My Vampire System Chapter 1244 The penalty

Chapter 1244 The penalty

A moment of peace was achieved, but that was all it was, a moment. The human race was able to celebrate the victory they had achieved over the five spike. The fighting around the beast solar system had stopped as everyone’s eyes were glued to the screen, and in the end, they had obtained a victory.

However, it was as if the Dalki, now we’re fighting Vengeance, having witnessed one of their leaders killed. The attacks on the planets on each of the Human groups’ sections was now in full force. The mother s.h.i.+ps had dropped the Dalki, allowing them to build fortresses. Once finished, the s.h.i.+ps moved to the next planet for support.

Those that had been taken over, a token group of Dalki were left behind as the others joined forces with the struggling planets. Eventually, overwhelming the human race on each of the Shelters. It hadn’t even taken an entire day. All of this was done within a few hours after Slicer’s defeat.

In the end, each of the groups, including the Cursed faction, had decided to concentrate their forces even more so. The Earthborn group, the Graylash group and the Cursed faction were just down to controlling three planets each.

In order for the Dalki to keep control of each of the planets, their forces were thinned out more and more, until eventually, the Dalki themselves knew that if they were to attack, it would be a struggle.

It was a shame because even the planets that Quinn had destroyed mothers.h.i.+ps on, eventually were forced to retreat as neighbouring forces came over.

The problem was, with so few planets, the pus.h.i.+ng issue of Crystals was becoming more apparent. There were just too few resources to go around to keep up the fight, and if the human race didn’t do something soon, they would slowly meet their end.

The Cursed faction was in a bit better state and situation compared to the others. This was thanks to Quinn. After destroying the Mothers.h.i.+ps on said planets, Quinn informed the faction leader that the s.h.i.+ps contained many Crystals on board.

Since Quinn was in his Dalki form when defeating these mothers.h.i.+ps, he could not store the crystals in his system. Fortunately, all of the factions were able to obtain the crystals inside. Which meant the Cursed faction didn’t have a short supply like the other factions. Still, even for them, time would eventually run out.

Back on planet Caladi, the planet filled with sand, the Cursed faction had yet to leave the place. The Shelter had been quickly rebuilt, but certain parts were needed for the Bertha s.h.i.+p to be fully up and running again.

The good news was, with the Blade family working together, they were able to use their strong telekinesis powers to move the whole s.h.i.+p to the back of the Shelter, away from where they had crashed landed. With their help, they could fix the s.h.i.+p even quicker.

At the moment, the Cursed faction would use this planet as their base, but they weren’t alone. Out of the three planets that were considered safe for the Earthborn faction, planet Caladi was one of them.

After Slicer had been defeated, the mothers.h.i.+p that was overlooking them had left. They later found out it was to join another planet. Still, there were currently no Dalki s.h.i.+ps present at all on planet Caladi. Even on the other two Earthborn planets, there were still Dalki mothers.h.i.+ps and fortresses, so it made it one of the safest places for people to be, that included for civilians.

With the help of Sam, the Shelter was going through an extension. Earth ability users were put to use, and once again, the Blade family. They were able to do what a small group of earth users would be required for.

Due to all the problems, it led to a world meeting, as they needed to strategise what their plan of action was next. Of course, both Owen and Helen were unable to leave their bases, so they would be joining the meeting virtually.

However, the Cursed group were waiting on Sach to arrive at the planet, as he had left Samantha in charge, who seemed to have her head screwed back on again. As well as this, Sam had called all the main Cursed leaders, apart from Helen, to arrive at Planet Caladi as well. This included the likes of Alex, Wevil and Linda.

At the moment, Quinn was resting in the military base that was located on the Shelter. Standing outside were many guards and people cheering outside. After what they had seen and everything that happened, they wanted to thank Quinn.

The others in the Cursed faction were also experiencing praise and gifts from strangers. It was nice for the public to have a good opinion of them for a change. For Quinn himself, he had told everyone to leave him be, for now, and he would be ready by the time Sach and the others arrived.

Quinn was sitting in a comfy office chair, swirling around spinning, looking at the metallic plain room. It felt strange that the person who had last used this thing was dead, but his mind was being filled with all sorts of odd thoughts like that because he was still at a loss for what to do after defeating Slicer.

Opening up his system, he could see a countdown timer that told him he had 12 hours remaining and was counting down the seconds.

First, Quinn had looked at the quest rewards for beating Slicer. Apparently, at the time, Vincent had received two clearance options for the quest. One of them was to survive. Usually, Quinn would get this type of quest if the system didn’t think he would live.

However, Quinn had proved the system wrong once before and received great rewards because of it. This time, the system had also given Quinn a second way to clear the request, which was to defeat Slicer.

The problem was because Quinn wasn’t the one that had dealt the finis.h.i.+ng blow, and due to Sil and the Balde family not being part of Quinn’s cursed family, he didn’t receive any exp from the Slicer death, nor meet the requirements to clear the quest.

Alas, he did meet the requirements to complete the survival quest, which had given him an extra level, which ‘would’ have brought him up to level 70. The level where Quinn had suspected there was another evolution.

Regardless, the quest failure had come into play. The major quest to destroy ten Dalki s.h.i.+ps before ten planets had been taken over and the penalty was given. Judging by the size of the quest, Quinn thought the plenty would be big, but he had no idea just how large it was.

First of all, he had lost a level, bringing Quinn back down to 69. He still was unsure if at 70 he would have evolved since both quests seemed to have finished around the same time. Still, the bad news didn’t stop there.

The penalty had continued, with Quinn taking a hit in his stat points. All of his stats were lowered by five.

[Strength 65]

[Agility 65]

[Stamina 68]

[Charm 55]

This seemed like a bigger hit than losing a level. After all, Quinn only got one stat point for each level up, so he thought the system was being excessive. It also made him wonder what the reward would have been if he had completed it.

Still, beast gear could make up for these stats, and Quinn had thought of a solution to the problem. More people were being transported to the current Shelter they were staying at. The reason why Quinn had stopped taking drops of blood from his members was because he had already consumed that from all those on the Cursed s.h.i.+p.

At the level he was at, it was taking a 100 to 200 drops of blood to gain a single stat point. However, with the number of new people in the Shelter, Quinn could easily gain the lost stats back by taking a drop of blood from each of them. The public now knew what Quinn was and hailed him as a hero. If he explained this would allow him to get stronger, he thought they would easily comply.

Regardless of all that, the worst penalty was yet to come, and that was within 24 hours Quinn was to give the system a Demi-G.o.d tier item or higher. Or it would forcefully take one from him within that time.

‘The system keeps impressing me by the day.’ Vincent said. ‘All these penalties you have experienced were implemented in the game. When the user would die, at times, a random item would drop from that body. Of course, the system isn’t expecting you to die, so maybe this is its version of it, taking an item from you.’

Right now, Quinn didn’t want to hear how impressed Vincent was with the system. He still had to explain Vincent to everyone at some point as well, but the looming timer over his head meant he would have to decide soon.

The only equipment he had at the Demi-G.o.d tier or above was the Demon tier amulet, and the Demi-G.o.d tier gauntlets. Hilston’s equipment had been damaged beyond repair as well, so Quinn had to make a choice, and he needed to do so soon.


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My Vampire System Chapter 1244 The penalty

My Vampire System Chapter 1244 The penalty