My Vampire System Chapter 1135 – Finish the story

Chapter 1135 – Finish the story

It was clear that the soldiers in the room were at a loss of what to do. They stood there staring at each other, waiting for the next one to speak up, someone to take command. It was a rare sight, seeing thier feelings were clearly being put out on display.

Right now, the reporter inside of Bonny wanted to speak to each of them. To see how they were feeling, but this story wasn’t over yet. Sure she could make a video about the Cursed with what had happened so far, but she had a feeling that there was still a little more that Quinn was going to do.

“Come on, we have to film the rest of this story.” As the two of them turned around, she said to Void and went along to catch up with Quinn and the others. Who’s next destination was the Bertha s.h.i.+p to see Oscar.

They didn’t have long to travel on the s.h.i.+p. They could even see the Bertha through the window ahead of them. Yet, there was still this awkward silence between all of them who were there until Layla had to say something.

“Quinn, he tried to kill us. I don’t think what you did was wrong, and I guess you did it for us. A way so our hands wouldn’t get dirty.” Layla said. Trying to cheer Quinn up, but honestly, he wasn’t thinking about Innu too much, but what would happen after.

“What will become of the Earthborn group, right?” Logan said as he was enjoying a nice lie down, making his chair vertical so he could see only the s.h.i.+p’s ceiling. He was hoping that they wouldn’t get any more surprises along the way.

“The main leaders of the Earthborn group, there is a good chance that none of them is fit to lead anymore.” Logan went on to explain. “We don’t know what state Oscar is in, but apparently such a bad state that he allowed something like that to happen. Then his daughter Samantha is probably heartbroken, and Sach, we don’t know what he is like either.

“From Sam, it sounded like Innu had temporarily taken control of the Earthborn group, and Quinn…sorry not Quinn, but due to his own actions, Innu has ended up dead. There is no leader of the Earthborn group currently, at least no clear one. What tends to happen in a situation like this is either someone takes over they can all agree on, or there are internal disputes until a new leader rises.”

Internal disputes at a time like this. The Earthborn group was the largest group out of the three. If they were to fight internally, then a large chunk of their attack force against the Dalki would be gone. As usual, sooner or later, the blame would get pinned on a particular faction.

“I wanted to ask this question as well.” Bonny piped up. “Sure, we all know that Innu was the one that attacked us first, and although I don’t believe in killing others, he did attempt to take all of our lives. You handled it well, not harming the crew members and only dealing with the single person responsible.

“But I can say this because I am looking through things with a clear mind. During times of war, people’s minds aren’t so clear. Did you have something planned for after dealing with Innu? You must have known what state the Earthborn group would have been in.”

“Cool your head and just chill with all the questions, hot stuff.” Fex said, as he went over to Quinn and wrapped his arm around his shoulder, “And you did good dealing with the situation. If you had done it vampire style, every single one of them would have died, so they should be thankful.

“The Cursed group can just take over the other army groups. We already have two of them, and Nathan and Hayley trust us, right? So why won’t the others?”

Bonny scoffed at the naive thought from Fex, but what she didn’t realise was that, unlike the others, Fex was a vampire from birth, not understanding how humans felt.

“You saw how Innu reacted. Do you think he’s the only one that feels this way?” Bonny asked, “The Dalki are an alien race, and for some people, they view the V as the same. Do you think they would be happy with the Cursed faction taking over? You should see the comments on the videos I uploaded if you really want to see what people think about you.”

Tapping her watch a few times, a large holographic display appeared, and then several smaller screens filled with comments had come up. Everyone could now read them and see what the world thought of them.

It was heartbreaking for the group to see the comments. All they had done was risk their lives fighting in hopes to save the world for these people, and this was their reward.

Sam knew that seeing such things would demoralise them, and he also knew that their group was far too busy to even have time to look at such things. This was why he had kept it to himself. The only other person who knew about the negative comments was Logan.

“Screw them all!” Fex said. “Quinn, you do this to help all of us. You know what you’re doing is right, and we know that everything we have done Is for the sake of these people. These keyboard warriors can shove the d.a.m.n thing up their backside.”

