My Vampire System Chapter 969 – Adapt to the situation

Chapter 969 – Adapt to the situation

Later in the school day, it was time for the students to head to their, and currently Sil and Chucky had decided that they would hop over to the elemental cla.s.s. The other day, they had joined a mental ability cla.s.s and today they had switched to another one.

The two of them decided that they would continue to switch between while Sil would try to copy as many different abilities as he could. The goal was to try and find someone that could possibly help Sil bring the other two back.

Although it was unlikely they would find anyone in the elemental cla.s.s that could help, they wouldn’t leave any stone unturned, and this seemed to be quite the easy cla.s.s for them to join.

The elemental cla.s.s was filled with students and was always the most popular cla.s.s in school. Students would attend it regardless if they had an elemental ability or not. Some just wanted to see displays of the most powerful abilities, while others were there to make connections with other families.

However, in the bright dome-like room, standing on top of a square stage structure at the very back was a special person. The usual teacher of the elemental cla.s.s had claimed to have invited a special guest. Quite a young looking gentleman was standing by their side, and he was covered in white robes. The special guest was one of the head generals who was part of the Graylash family, named Robin Graylash.

Because of him, the already popular cla.s.s was filled with even more students, and it looked like that’s when Chucky noticed that s.h.i.+ro, from their cla.s.s, was here as well. Standing at the very front watching keenly on the demonstration.

“Come on Sil, you’re not going to get a better chance than this?” Chucky said. “All of these people here and they’re paying attention to the speech. I know you don’t like approaching people but here you can touch whoever you like?”

When Quinn had called them after cla.s.s, he had learnt of what happened, but on top of that Chucky had a question of his own. Just who was Sil? Sil had been able to copy his ability, and then soon after used the telekinesis ability. He was so strong and powerful.

The Blade kids that were on the Cursed s.h.i.+p were kind of a secret, always training on their own, and not many knew about Sil.

In the end, since Chucky had been such a good help to Sil, so far, Quinn told him what his ability was, and what their goal was. To try and find a certain person with a specific ability. He didn’t go into much detail after this and he didn’t need to. Chucky, with a clearer goal in mind with what they were trying to do, was ready to help. However there was one problem.

It didn’t seem like Sil liked people that much, nor touching them either unless he had to. In the last cla.s.s they were in, they tried to think of several ways for Sil to touch others without it seeming weird. The easiest way was through an introduction and handshake.

Whenever it came to this part though, Sil just wouldn’t stick out his hand, or say his name. It made the situation awkward eventually causing the other person to leave. So now seeing how things were, Sil could just go through crowds of people touching them.

“Okay, I’ll try.” Sil said convincing himself it was something he had to do, if he wanted to get Vorden and Raten back.

The two of them were at the very back, and not wanting to make eye contact or make it awkward. Sil started to walk through the crowds of people while the speech continued. While doing so he would let his hands out, and brush it past each person as he walked by.

There were two clear ways for Sil to copy one’s ability. Through a brief touch of one’s skin, or holding onto one’s body. So in some instances if he grabbed onto another one’s arm or on their shoulder, if he was holding onto their actual body he could still copy their cells.

Still, the easiest thing to do was just skim past their hands, as he did now, learning of other people’s ability.

On the stage, Robin was demonstrating the after effect of the lightning ability. He was just moving his hands simply in a circle but a trail of lightning would be left behind and eventually he could make small circles out of this.

“You should use the tools you have learnt to be creative and come up with your own skills. Although our abilities may be the same, every person is different.” Robin explained. “Even if your ability is not an elemental one, we are only limited to what we can create in our mind.”

Now the lightning was staying in place and Robin was able to connect the trails of lightning to form floating ones in the air, and soon grabbed the large ring of lightning.

“There are two constant enemies you will face, one being the Dalki. They have a permanent form that we are used to, but with their human-like bodies and extreme strength they can adapt to the situation they are put in. At the same time, you must adapt as well.

“As for the second enemy, those are the beasts we face nearly everyday. Aggressive in nature as they attack on sight but more importantly, they come in different shapes, sizes and abilities. If you have utilized everything in your a.r.s.enal and still cannot defeat it, then you need to adapt and create something new. To do that you must all treat your abilities as part of your body. This is an…this is an…” in the middle of his talk, Robin started to stutter, as his concentration was losing focus. But it wasn’t because he was nervous or shy, it was because there was a distraction happening in the crowd.

A light brown haired boy was making his way through the crowd of people, lightly pus.h.i.+ng others aside as he walked by. It was a big distraction, since he was the only one that was moving, but what was even worse, it seemed like the boy was uninterested in the lesson. He wasn’t looking at the stage, and was just zig zagging through the crowd of people as if this was his goal.

The rings of lightning he had created disappeared and now a single finger started to spark blue.

“Now, once your ability is like a part of your body, you will have absolute control like so.” Robin said, as he pointed his finger into the crowd and decided to fire a very small spark of lightning.

Still going through the crowd, Sil wasn’t paying attention and was just focusing on his task.

‘No, no, that ability won’t help. How many earth users are there?’ Sil thought.

Suddenly, he could feel a few hairs on his head stand up, and when he finally lifted his head, a blue spark of lightning had hit him on the forehead. His whole body stood shaking in place from the shock, for a short while. The others seeing his body shake had decided to move away from him.

“Did he just hit a student with his lightning?” Some of the students watched in shock.

Seeing his body continually shaking, s.h.i.+ro recognised who was the one that had been attacked.

‘Is that Sil and Chucky?!’ He thought, as he looked at them.

Chucky immediately went over to grab Sil, but then his body too was shaking from the shock, and eventually it had stopped.

In order not to cause a panic, Robin quickly informed the students what had just happened. “Don’t worry, I didn’t use a large amount of force. This skill isn’t one that will cause a lot of damage, so it won’t injure the student badly. However, it will paralyze a person for a few seconds.” Turning his attention towards Sil, Robin spoke his next words directly to him. “Although, I do have to say that if you are not interested in the lesson, then rather than be a distraction the two of you should leave.”

When the two had finally recovered, Sil’s and Chucky’s hair was both a little frazzled, and Sil kept his head down.

“Sil, are you okay? Hey, answer me.” Chucky said, but Sil just continued to look down.

The two of them hadn’t been with each other long, but from the brief encounter they had before, he was worried.

‘No, he isn’t planning to…’ Chucky was preparing for the worst.



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My Vampire System Chapter 969 – Adapt to the situation

My Vampire System Chapter 969 – Adapt to the situation