My Vampire System Chapter 988 – Surpassing the Teacher

Chapter 988 – Surpa.s.sing the Teacher

Quinn’s little plan turned out to work more than he could have ever imagined. Videos would constantly circulate of those in the top one hundred rankings, of them fighting. Many players watched these using them as research. Thinking that they could emulate or learn from the best, perhaps one day, they too could join the rankings.

That’s when Quinn’s videos started to gain attention, not because of the difficult opponents he defeated but because of the style in how he defeated them. It was a reminder of how a certain someone named, Martial arts G.o.d rose to the top.

These videos also had caught the eye of the Martial arts G.o.d himself, and he felt like he had no choice but to send Quinn another request for a duel. He felt like he was being taunted.

In his mind, first, Quinn didn’t use any abilities at all in their fight. Now, after a single match with him, he has risen the ranks again using the very attack he had used.

For the outsiders, they just saw another rising of a martial arts G.o.d. Now that the two of them were facing each other again, the spectators had increased significantly.

In the crowd watching from the sidelines, a lot of the onlookers weren’t currently looking at the two that were about to have a fight, but those that had come to watch the match. The most famous among them was a rank ten.

He was quite the large male with red hair and had several scars on his body. To the audience, he was known as the Red Reaper, but in reality, on the outside world, his true name and position carried a lot more weight.

‘Two fighters who don’t use abilities and are in the top hundred rankings. Perhaps one of them is the Qi user that ‘he’ is looking for.’ The man who was thinking this.. was named Chris. Although he held a rank ten position in the game, he held the number one position in the organisation known as Pure.

“I don’t understand your actions?” The Martial arts G.o.d said. “You refused to fight me, and then you copied my technique like so. Even your stance right now is just a poor imitation of mine. Did you just want to get humiliated in front of all these people?”

“No,” Quinn replied. “I just want to see how far I can go.”

The response wasn’t what the martial art’s G.o.d expected. He s.h.i.+fted his feet and was ready.

The fight had started, but neither one of them ran towards each other. Instead, they inched closer and closer. Each of them waiting to be within range. The two of them were also of similar height and reach, so one didn’t have an advantage over the other.

When they finally reached each other’s range, in an instant, both of them went ahead with the same move, delivering the intense t.h.i.g.h kick.

‘There both are just as fast as each other, and they both look just as strong.’ Chris thought.

The crowd winced in pain. Hitting one’s s.h.i.+n on something alone hurt greatly. They couldn’t imagine such strong hits banging into one another. A bang was heard, and at the same time, their foot went back to the position it was in previously. Still, the second they landed on the floor, they both went at it again, throwing their legs out hitting each other’s s.h.i.+ns.

Each time their legs would hit, the crowd wanted to look away but at the same time couldn’t keep their eyes off the scene in front of them. Neither person was backing down with each kick.

‘What is this guy’s leg made off!’ Quinn thought as he continued. Even though his stamina wasn’t taking a toll, he could see his game health was decreasing, and because of that, his strength was slightly suffering as well.

Knowing that he would eventually lose this battle, Quinn decided to use the flash step, to move behind.

‘Even if you pivot now, you will be off-balance. With the kick, I practised thousands of times. It will reach him!’ Quinn thought.

“Your kick is good. You must have practised a lot, but I have practised far more than you, and more than just one thing.” The martial arts G.o.d said, moving back and causing Quinn’s strike to hit nothing but the air.

Soon after, Quinn felt another kick hitting his back leg, the only thing holding up. He was off-balance, and his body had been swept off the floor, soon he saw the white ceiling.

Rolling off the floor, Quinn was ready for a close confrontation, as he knew the martial arts G.o.d was going to use this opportunity to clinch or do something else, and Quinn was right. As he got up, he could see him upon him and desperately threw out a punch, which was grabbed by the martial arts G.o.d.

