h with his clawed hands, falling to the ground. Not a large enough wound to kill him.

[The Blood ritual has been activated]

“Let’s see what you are like when you become the thing that you have grown to hate,” Quinn whispered.

Innu’s eyes opened wide, and he wanted to shout, to say something but the order from before had kept it shut.

“I wondered why you hated us so much,” Quinn said out loud, standing up and making it clear so everyone could hear him, including the camera. “Oscar and Owen have both claimed that the Cursed faction, although we are V, we are on your side. So why did you suddenly attack us? Why did you disobey Oscar’s order?”

While Quinn was saying all of this, something strange was happening to Inuu’s body. He could feel it changing inside him as he spoke. The pain was real, but the influence skill was still working, and his mouth refused to open.

“However, he didn’t tell you one thing, that us V who are on your side can tell if there is another one among us. Of course, we have been open in telling everyone who we are. Now that we have come here, I have come to realise that the reason you so badly wanted to make out why you were against the V, is because you are one yourself. You were trying to fool everyone!” Quinn said.

He walked up to one of the men who was on the floor and lifted him up. He then cancelled the influence skill on all the others that were on the floor as well. They were slightly confused by Quinn’s words, so they didn’t act out.

Quinn’s plan was working, and he waited just for the right moment when the evolution was complete.

He cut the palm of the soldier’s hand, the blood dripping onto the floor.

“Do you remember what Oscar said, that the V reacts to the scent of blood? You see, we V of course are not affected by this, because we did everything we could to stop ourselves from being consumed by this curse, but some of the other V that are working with the Dalki, are consumed by blood like a l_u_s_t.”

Breaking the influence skill off from Innu, his eyes started to glow red, as he became a vampire for the first time. He had never experienced the smell of blood before. Quinn had purposely made wounds in his t_h_i_g_h so he would experience blood loss, craving for the blood even more. At the same time, due to what had happened, he was consumed with anger, unable to control his emotions.

His eyes had turned red, he could feel the fangs on his body, and immediately he started to run towards the soldier by Quinn’s side.

Quinn, doing nothing, watched the soldier, drew his beast sword, and was ready to attack Innu.

However, before he could get close, one of the other soldiers blasted Innu with an energy blast, an ability.

“It’s true, Head General Innu was a V in disguise!” He shouted.

Innu didn’t know what was happening, but he just wanted to get the blood in front of him. With his mind a little clear, he attempted to use his ability, but nothing was working. His Mc cells were gone.

“Everyone, fire!” the soldiers said. They threw and used their abilities one after another. With Innu having nothing, he was. .h.i.t over and over again. It didn’t take long until he eventually died there on the spot, falling to the ground, unable to heal.

‘He was the one who had planted the fear of the V into his own men, and now he has died due to that very fear they had. Although a bit cruel, this death is fitting for him. I can’t say it wasn’t deserved.’ Vincent said as he tried to rationalise why Quinn had done what he had done.

The others were left a bit stunned, they were unsure about what to do, and due to Quinn turning Innu, they thought maybe he would get him to work for them. They could also feel the bond activating as they were near Innu, but the ten high-level ability users that were at the level of sergeants had defeated Innu far too quickly for them to be able to do anything.

“Did you get everything?” Quinn asked, turning to the camera Void was using, and Void just nodded along.

“Rember, although we are V, we are on your side, and we are also the best in fighting against them. You may not like us, but we are something that you need. Let’s go see how Oscar is doing.” Quinn said as he went off.

Bony and Void stood there along with the sergeants, not knowing what to do, who to trust.

‘How will the people react to this?’ Bonny thought.


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My Vampire System Chapter 1134 – Defeated by fear

My Vampire System Chapter 1134 – Defeated by fear