My Vampire System Chapter 961 – The caring teacher

Chapter 961 – The caring teacher

Quinn was so consumed with rage as the bad memories started to surface in his mind again, that he was completely unaware, that when he had asked a question to one of his own students, he had used the influence skill on him.

Being only a young student with hardly any mental strength, there was almost no resistance at all, as Swin’s eyes appeared to hollow out and he answered.

“The students from cla.s.s 3B, it was a group of six of them.” Swin answered and soon his eyes regained colour once again.

‘Quinn!’ Vincent snapped at him in his mind.

Coming to, Quinn realised what had happened, it wasn’t the first time his influence skill had leaked out when his emotions were out of control. It was almost as if his body was more in charge than his mind was when that happened.

“Oh, sorry about that.” Quinn quickly apologised, but the students in the room were scared into silence. To a lot of them, their new teacher seemed calm, relaxed, and quite friendly. It was the first time they had seen him be so serious and many of the students had seen the red hue in his eyes.

There was no way of ignoring what had already happened unless Quinn wanted to mind wipe the students, but this was no longer an option for him because of what happened with Cia. He thought it would be best to apologise and have the others think it was just an ability of his.

“I will speak to their teacher, but before I do, I need to know if there was anything you guys did to set them off. You don’t have to tell me now, you can tell me after cla.s.s.” Quinn said, as he realised the whole cla.s.s was focused on the current situation.

Some of them felt like even if they told the teacher, it wouldn’t change anything. In the past, they had told the teachers of their old schools multiple times and still nothing ever was done about it. The kids looked at each other and didn’t say much.

“They went to the same school as Swin and Venus.” She said, “I saw what happened, they were asking him to do something. I think maybe they tried to get them to help with a prank on one of the teachers, but they refused, and when they did, they started to attack, and that’s when the boys from our cla.s.s got involved as well.”

Quinn looked at their battered and bruised bodies, and decided to give a quick call to one of his sergeants. A few moments later, Hayley was in the cla.s.sroom dealing with each of their wounds.

“If you guys ever have anything like this again, you can come to the doctor’s office straight away.” Hayley said as she started to heal Swin’s eye that looked the worst.

When the healing was complete, Quinn had approached Hayley and he had a bit of surprising news for her.

“I need you to teach the cla.s.s for a little while, there’s just a few things I need to sort out.” Quinn said, and was already heading out the room leaving the students with Hayley.

Seeing Quinn leave the room and not in the best of moods, all the student’s didn’t know what he was planning to do. They had never had a teacher act like this before when one of them was hurt.

“Sergeant Hayley, what is General Hardy planning to do?” Venus asked, and the other students were interested to know the answer as well.

Thinking about the question that had been asked, Hayley thought back to the first meeting. She didn’t know who exactly this person was but based on his actions back then, he didn’t leave to do something small.

“I’m not sure, but you can let the a.d.u.l.ts worry about it, okay?” She said with a warm rea.s.suring smile.

“I hope he doesn’t get in trouble.” Swin said. “I kinda like him.”


It didn’t take long for Quinn to find the room he was looking for, and without any sort of announcement whatsoever, Quinn had entered cla.s.sroom 3B. The doors were opened and as he entered, he could see the homeroom teacher was in the middle of her lesson.

When she saw who it was she quickly stood tall and straight and gave a salute.

“Head General Hardy, is there anything I can do for you? If you need to contact any of the upper staff I’m sure I can contact the other general for you.” She said.

Since the cla.s.sroom started with the number three, it meant the cla.s.sroom was under the control of the general in charge of group three, which was one of the Earthborn Generals who Quinn had already had a falling out with, but he wasn’t thinking about this at the time.

Walking forward almost ignoring the teacher, Quinn stood by her desk and looked at all the students.

“I am Head General Hardy of the Second group, and also homeroom teacher of cla.s.s 2A. In my cla.s.s today, a few of my students returned to me beaten and bruised and I have found out that it was due to some students from this cla.s.sroom.

“Now, those responsible, will they please come forward.” Quinn requested in a deadly serious tone.

However, his request seemed to fall upon death ears, as no one replied and the students looked at Quinn like he was a mad man.

“General Hardy.” The teacher called out to him softly. “I understand that this is quite the problem, but it’s in the middle of cla.s.s, was there really a reason for it to be interrupted for this? If you want, I can ask my students if they saw who was responsible and deal with them myself.”

The teacher was already annoyed due to how Quinn had basically ignored her and taken over her cla.s.s, and now he was still interrupting her. There were certain procedures that needed to be followed, and she didn’t think it was right for another general to come in and interrupt her cla.s.s like that.

‘Of course they wouldn’t just volunteer to come forward.’

Not getting the answer Quinn wanted, he made a fist and slammed it on the desk, which immediately crumbled beneath him.

The teacher immediately took a step back and almost panicked.

‘d.a.m.n, that’s right, I heard these people from the Cursed faction are crazy, I need to get some help.’ She thought.

Although Quinn could have used his influence skill to find out who was responsible, even if he did, what could he do? These were still students, and Quinn wasn’t exactly going to beat them to a pulp, that wouldn’t solve the problem.

“This is a warning, I will not tolerate those who choose to abuse their power. Fights will break out every now and then, but just because someone doesn’t want to do what you want, or you try to force them to do something and they refuse…these acts are unforgivable.”

As Quinn had finished giving his talk, the door was opened once again and this time, Head General Innu had entered the room, and immediately saw Hardy in front of him.

“What are you doing here? This is not part of your group?” Innu asked.

“Don’t worry, I’m just leaving.” Quinn said.

Innu wanted to say something but when the two got close, he quickly moved out of his way. This time he wasn’t forced to but felt like if he didn’t, he would have been again.

As soon as Quinn was out of the room, Innu approached the teacher to find out what exactly happened, while in the cla.s.s, the group of six students who were responsible were sitting next to each other towards the back.

“Hey what the h.e.l.l, could you believe what they told their teacher? Why would they do that?”

“I don’t know, but even if they did do that I thought it was a surprise that the General himself would come in, why does he care about them?”

“You know what we have to do right? We just have to make sure those guys never say something about this again.”

“But what happens if the Head General finds out, what if they tell him again? We could be in serious trouble.”

“Don’t you know, the ones that are responsible for our punishment will be our Head General, and with my connection and family sponsoring all his military projects, we will just get a slap on the wrist. Besides, who really cares about those low levels, they aren’t ever going to help us in the war against the Dalki. They need to know their place.”


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My Vampire System Chapter 961 – The caring teacher

My Vampire System Chapter 961 – The caring teacher