My Vampire System Chapter 970 – What is the strongest ability?

Chapter 970 – What is the strongest ability?

The crowd of students who had attended the elemental cla.s.s for the special demonstration, never imagined that they would have witnessed an actual skill being used, and against another student at that.

However, what was quite surprising, was while Chucky had only gotten second hand aftershock from touching Sil, he was down on one knee. As for Sil, he had remained standing.

‘Doesn’t hurt my a.r.s.e!’ Chucky thought. ‘I feel like my whole insides have been fried.’ His immediate reaction after receiving an attack like this one, was to pay back the person that had dealt it.

Maybe there were some that would be frightened, but Chucky’s natural response was to fight. However, he knew who Robin Graylash was. One of the strongest members of the Graylash family, who’s name had spread quite far and wide.

If he was to do anything, it would be pointless. Which was why, based on his own feelings, he couldn’t imagine what Sil was feeling or would do. He was a person who was a little unstable.

Looking at Sil, it seemed like the worst was coming true, as Sil raised his hand towards Robin, with an open palm and looked at him. The students weren’t stupid. If anyone did this it only meant one thing, Sil was planning an attack.

‘He can’t be thinking of attacking a head general?’ s.h.i.+ro thought, watching from the side.

Although, he didn’t know Sil. Sil had saved him that day, and he had seen some of his strength. However, he couldn’t imagine Sil beating a head general, and one of the strongest members of the Graylash family who had the strongest ability in existence.

Chucky, who was by Sil’s side, was having the same thoughts as well. He tried to get up, but his legs didn’t seem to listen. When trying to move his leg, it was as if the muscles in his arm would activate instead.

‘Is this the general’s skill, then how is Sil able to move?’ Chucky thought.

The truth was, it was the same for Sil, but with years of training different types of ability, he had quickly worked out which muscles had switched to which parts. If moving his leg moved his right arm in a certain way, then he would just do that.

“Sil, think of Quinn, we can’t cause a scene.” Chucky desperately said, thinking it was the only words that would calm him down. For some reason, there was one person that Sil always responded to, which was why he thought this might work, and a few seconds later, Sil was seen placing his hand down.

Through the whole ordeal, Robin had a smile on his face. He wasn’t frightened when the student raised his hand.

“Good, now if you want to stay I hope there won’t be any more distractions,” Robin said and continued on with his show.

Chucky decided to move him and Sil to the back to check if he was okay. His body could now work as it seemed like the effect of the lightning was only a temporary effect. The students were now also staying clear of them, afraid Robin might just lash out at them again.

Which meant that Sil could no longer touch the other students.

‘Maybe we will get another chance, another way.’ Chunky thought.

Surprisingly, there was one person from the crowd that did approach them, and that was s.h.i.+ro.

“Is he okay?” s.h.i.+ro asked.

“I’m fine, like he said it didn’t hurt, but it was annoying.” Sil replied, folding his arms. Even if it didn’t hurt he was clearly frustrated.

The speech continued from Robin and his demonstration was about to finish, so he decided to end the show off with a Big Bang, and started to show many different spectacles and skills, moving himself at the speed of lightning, creating thunderbolts to hit certain cards that he threw in the air. It was more similar to a magic show but it had done its job and the students were impressed including s.h.i.+ro.

‘I see, now I understand why the Head General agreed to do a demonstration even though this is the Cursed house elemental cla.s.s.’ Chucky thought. ‘He wants to win over the students so when they choose to select a group to join, they will chose the Graylash family. Smart move.’

The demonstration was finally complete and Robin had a few last words.

“Now remember, although I said imagination is the most important thing, there will be things that I have shown that are just not possible without the Graylash family ability. After all, that is why our ability is the strongest ability in the world.”

The students were ready to give a round of applause until they were interrupted once again.

“That’s not the strongest ability in the world.” A voice shouted.

When they turned around to see who spoke, they saw that it was none other than the student who had been attacked.

“Oh, I see it was the boy who had interrupted me before. Well, if you think it isn’t true then do you mind giving me an example?” Robin asked.

At this point, Chucky didn’t know what to do, but at least he thought a fight wouldn’t break out this way, or he hoped.

“Of course.” Sil replied. “The earth ability is well known to be a weakness of the lightning ability. If an earth user and a lightning user were of the same strength, most of the time the earth user would win.”

The students also knew about this as well. They had seen this happen at the inter-base tournament last year. At the finals it was an Earth user against one of the strongest Graylash students and the earth ability user had one. They turned their heads waiting for an answer from the teacher.

“I’ll give you half a point for that answer. Although what you say is correct, when it comes to cultivating the Graylash family is more advanced and has many skills. To put it simply, for every great earth user out here, there are about ten Graylash family members that could match them in strength. On top of that, the cap for the earth ability is far lower than what one can do with the lightning ability, no earth user, even the Supreme commander Oscar has been able to match up to our Leader Owen.” Robin replied. “This is why I say lightning is the strongest ability there is.”

The students then turned their heads, as they waited for Sil to reply next.

“There are still other abilities that are stronger, what about the Shadow ability?” Sil asked.

Hearing these words, the students started to gossip. Currently in the world the humans only know of one person with the shadow ability, and that was the Cursed leader, Quinn Talen. The students started to debate, but the problem was, no one knew the full power of the shadow ability.

They turned their heads once more expecting a comeback from Robin. But instead he just started clapping.

“Bravo, although I will not admit that the lightning ability is weaker than the shadow, I can not also say that it is stronger because I simply know nothing about it. It is a case that can’t be proven.” Robin replied

The students were quite surprised by the answer Robin gave, he thought he would have been smug or big headed but he gave an honest answer and because of that, they respected him.

“Enough arguments, let’s get this lesson started.” Robin said.

The students spread out, and started to practice their abilities, while the teachers and a.s.sistants would go around giving pointers. Some students were even able to do a light spar with each other, as there was a doctor on standby in the cla.s.s in case anything happened.

During this, Sil wanted to attempt to ask some of the students for a light spar so he could use their ability, however, as soon as he moved a certain someone had approached them, and it was none other than Robin.

When he approached Sil, he held out his hand as if waiting for a handshake.

“I would like to apologise to you, I had hit you with my skill out of anger but I should have known to hold back. You are only students, of course you will talk and misbehave. This is why I’m not suited to be a teacher.” Robin nervously chuckled to himself.

‘Hey what about me? Is he not going to apologise to me?’ Chucky thought. ‘Well, at least this guy seems to be quite nice. I guess not all generals are bad people.’

Taking his hand, Sil decided to give it a shake.

“On top of this, I would like to give you a little personal lesson.” Using his fingers to blow a whistle, in an instant a student appeared by the side of him.

“This is one of my best pupils, Lin. He studied at the Graylash household before we sent him here to the military base. To be honest looking over him is one of the reasons why I decided to join and become a head general here. It was impressive how you didn’t fall from my strike earlier, I think you have some skill. Why don’t you two have a little sparring match and then after I can give you some pointers. What do you say?” Robin asked.

Chucky was about to say no for him. But was interrupted before he could. Sil had already said. “Okay.”

Both Sil and Lin were about to get ready in position, but before he did, Sil turned around and looked at Robin.

“I didn’t finish answering your question before. I said that there were abilities stronger than the Graylash family, and one of them is mine.”


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My Vampire System Chapter 970 – What is the strongest ability?

My Vampire System Chapter 970 – What is the strongest ability?