My Vampire System Chapter 963 – A.d.u.l.ts are liars!

Chapter 963 – A.d.u.l.ts are liars!

Although Quinn was a little worried about s.h.i.+ro, he seemed to be doing better after their small talk. He tried out a few of the weapons as intended but it still didn’t seem like he found something that he was used to yet.

It was either that, or s.h.i.+ro was still holding out to learn the Graylash ability.

‘s.h.i.+ro, if you dived in when you saw your cla.s.smates were in trouble, you’re going to do the same thing again. As sad as this is, without any strength or an ability it might be impossible to help them.’ Quinn thought. ‘Maybe there is something I can teach him which makes it so he doesn’t have to learn an ability.’

‘Quinn are you thinking of teaching the kid Qi, you know what will happen if you do that right?’ Vincent questioned him.

‘I know, the military are already interested in it, since Pure mentioned it, but I was debating whether it was something I should attempt to teach others anyway. Leo seems to also have a more open mind about it, and he’s started to teach those on the Cursed s.h.i.+p while continuing his search.’ Quinn replied.

If Quinn was going to open up Qi to the whole world, then he at least wanted those in his group to have a bit of a head start, besides Qi was a strong skill to use against the vampires, and with Quinn being closely related to these types of beings, he thought it might be best for the Cursed faction to learn something that could potentially be used against them.

It reminded Quinn though, that it shouldn’t have to be this way, people shouldn’t have to get stronger or better at fighting just for a better life. In a way, he was doing that all himself so others didn’t have to.

The cla.s.s was finally coming to an end, and Quinn said his goodbyes to them. Everyone was pretty drained, and there looked to be a couple of students who already knew how to activate the beast weapon to use it to its full potential. None from his cla.s.s though.

Quinn wondered if all the students that had been placed in the Cursed house might have been all low ranking ones. However, it didn’t seem to be the case for the other, as those from the other were quite balanced based on what he was seeing. It was only his cla.s.s that was full of low levels.

‘It still doesn’t help me know if it is just a coincidence or not.’

Everyone had left the room quite quickly, it had been a tiring day after all, and while in the room on his own, Quinn thought he would take this time to perhaps figure out a few things. Thinking about Qi, he was trying to figure out the third stage of Qi.

The reason for this was because it might be Paul’s answer to finding a cure as well. Qi, the human life energy, and the vampire energy didn’t mix well, but Quinn had figured out a way for it to power his attacks.

Similar to how he was able to turn into a Bloodsucker by filling his Qi ball with red energy, maybe there was a way to extinguish all the red energy from one’s body.

‘It’s a long shot what you’re thinking Quinn.’ Vincent thought. ‘I don’t know much about Qi, but here is one thing, Qi only slows down the vampire’s healing process, it doesn’t stop it. Even when using your second stage it stops until the foreign Qi energy has vanished, or been removed. The main thing is your body is now different, so there are living cells in your body constantly producing this vampire energy. Yes you might be able to get rid of it temporarily, but eventually it will come back.”

Although Vincent was a much smarter man than Quinn was, at the same time, even he admitted he didn’t understand everything about Qi, so Quinn thought he would give it a shot. Besides, even if it didn’t work it was another weapon he had in his a.r.s.enal.


Meanwhile, both Venus and Swin were happily walking back from their cla.s.s together. They had stayed a little bit behind because they wanted to ask their teacher a few more questions, but it looked like he had a lot on his mind so they decided to leave it for another day for now.

Still, they were excited and couldn’t stop talking about all the weapons they had both tried.

“I liked the spear the best, it really felt like I had a really long arm.” Venus said, as he thrusted forward, imagining a spear in his hand.

“I wanted to try on some armour as well, but I guess that will be another cla.s.s.” Swin said.

“Maybe we can help you practice.” A voice from behind was heard, and soon they felt their heads being pulled under one’s arm by a few people, and being dragged along to a different location.

“Erlen, your, your, you’re here.” Venus stuttered.

“‘Your, your, your’, shut the h.e.l.l up Venus!” Erlen said as he chucked Venus from under his arm, across the floor. Soon after, Swin was chucked on the floor by his side as well.

As the two boys looked around, they could see that they had been dragged between two large buildings, between the beast weapons cla.s.s, and the dormitory. There was a pathway with a gla.s.s roof over them that allowed them to see the orange sky created from the sunset, while they walked to their dorms.

With it being the end of the day, there weren’t many students left that would walk this way, and there were only the students from the beast weapons cla.s.s that would come this way to head to their dorms, which meant, it was unlikely they would be seen.

Looking up, Erlen’s face had a creepy smile. He had black rough spiked hair, and the five behind him were his usual followers he always had throughout school.

“You of all people Venus, I never expected that you would tell the teacher about what happened. Doesn’t your dad work for my company? That’s right, a poor worker who didn’t have a great ability, but worked hard to eventually give his son a level two telekinesis ability.”

“We didn’t say anything!” Swin objected.

“Hey, shut up! Even if your parents don’t work for my company, we have connections with those above. I can find out where your family works too and make life h.e.l.l for them.” Erlen stated.

That immediately got Swin to shut up. He didn’t mind taking beatings himself, but if it was his family. He didn’t want them to get hurt or their life to be any worse.

“Even if you didn’t tell the teacher, then you should have told him that it was a lie. Told him that what they said wasn’t true or it was an accident. Now we are just going to have to make it so you never tell the others again. I believe I only punched one of your eyes last time, let’s make that two this time.”

Erlen said, as he made a fist and started to swing it towards Swin’s face, but mid-swing a loud scream could be heard coming from the side.

“Arghhh!” A male student could be seen running towards them and a few seconds later, Erlen could feel a sharp pain in his side.

“s.h.i.+ro!” Venus called out, but s.h.i.+ro was too shocked to hear anything.

Usually one screaming before attacking their enemy would be a stupid thing, but s.h.i.+ro had to scream, it was the only way he could go through with what he was doing. As he took a step back, a small amount of blood had gotten on his hands, and a dagger was stuck inside of Erlen.

‘Did he steal that from the beast weapons cla.s.s?’ Venus thought.

“You, you really stabbed me, who the heck are you!” Erlen said, as he pulled the dagger out and threw it right back at s.h.i.+ro, stabbing him in the shoulder. Soon the other boys had pinned him down.

Placing his hand on the wound, the area around Erlen’s wound started to freeze over.

“This wound will heal.” Erlen said, walking over. “But what I’m about to do to you; your whole life, and your family, that will never heal. You think you’re some hero? Now I remember you from last time as well.”

s.h.i.+ro was struggling, trying to break free. Being powerless and knowing his cla.s.smates would be in trouble again. s.h.i.+ro felt like he had to do something, but in his head even when he was stabbing Erlen he never knew what he was going to do after this.

‘Maybe I deserve this after all, what the h.e.l.l was I thinking. It was that stupid teacher’s fault. Didn’t he say he would help? That he would be there for us? Well, where the h.e.l.l is he now?! Teachers, a.d.u.l.ts, they’re all liars! I had to act myself!’ s.h.i.+ro screamed internally as he saw a frozen hand move towards him.

Once again, a projectile was seen having been thrown towards Erlen’s hand and had hit it away.

“Those people, Quinn likes those people, so I can’t let you hurt them.” A voice said.

Turning around, annoyed at how many people were getting involved, Erlen went to look at this brave student, but it was one he didn’t really recognise. It was a light brown haired boy, and standing next to him, was a plain guy that seemed almost invisible.


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My Vampire System Chapter 963 – A.d.u.l.ts are liars!

My Vampire System Chapter 963 – A.d.u.l.ts are liars!