Pulling Quinn towards him, he elbowed him in the face, then pulled his arm out, slamming down at the joint, popping it and breaking it. Right after a kick to the knee caused his leg to come out, and standing on top of that leg, the martial arts G.o.d lifted both of his elbows and slammed them down on top of Quinn’s head.

[Winner ‘Martial arts G.o.d’]

For the second time, Quinn had lost, and the crowd cheered in response.

‘That fight, although the Noob fighter isn’t using any type of ability, I could be wrong, but I think the martial arts G.o.d was. He would have never won this unfair fight unless he had Qi, of course.’ Chris thought, smiling to himself, wanting to seek out this Noob fighter.

After the fight, Quinn once again received an invitation from the martial arts G.o.d. This time, he was prepared for his stubbornness, and he was hoping their conversation would go the right way.

After accepting, he had been transported to the same room as Quinn.

“So, will you listen to me now?” Quinn asked.

Ignoring everything he said, he asked his own questions.

“Are you really dedicated to not using an ability?’ He asked.

“For this game, yes, I want to only use my fighting techniques. I saw your skills and was hoping to learn them myself.” Quinn admitted, hoping it was enough. “I hope I impressed you today with my skills.” Quinn smiled.

Hearing this, The martial arts G.o.d smiled back.

“Maybe you’re the one. Let’s see how you will progress.”

Quinn’s plan had worked. Knowing his character and how he was into role-playing, Quinn just had to imagine him as some grandmaster. Even his user ID, meant that this man wanted to escape reality, so as long as Quinn did something extravagant to get his attention, he thought he would be pleased, and it managed to work out in the end.

The martial arts G.o.d explained to Quinn that his fighting style wasn’t called Muay Thai like Vincent had expected but was something similar. Instead, his fighting style was something called Muay Baron. A very ancient fighting style used in war in the past.

It was a t.i.tle given to those that were to protect the king, and a fighting style used to kill its opponents as quickly as possible. Later on in life, the sport was banned, so not many people chose to learn it, but the skills were continued to be pa.s.sed on, and the Martial arts G.o.d believed he was the only person who still knew all the skills of Muay Baron.

The teaching process, as usual for Quinn, was something he was able to catch onto quickly. The martial arts G.o.d, didn’t say much, so Quinn didn’t realise how much he had progressed until he had joined the rankings once more.

He fought using the techniques he had learnt, rising up through the rankings, and people wanted to know who he was if anyone had an idea about him.

But no one knew.

The more Quinn won his matches, exclusively using the martial arts G.o.ds skills, the more the person took a liking to him and eventually, after reaching rank sixty, the inevitable had happened.

For the third time, Quinn had been matched up with the martial arts G.o.d, who had been his teacher for the last couple of days.

It was unknown to those in the game that the martial arts master had become Quinn’s teacher. They just suspected that the ‘Noob fighter’ Was some genius who had picked up the same fighting style.

“I forfeit the match.” The martial arts G.o.d said. “I know when someone has surpa.s.sed me, and I know when someone has decided to limit themselves when fighting.”

Although Quinn didn’t know, during the first fight, the martial arts master realised something that Quinn didn’t himself. His movements were slightly awkward. It was as if he wasn’t used to the speed he was fighting at.

He didn’t know why, and he didn’t know how, but the ‘Noob fighter’ Was never fighting at full strength against him. It was because of this, and after seeing him learn the t.h.i.g.h kick so well, he wanted to see how far this person could go, whether they could go past the wall, he had hit.

“I have taught you everything now. My wish is for you to keep going up the ranks and reach the number one spot using what I have taught you. For me, this will be the biggest achievement.” The man said, and soon the whole gaming area disappeared.

Exiting out of the pod, Quinn had quite the experience over the last few days playing the game, and he had achieved his goal.

“Thank you, martial arts G.o.d. I will help you achieve your dream…one day.” Quinn said. “For now, I have some students that need looking after.”

Little did Quinn know, how right he was.


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My Vampire System Chapter 988 – Surpassing the Teacher

My Vampire System Chapter 988 – Surpassing the Teacher