My Vampire System Chapter 997 – Hardy strong?

Chapter 997 – Hardy strong?

The teachers that were teaching the beast were meant to be quite skilled using beast weapons themselves. Otherwise they would have never been selected to teach those in the first place. The students were excited after just witnessing a spectacular match to see real beast weapons being used by the two teachers. Which was why the response was so great for this change of events.

“Wait, isn’t the beast weapons teacher for the Cursed House, teacher Hardy? Isn’t he the one that just made that speech at the opening ceremony. If he fights, will we even have a chance of winning?”

“Maybe he doesn’t have a good ability, but that’s why he teaches the beast weapons cla.s.s?”

“I heard that he was meant to have Emperor tier beast equipment, one of my cla.s.smates told me.”

“Emperor tier, that has to be a lie.”

“We’ll soon find out, right?”

Behind the gla.s.s area, all the students were looking at their teacher, Hardy, wondering if he was going to take part. They had mixed thoughts about whether he should go and fight or not. They had grown to like him as a teacher after he had helped them all so much, and they had seen him do some amazing things. But whether he was a good fighter, was a different question altogether.

What they were more concerned about now, was if their teacher went out there and lost, the others would say bad things about him.

“Hardy, you don’t have to fight.” Venus said.

“Yeah, can’t you call and ask Wevil to come and replace you? You have the connections and called him before, right?” Swin asked.

The students continued to comment on their worries, and Quinn soon realised why they didn’t want him to go out and fight. They were worried about him, all of them.

“Don’t worry guys, I will go and get a win for the Cursed house.” Quinn said.

Even if their teacher’s words were confident, they couldn’t shake this uneasy feeling. They had seen the other teacher, Aden, show off his skills. While teaching them, he had shown off so many times during their lessons.

‘Wait, he said he had Emperor tier beast equipment right? So he should have better beast equipment then Aden, so there is a chance he can win this!’ Venus thought.

Then, he saw Quinn go over and pick up a pair of basic tier gauntlets and placed them on his arms. At the moment he didn’t have any gauntlets on him since giving the ruined ones to Alex.

“Didn’t you say you had Emperor tier equipment? Why are you just using the weapons we use?” Venus asked.

“My equipment is a bit damaged at the moment. Don’t worry, these will do.” Quinn said, putting them on. They felt light, as if he was wearing nothing, but in this situation he thought it was a good thing anyway. Since he would most likely need to hold back in the fight.

Walking out from the gla.s.s door, the students still cheered, as they had expected Hardy to not partic.i.p.ate. Even if he didn’t win, they at least honoured the fact that he chose to not run away, although many in the Cursed house thought it was a loss already. Especially after seeing the equipment on his body.

‘d.a.m.n, I guess that stuff about defeating Emperor tier beasts and having Emporeir tier equipment was a lie then.’ The students thought.

At the other end, Aden walked out from the other side, but he didn’t have a beast weapon or any armour on, and he wasn’t alone. Standing by his side was Head General Sach, who wore a monstrous looking pair of boots. It appeared as if they were made from bones, stuck together with a black substance.

It was quite a horrifying thing to look at.

‘As I said, if you are patient enough, the time will come when we can show him up.’ Sach thought.

“This is fantastic, I never thought we would get to see such a thing!” Innu was excited. “This is perfect. We will be able to humiliate him, and get him back in front of everyone!”

Samantha wasn’t too sure about that though. There was a certain confidence that Hardy always carried and even more so, she was wondering if Oscar would do anything to stop such a thing that was about to happen.

“I request that I subst.i.tute for teacher Aden.” Sach requested. “You see, Aden is just a sergeant, a beast weapons teacher, while Hardy is a Head General. We all know a head general’s strength, so the match should at least be against someone of his own strength right, don’t you all agree?” He lifted his hands, and those that were in the Earthborn group cheered as loud as they could.

A head general fighting for them would increase their chances at victory, not that any of them thought they were going to lose, before.

Oscar looked at Hardy for a second, who seemed unchanged about who his opponent was going to be.

‘A head general is no easy opponent. This might force you to use your ability and reveal your true ident.i.ty to everyone here, but if you haven’t got a problem with that.’

“Agreed, I think this is a fair request!” Oscar shouted, and everyone cheered as the decision was made.

Aden was a little annoyed that Sach had decided to come and replace him. He thought this was going to be his chance to show off, especially against a useless teacher like Hardy, but he had to comply, as Sach was his boss after all.

On the Cursed s.h.i.+p, everyone was surprised to see their leader walking out and was about to partic.i.p.ate in a match.

“Quinn’s really going to fight. Is he going to use the shadow?” Wevil asked.

“I hope he doesn’t. It would ruin the whole purpose of why we sent him there in the first place, but Quinn is Quinn.” Sam replied, almost sulking.

“Don’t worry.” Logan spoke calmly. “Do you really think he will have to use the shadow against someone like that? Quinn’s enemies are a much higher level than anyone here. If he has to resort to using the shadow here, then he would consider himself a failure. Besides, what do you think he had been doing on the Cursed s.h.i.+p the past few days?”

Although Logan didn’t tell anyone, he had watched a few of Quinn’s matches in the VR pods. Of course, when one would become popular in the game, Logan would hear about it, being a moderator as well as the creator. But there was one thing that he had found out during his search, something he thought about telling Quinn.

‘It shouldn’t matter too much. If those two are meant to meet, then they are meant to meet.’ Logan thought.

Walking towards the centre, Sach could see the poor equipment Quinn had on his hands, while the pieces on his legs were at the Emperor tier level.

“I don’t want to face someone when they are at their weakest. I hope you aren’t taking it easy on me?” Sach asked.

“Don’t worry, I will not be taking this match lightly, but I can’t use my full strength. After all there is no one here who will be fast enough to stop me if I were to kill you by accident.” Quinn stated.

Sach was unsure if he was joking or not, but a.s.sumed that the words spoken were just there to unsettle him.

“Then I hope there won’t be any excuses when the match is your loss.” Sach spoke.

“Can I ask you just one question?” Quinn asked. “You have a strong c.h.e.s.t piece underneath, right?”

“Yes, all my equipment is at the Emperor tier level.” Sach replied.

Quinn said nothing else, and even used his inspect skill to confirm it with his own eyes.

“Let the fight begin!” Oscar announced.

The first thing Sach did, was charge in with his strong Emperor tier boots. With each step, the arena floor was crumbling and being lifted off the ground, while Quinn remained unmoving and still.

‘You might think your ability will save you? As long as I don’t make eye contact with you, then I should be safe from your mind control.’ Sach thought. He believed this was the main reason Quinn was acting so confident.

When Sach finally got in range, Quinn took his stance that he had been taught in the VR game by the Martial Art’s G.o.d. When the timing was perfect, he swung his right leg out, pus.h.i.+ng his h.i.p.s, and trying to hold back some of his power. He hit Sach right in the ribs with his b.a.r.e foot, slamming the c.h.e.s.t piece, and cracking it slightly.

Sach, was flying through the air, and was heading right for the reinforced gla.s.s, but standing in front of it was Peter, who held his arms out ready to catch him.

One second, the students could see Sach charging forwards. The next second, a devastatingly loud bang was heard and Sach’s body was limp being held in Peter’s arms.


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My Vampire System Chapter 997 – Hardy strong?

My Vampire System Chapter 997 – Hardy strong?