“So this is what people think about me?” Quinn was relieved and just smiled. “You know, for some reason, it doesn’t hurt too much. Maybe it’s because when I was a level 1, I would be called trash, worthless, an oxygen stealer, but now there is attention on what we are doing, I will take this as a good thing, and Bonny, don’t worry about the Earthborn group.

“We will solve this issue one way or another.”

When they had finally arrived on the large Bertha s.h.i.+p, their treatment compared to what had happened with Innu was utterly different. There was a group of people there to welcome them, but something odd was going on.

“Quinn, I am so sorry!” A man said as he charged in with a few others. Pus.h.i.+ng past the initial introduction group. This man was someone that Quinn hadn’t seen for a while and was one of the generals at the second base, Nathan. He now also worked under the Cursed faction and was in charge of one of the army groups given to them.

“We could see what had happened, on our radar, but Innu’s rank, he’s..” Nathan said in a panic. It was clear that perhaps there was already infighting going on in the Earthborn group with Oscar gone. Sooner or later, if nothing was done, there would be a collapse.

In the first place, the two army groups that belonged to the Cursed faction were given by Oscar. They weren’t wholly loyal to the Cursed faction. If it wasn’t solved, the Cursed wouldn’t know who to trust either.

“It’s okay, Nathan. We could tell that Innu had used his own personal group for the attack. I will just a.s.sume that no one else knew about it.” Quinn said.

When he finished, Nathan was peeking his head, looking at those coming off the s.h.i.+p as if he was expecting someone.

“Where is Head general Innu? We will bring him in and give him the appropriate punishment. I will talk to Samantha-”

“He’s dead,” Quinn said. “Bonny has the video of everything that went on and can explain things later. Please take me to the others right now, we should worry about those who are alive:”

Although Nathan was shocked, he felt like it had to be true. He wanted to ask more questions, but there was a certain air around Quinn and the others. It was as if the group were in business mode.

“I understand,” Nathan said.

The group were quickly brought to the medical bay. It was mostly filled with white light, and the walls were coloured the same. There wasn’t a single speck of dirt anywhere in the rooms, and they were now walking down a hallway with several large oval doors.

“First, I will take you to see Head General Sach since he is a bit more responsive,” Nathan said. Putting in a code by the side of the oval door. A beep was heard, and the door slid down into the ground.

“Quinn,” Sach called out, a little excited, but then his mood seemed to dampen just as quickly.

“It looks like you put up quite the fight against the Dalki to end up in this state,” Quinn said, trying to lighten the mood. Although Quinn wasn’t close to Sach, he was close to his other side, his role-playing teacher in the power fighters game.

“I wish. I tried everything on that Dalki, but there was nothing I could do.” Sach replied as he tried to move parts of his body, but it was useless. “You know, I thought my martial arts were the best in the world, and when I saw you using them, I felt even more so.

“As long as someone could keep advancing the martial arts, improving upon it, nothing could stand in my way until I met the five spiked Dalki. My ability strengthens my body, and since then, I have never broken a bone in my life.

“Now, look at me. My whole body has been shattered, and they say it’s due to my ability that they can’t heal it or put it back together? Nothing can work.”

It was a sorry state to see someone like this, and all of them imagined if they were put in the same situation, they would feel the same way.

“Quinn,” Sach said as he looked up at him. “I….I already asked you one favour, and it’s shameful for me to ask you for another, but I heard you were able to heal Owen. Can you heal me?”

For a second, Quinn could see the hope in Sach’s eyes. Quinn placed his hand on top of his legs to see if Sach was suffering from the same thing as Owen was, but this was different. He wasn’t partially infected. As the doctors said, it looked more like his indestructible ability made it so healing techniques wouldn’t work.

Abilities and the human body were a strange thing, and honestly. The way his body was, he wasn’t sure that technology could heal this unless he was to turn mostly into a robot man.

From the look on Quinn’s face, he could tell that it wasn’t an option. He hadn’t given up yet.

“I heard from a report from Samantha,” Sach said. “That the teacher known as Fex was badly injured, and when he was given blood, all the wounds on his body had healed. I’m a.s.suming he is a V. If I was turned, would I be healed?” Sach asked.

This was the second part of the story Bonny was looking for, as she and Void continued to film it all.


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My Vampire System Chapter 1135 – Finish the story

My Vampire System Chapter 1135 – Finish the story